Donald Trump Declares That North Carolina’s Special Election Spells Out Bad News For Nancy Pelosi

(Tea Party PAC) – In 2018, the Democrats won the House, marking the beginning of a profoundly unproductive session of Congress.

Over the last nine months, we have been subject to little more than constant in-party bickering, ill-fated attempts at impeachment, abhorrent antisemitism, and big pushes for gun control.

And little else.

House Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has enough trouble controlling her more radical members, who she clearly disdains, but Tuesday’s election in North Carolina gives us hope she can be defeated for good in 2020.

Which is exactly what Trump said needed to happen ahead of the election.

On Monday night during his lively rally in North California, President Donald Trump declared that the upcoming special election would spell out bad news for Nancy Pelosi.

Turns out, he was right! Dan Abrams, the candidate he was there to endorse and show his support for, took the election Tuesday night.

“Tomorrow, we take the first steps to firing Speaker Pelosi and winning back the House in 2020,” Trump said. “We need everybody to get your friends, get your family, and get your neighbors and get out and vote for Dan Bishop.”

Trump praised Bishop as an ally to his agenda in Congress, warning that a vote for the “other Dan,” Dan McCready, was a vote for open borders, sanctuary city policies, and the erosion of gun rights.

“Our great Republican candidate Dan Bishop will fight with everything he has to stop sanctuary cities and defend the people of this great state,” Trump said.

In 2018, North Carolina officials voided the midterm election of Republican candidate Mark Harris after it was alleged that a Republican contractor working for Harris had acted illegally handling ballots.

Harris won by 905 votes, but the state election board refused to certify the election results after the allegations came out.

A new election was called, then Harris dropped out of the race and Bishop stepped up to run as the Republican instead.

Former Vice President Mike Pence also traveled to North Carolina to campaign for Bishop and spoke at the president’s rally.

“He’s the right man, he’s the right Dan, he’s a principled conservative and we need North Carolina 9 to vote to send Bishop to Washington, DC, in tomorrow’s special election,” Pence said. “Let’s make it happen.”


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