Donna Brazile Once Again Proves She’s Morally Bankrupt In Latest Vulgar Rant Against Roger Stone

(Tea Party PAC) – It’s no secret the radical left in America is morally bankrupt, vulgar, and violent. Heck, just look at the reports circulating around the Internet about Antifa and that will tell you everything you need to know about folks on the left.

There is an extreme form of liberalism that truly does border on being a legitimate mental health disorder, and it seems that Fox News contributor Donna Brazile might be showing some symptoms of it brewing.

Brazile recently appeared on Bill Maher’s HBO program where she went on a tirade filled with all sorts of colorful language against former Republican operative Roger Stone. Stone was recently found guilty of all seven counts stemming from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe.

Here are the details from Breitbart:

Brazile, who served as acting Democrat National Committee chairwoman during the 2016 election, made the remark when Maher asked whether President Trump will pardon Stone, who advised the president on politics for decades.

“Well, he’s going to be sentenced February 6th — I hope he roasts in hell, that son of a bitch,” Brazile replied. “That son of a bitch!”

“Whoa, hold my beer!” Maher joked.

The longtime Democrat operative continued:

[Stone] worked with WikiLeaks to destroy not just Democrats, but to destroy our democracy, so I hope he roasts in hell, and I wish I’m at the sentencing hearing cuz I’m going to wear the best looking red dress I could and say go to hell. Not jail.

Anybody who sits down and tries to work with a foreign government that is trying to destroy our country, destroy our candidate, yeah they work to destroy Hillary Clinton. They worked as sow discord between Hillary and Bernie. And yes they took our emails, took our personal information, and then they turned against us and threatened our lives and harassed us.

She continued:

Go to fuckin’ jail. Go to jail, go to hell. I’ve never been so proud of jurors. Hell yeah, thank God I wasn’t on that damn jury, you just worked me up, shit, how do you wake me up like this? I can’t stand that son of a bitch.

Brazile concluded:

I have a lot of love, I’m going to have to work really hard I’m forgiving him. They threatened us, they went after us, and he understood what was at stake, and you saw the testimony said, they were gleeful. Screw them, bunch of bastards. They were gleeful.

Stone, 67, was convicted on charges that include obstruction, making false statements and witness tampering.

The charges stem from testimony Stone had given tothe House intelligence committee, in which he lied about his WikiLeaks contacts during the 2016 campaign. He was a key part of the investigation, prosecutors argued, because he was an “access point” for WikiLeaks due to frequent claims he had insider information.

Prosecutors used some of Stone’s private text messages as evidence, arguing they contradicted the details he gave House investigators.

Police arrested Stone and raided his Florida home in January. He will be sentenced February 6th.

Gee, isn’t Brazile just a chip off the old block? Folks on the left are such wonderful, moral, decent human beings, aren’t they?

This whole tirade demonstrates a severe lack of integrity and professionalism on Brazile’s part, but then again, those of us who are familiar with the Democrat are well aware that this sort of behavior is just par for the course.

Democrats claim to be the party of tolerance and compassion, yet they don’t actually seem to possess either of those character traits. Funny how that works, isn’t it?



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