Double-Talking Elizabeth Warren Bashed High-Dollar Fundraisers. Now Look Who’s Hosting One For Biden.

(Tea Party PAC) – Everybody’s favorite hypocrite and panderer, Elizabeth Warren, is finding her foot in her mouth, once again. Despite making her opposition to high-dollar campaign fundraisers a staple of her failed 2020 presidential campaign and swearing them off for her own campaign, criticizing opponents who didn’t, she’s now hosting one such event for the presumptive Dem nominee, Sleepy Uncle Joe Biden.

“I don’t do big-dollar fundraisers at all,” Warren boasted on the “Tonight Show” to host Jimmy Fallon in December 2019. She emphatically promoted that sentiment numerous times while on the campaign and even attacked former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg for courting wealthy donors, despite his significant financial disadvantage.

But now, as any good, virtue-signaling leftist hypocrite would do, she’s holding a virtual fundraiser for big-money Biden donors on June 15. The New York Times reported on these plans Saturday, giving the names of three people who have firsthand knowledge of the plans.

This isn’t the first time Warren made exceptions for her own rules, as WND points out:

During the campaign, Warren spoke at high-dollar fundraising events for the Democratic National Committee, which would have backed Warren in the general election if she had been the nominee.

The DNC fundraising event had donations ranging from $100-$50,000 with better perks for donors as the dollar amount increased. Warren has repeatedly attended and spoken at such DNC fundraising events, giving justification by saying, “I will help the party,” according to The Associated Press. “I am not going to ask Democrats to unilaterally disarm in the face of an onslaught of money.”

So, in other words, saying that she doesn’t support fundraisers while on the campaign trail just sounds good. Warren has a way of saying things just because they sound good while the reality is far, far from what she actually says. (Anyone remember her tale of being fired from her teaching position because she was pregnant?)

WND further points out:

Warren previously reversed her pledge not to accept support from an outside super PACs. She promised not to accept “a dime of PAC money in this campaign” while launching her bid, but broke that pledge in February.

“We reached a point a few weeks ago where all of the men who were still in this race and on the debate stage all had either super PACs or they were multi-billionaires and they could just rummage in their sock drawers and find enough money to be able to fund a campaign,” Warren said while explaining the reversal.

Warren’s demonization of campaign fundraisers was just another attempt to appear is if she were just one of the people, one of us “regular” folk. She insulted Buttigieg for hosting fundraisers only to turn around and use the exact same justification used by Buttigieg to justify her acceptance of fundraised money. She is the epitome of a hypocrite.

We can all be thankful that Warren’s presidential campaign crashed and burned. While all of the left’s candidates were hypocritical panderers, Warren most definitely takes the cake.

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  7. Anyone who can look at this woman and listen to her for 30 seconds and not know she is a fraud has shit for brains


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