Durham Investigation Puts CIA Director Gina Haspel In The Hot Seat

(Tea Party PAC) – The pieces are all falling into place.

US Attorney John Durham was tasked by the DOJ to investigate the origins of Spygate. We learned in the fall that it was officially a criminal investigation.

Even as the Democrats turned up the heat on their coup plot and even as the media does their darndest to run cover for them, they know that AG Barr and Durham are not far off from finally slamming down the hammer.

Things are getting very good.

In a new development, CIA Director Gina Haspel, a Trump appointee, is apparently being pulled into the Durham investigation.

On Friday, Politico reported that Haspel may have information on her predecessor, CIA Director John Brennan, who served in the Obama administration and is widely regarded as the chief architect of the Spygate scandal.

The information Haspel has could reportedly help Durham to learn whether or not the CIA used unauthorized surveillance on members of the 2016 Trump campaign, which is key.

Haspel has her own controversial history of protecting the agency from scrutiny and does not often make public statements about ongoing intelligence matters.

“Over the past year, our leadership team has taken steps to improve CIA’s ability to tackle the many challenges we face, and our efforts are beginning to pay off,” she stated.

“We’ve devoted more time, money and creativity to our effort against some of our nation’s toughest adversaries,” she added.

Haspel, however, was head of the CIA’s London bureau in 2016, which puts her smack in the middle of the messy inception of the Trump-Russia hoax.

It was in London that Deep State spy Joseph Mifsud tried to plant phony info about Hillary Clinton’s emails on Trump campaign aide, George Papadopoulos.

She was even reportedly briefed on this matter, but referred it, interestingly enough, to the FBI.

It sure sounds like she’s someone that Durham needs to talk to, and it’s interesting to consider whose side she might ultimately be on.

What do you think?


  1. I have been waiting a very loong time for AG Barr and Durham to slam the-hammer-down!! I’ll believe it, when I actually SEE it!!

  2. If AG Barr and DOJ Attorney Durham comes down with “mass indictments that include President Obama and Hillary Clinton and others in the crooked FISA Warrant Scandal, President Trump would win in the biggest landslide victory in American History bar none with a solid Republican Congress too”!! The American people have been waiting for over 3.5 years for this to happen and it is time to bring Justice and law and order to our American government once again, period!!!!, Go get them you two!!!!……

  3. One of the big problems with DC is that it is like a carnival merry go round. The same disgraceful people keep coming around and the choices to fill positions are limited to the same old useless dirtbags. If they aren’t actually in office or some bureau they are lobbying for some other disgraced entity….

  4. If Trump or any other newly elected POTUS has to clean house on appointed Bureaucrats because the have political differences or bias in any way, then we should shut down that agency period the end.

    My reasoning is simple: The purpose, the goals, and the objective of the department should deter the possibility of process enabling the misuse.

  5. President Trump should have gotten rid of every single Obama holdover. He is doing that now thank God. Hopefully Haspel will do the right thing and identify Brennen, Comey, Clapper, Obama, Rice, Lynch, Hillary, etc. One can always hope.

  6. I think that Trump needs to take a good look at his appointments and
    especially at his so-called “advisors”. I am beginning to think he is
    being misled by some advisors who may have ties to the Deep State
    and are misleading him in some decisions. Next term he also needs
    to clean out the White House of any Democrats or pretend Conservatives.
    His house needs to be totally behind him and not riddled with spies and

  7. Gina Haspel is still a mystery to me in her capacity as CIA Director. Whether she’s on the up-and-up remains to be seen during this ongoing investigation. The passage of time and the discovery of evidence will be the largely determining factors as to which side she is on. Nowadays I tend to be exceedingly distrustful of ANYTHING and ANYONE connected with the CIA, FBI, and NSA!

  8. I would like to think that Gina Haspel will ultimately emerge on the side of the Angels. Whether she will sing like a canary is doubtful, if she wishes to remain in her position of authority within the CIA, but she could serve as an authenticator of information that Barr and Durham have already uncovered. It will be fascinating to watch Brennan, Clapper, Comey and McCabe, and lesser lights in the CIA and FBI, twirl and dangle in the political wind.

  9. We the Americans people need to know the truth on this matter now. We need people in this spying to go to jail for life in their means to over throw our government now.

  10. If CIA Director Haspel is smart, she should cooperate fully with Durham’s investigation. She had to know if John Brennan was dirty, and was definitely spying on Americans…and the Trump campaign and Presidency. She also had to know that Obama did the best he could to weaken America’s Human Spying in other Countries; to protect our interests. She even said in her Confirmation Hearings, that one of her goals was to invest in more Human Spying, on the ground in foreign enemies’ lands. It looks like she has done a wonderful job so far, in her new position; to find out information on plans to harm Americans in advance of their planned acts.


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