Easter Car Attack In Nigeria Leaves Eight Christian Children Dead, Civilians Beat Suspects To Death

(Tea Party PAC) – Last week was Holy Week, and it began with one of the world’s oldest and most iconic Catholic Cathedrals being engulfed in devastating flames and ended with over 300 dead in a horrific attack on churches and hotels on Easter Sunday.

Meanwhile, in Nigeria, a far less publicized but certainly very tragic incident of road rage took the lives of eight boys dead after a man plowed his car into an Easter parade.

Interestingly enough, however, the perpetrator of this violent act came face-to-face with some instant street justice.

“Police in Nigeria are investigating a road rage incident resulting in several deaths and injuries of children participating in an Easter Sunday parade after an angry driver allegedly plowed his car into the procession for blocking the road, several news outlets reported this week,” Breitbart reports.

According to the BBC, “The driver, an off-duty security agent, was unhappy that the procession had blocked the road, some reports say.”

The entire incident, in the northeastern town of Gombe in the state of the same name, ended with the death of 11 people and 30 more injured, mainly children.

“No details have been released about the victims but the Boys Brigade members are aged between six and 22,” BBC revealed. However, according to The Cable, a Nigerian news outlet, at least eight of the fatalities were children.

The children were members of the Christian group known as the Boys Brigade, which was holding an Easter Sunday procession.

The driver was identified by authorities as Adamu Abdullahi, a member of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC). After running his car into the children, he was pulled out of the car and beaten to death by the crowd.

Isaac Kwadang, the chief of the Boys Brigade branch in Gombe, said Abdullahi rammed into the procession “on purpose.”

“The driver of the car had a heated argument with the children before they made way for him to pass, only for him, in a fit of rage, to turn and drive into them,” Kwadang told the Agence France-Presse (AFP) news agency.

Adams Borkono, the state chairman of the Boys Brigade, added:

After exchanging words with the youth, they allowed them to pass. However, the [off-duty security agent] who was driving the car made a u-turn, switched off his car’s light and rammed into them from behind, killing eight children on the spot and injured 31 others.

The unfortunate action provoked other survivors from the tragedy. Therefore they chased the security officers, caught up with them and mobbed them to death.

Interestingly, Police Chief Mohammed abubakar Adamu said that the incident was an “unfortunate fatal motor accident,” and claimed that the driver had lost control of his vehicle.

Authorities are now investigating the incident.

It doesn’t take a genius to notice the names of both the driver and the police chief. Yes, these are traditionally Muslim names. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the driver’s motive was that of jihad, no.

But it would certainly not be out of the realm of possibility to suggest that his anger with the procession had a lot to do with the denomination of the children involved.

Nigeria is a nation that has been given brief mention in the headlines here and there as of late for the horrific mass-slaughter of Christians at the hands of the jihadi-influenced Fulani herdsmen, who target Christian farmers and just last week shot down several peaceful members of a party dedicating a new baby.

Muslims make up the majority religion in the country, which Christians in a close second, so tensions between the two groups is well known.

Nigeria is also home to the terror group Boko Haram, who famously kidnapped 276 schoolgirls in 2014 and have been responsible for a number of deadly attacks in the country.


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