Don’t Believe The Mainstream Media Is In Cahoots With Liberals? Look What WaPo Tried To Hide From The Public Concerning Police Shootings

(Tea Party PAC) – The mainstream media has become nothing more than a propaganda machine for the powers and forces that be who are running the show behind the scenes of the progressive movement. That’s not some tinfoil hat conspiracy theory either, though at this point in human history, we ought to stop getting down on so many “conspiracy theories” because it seems that a whole lot of them are actually true.

A good case in point that proves the assertion made above to be the truth is how the Washington Post, that grand bastion of journalistic truth, has actually been burying the truth about police shootings from the masses in order to help the Democratic Party push a specific agenda that will enable them to keep the black community chained down in their respective communities and ways of thinking in order to guarantee they show up to the polls and vote left, which is actually against their own interests.

The editors at WaPo used a whopping 34 paragraphs of emotional vomit, drama, and death in order to prevent folks from finding out that police forces around the country are finding new ways to reduce lethal shootings in their confrontations with black men.

Here’s more on this from Breitbart:

“In 2015, the first year The Post tallied these numbers [of police shootings], officers killed 94 unarmed people, the largest group among them black men: 38,” the newspaper reported in the 35th paragraph of a lead article on June 8.

The news of progress came in the next, the 36th, paragraph, which showed that police shootings of unarmed black men and women have dropped by 60 percent:

The following year saw a large drop in the number of unarmed shootings, declining to 51, with 22 of those killed being white and 19 black. The number has remained relatively steady each year since. In 2019, 56 unarmed people were shot and killed by police, with white people accounting for 25 of them, while 15 of them were black.

The article did not combine the numbers to enable readers to recognize the 60 percent decline.

Two paragraphs later, the Post‘s editors and reporters posted a comment acknowledging the progress:

“The reduction in fatal shootings of unarmed suspects is much more of an important factor than the overall number,” said Geoffrey P. Alpert, a criminology professor at the University of South Carolina and co-author of “Evaluating Police Uses of Force.” “That shows real progress. . . . That probably is a better barometer of what’s going on with police in the black community than the total number of fatal shootings.”

Rather than shining light on the 60 percent drop and helping to calm down all of the fear people have been feeling over this issue, WaPo used their headline to spark further heat on the tense protests that occurred in the wake of George Floyd’s death. Here’s one of their headlines to illustrate the point:

“Protests spread over police shootings. Police promised reforms. Every year, they still shoot and kill nearly 1,000 people.”

The 15 black people who were shot in 2019 died in a wide variety of circumstances that blur the supposedly clear lines between armed and unarmed suspects.

For example, in June 2019, Kevin Pudlik was killed after a car chase in Detroit, according to WWJ News Radio:

Police rammed the car several times in an attempt to bring it to a stop. Several police cars finally had the vehicle mostly surrounded and stopped in the middle of the street, but it was able to escape. The driver turned down a side street, dodging several civilian vehicles.

Police eventually cornered the vehicle near a wall and were able to arrest the driver, who tried to run over several officers in the area of Fort Street and West End. Officer Dan Donakowski says that’s when officers began to fire shots. The driver was wounded, while Pudlik was killed. The condition of the driver was not released.

Authorities said two guns were recovered from the car.

Police departments around the country are actually taking steps to stop these violent altercations from every happening, a fact which is conveniently not being reported by the mainstream media because it bucks the narrative and would go a long way toward resolving the tension that is currently spurring on the violence and civil unrest.

Truth be told, the left doesn’t want the riots to stop. They want to use the chaos as a means of helping to destroy the Trump administration in the 2020 election. Just like they attempted to do with all of the coronavirus madness. Not the virus itself, but the reaction to it.

And the Forth Worth Star-Telegram reported in October 2019:

Questions continue to intensify and linger following the death of 28-year-old Atatiana Jefferson at the hands of a Fort Worth police officer.

Jefferson was playing Call of Duty with her 8-year-old nephew in their home, according to an attorney hired to represent her family, when she heard a noise outside and looked out of her window at about 2:30 a.m. Saturday. She was shot by an officer who had quietly approached the house through the backyard.

He was identified on Monday afternoon as Aaron Dean. He resigned from the Fort Worth Police Department on Monday morning. On Monday evening, Dean was arrested on a charge of murder, booked into jail and released on bail.

The Washington Post‘s database is here.

The Washington Post hinted at the improved numbers before the 34th paragraph.

The 12th paragraph said, “The number of black and unarmed people fatally shot by police has declined since 2015.”

The 26th paragraph said, “Fatal police shootings are relatively rare events in a country where nearly 40,000 people die from firearms each year. Hundreds of thousands of police officers work in America, most of whom will never fire their guns on duty.”

Truth is not something that liberals appreciate because it undermines the mission they have taken upon themselves to radically transform America into a socialist nation. That is their underlying goal. And they will do anything to accomplish it. Trump was an unforeseen roadblock in their well crafted plan, and this is why they hate him so much.

He has withstood their assaults thus far, so they are ramping up their resistance. Let’s hope things don’t get too much worse from here.



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  8. Demoncrats and the media are out to destroy our country and if they do every single American will suffer. We must vote them out. We must stop the lying media and corrupt democrats now.

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  10. the main stream media has been brain washing people for years now . some people are starting to wake up to that fact . this so called pandemic is just a way to help democrats get mail in voting so they can win the election . they havent got a chance any other way . yes there are bad police , but most of them are not bad . do you throw out the whole basket of apples because of one bad apple ? lets face it in democrat run cities blacks are the ones who commit most of the crimes . a black person is more likely to be murdered by another black than by the police . why wont the media make a big deal out of all the blacks murdered in Chicago every week ? cause it dont fit with their all white people are racist agenda . now that everyone has had a little taste of socialism , do you really want to go t a full blown socialist country ? I for one hate going to the store and finding half of what is on my list ! I will not just sit it out and let the democrats ruin America . why can you protest and riot but not go to church in so many democrat cities and states ? they do not believe in God , anyone who believes in murdering unborn babies dont . they who do are working for Satan .

  11. This is by large more propagana by the right. Now factual the black population is only about 17 % of the population and is confronted and generally about 40% of the police shootings. Now in most case there was no danger or even a threatt o the police, but the fact is that some seem to push how dangerous Blacks or so it puts the police or others on edge. There should be like in nearly every other country, in the free World, a civilian review board of any police shooting or charges of unnecessary use of force. Now when you let the police investigate their own charges, most would think that about as stupid as it gets. Like letting the rest of a family decide charges against a family member.
    The few bad police make it bad for all police.

    • The problem is neither the police nor the majority of good black people. The real underlying problem is a combination of ELITE upper-middle class and upper-class WHITE University students and graduates of these schools who are brainwashed by Democrat/Socialist/Marxist professors (financed by George Soros’ network) AND the other brain-dead “progressive” follower-sheep. The article shows clearly that the problems ran all through the Obama administration due to a relatively poor recovery from the Great Recession of 2008. The Obama Marxists using the Deep State DoJ/FBI/CIA cabal tried to “transform” our country until Trump upended their plans. Now the lying anarchists are trying to overthrow our government, our economy, and our society to replace it with a Venezuela-modeled Marxist failure where only the elitists succeed and everyone else is poor. In this recent case the only problem with the police is the Democrat/Socialist mayors/governors and the police UNIONS who cover for the few bad-apple police officers who abuse their guns-and-badges.

      Robert: Your comment reflects the specious use of lies and half-truths. So, which one of the above are you – one of the wealthy WHITE elitists OR one of the brain-dead “progressive” follower-sheep?

  12. Let me get my mind around this. We can’t trust all police due to the actions of one bad apple? However we need to trust the actions of a bunch of spoiled out of control punks burning and looting our Democrat controlled cities?? And when they murder and maim our police officers we need to defund police departments? Are you kidding me? Why would I continue to pay taxes when the government won’t protect me? None of the unruly mobs pay taxes I can guarantee that!! We need to stomp out this cancer now!

  13. Footage of the incident shows police officer Derek Chauvin kneeling on
    the neck of George Floyd for around eight minutes, despite Floyd
    repeatedly telling the officer that he couldn’t breathe. Floyd was
    arrested for allegedly using a fake $20 note in a store.
    His actions have been used by far-left ideologues, Democrats, and Black Lives Matter
    activists to suggest there is systemic and institutional racism
    perpetrated against black people. The data(statista and all other
    website), however, suggests otherwise. Despite white Americans
    committing less violent crime than many other racial groups, police
    officers consistently shoot dead more white people every year. WHERE IS
    THE OUTRAGE THEN? IMO and thanks to 1st amendment I can have MY OWN
    OPINION & EXPRESS IT!! This appears to be a case of police brutality and not racism! This is the way that the AH dim-wits roll make a martyr out of a CAREER CRIMINAL who holds a loaded gun into a pregnant woman’s stomach as others are robbing her home..yes that is the type of martyr we all need hell of a roll model!!!

    This is next for them(dems)..assassination of PRESIDENT TRUMP! They have
    tried 2-3 RIGGED impeachments(COUP’s) put together by obama the HAG
    clinton and the rest of his WORTHLESS ADMINISTRATION! Then the VIRUS
    manufactured by the dccp(democrat chinese communist party) they released
    it on the country and brought about the deaths(GENOCIDE)of thousands of
    Americans w/the hope of killing the elders most likely vote republican
    but instead MURDER THOUSANDS OF THERE OWN VOTERS!! The entire democrap
    party should be arrested and tried for TREASON FOR THE COUP AGAINST A
    NECESSARY !!! Dont forget REPUBLICANS there was an EMERGENCY vote for a
    seat in ca. that has been RACIST(democrap) for 20 years “IT IS
    NOW REPUBLIC” dems lost it meaning VERY..VERY good chance that WE CAN
    reclaim Congress…GET OUT AND VOTE… TRUMP CONGRESS SENATE 2020!!!

    • 11B10Grunt
      Now multiple investigations by federal law enforcement have said many times there is institutional discrinimation against black persons in this USA, and have had many police forces under Federal Scrutiny until Trump removed it so they can go right back to the same old way of life. When you have documented proof that blacks are treated differently by the police and court system in nearly every state in the USA, it is a huge problem the World over, it all stems from some pushing the fact that blacks are not actually people, they are more like animals. Now as the youth of countries get educated and are finding out how blacks were and are treated they want change, most support for the systema s it is is older White people around the World, not just here in the USA, this is not just a USA problem.
      Now as far as making this political, throughout history it is proven that the Liberals no matter what they called them selves have tried some times in vain to give Blacks more rights and freedoms, now it was the Conservatives who fostered slavery World wide as well as in this USA and it is still the Conservative movement who is still trying to keep the black population down. Now some will say it was the Democrats in the South that pushed slavery, KKK and Jim Crow laws but at the time and up until about 1964 the Democrats were the Conservative party.

    • Robert: You said that “… multiple investigations by federal law enforcement have said many times there is institutional discrinimation against black persons in this USA.” It is painfully obvious that you are one of the Marxist-brainwashed sheep. There haven’t been multiple investigations at all, and the few investigations were run by the bad-cops and the corrupt lawyers in the Deep State Obama-Biden DoJ/FBI. You stated further that “… it is a huge problem the World over” – total BS, what rubbish! You are now making an American “problem” into a world problem? From your nearly-illiterate, uneducated Marxist talking points, it is clear that you are indeed one of the WHITE sheep, probably from a high school run by Marxist-light so-called educators; I have seen the results when white “students” like you come to college looking for a soft major like sociology or history (you can’t hack the “tough stuff”). Give it up; almost all of the readers of this column can see through your lies and shallow “thinking” from KKK/Antifa sources.

    • Robert, it was Biden’s and Obama’s bill that put 40% of black men in jail and had the black mother’s dependent on welfare because of it. Trump had 90% of the black men employed and also started the second chance program. I think you’re watching too much CNN and MSNBC. Last year 7006 black men were killed by black on black crimes. Last year over 300 white men were killed whereas under 200 black men killed by police. 9 out of 10 black men had weapons. Where was the outcry of police brutality when there was a white man begging for his life but the white cop shot him. It’s on video
      , watch it. Would it had more media coverage if a black cop shot him. No because the media causes the sensation that the blacks are the only ones treated unfairly. Obama caused all this racial and political crap. That was his plan. He did absolutely nothing for the blacks yet they media ignores those facts because he’s black. Actually biracial but the white in him is always ignored.


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