Elitist Minneapolis City Council Members Vote To Abolish Police…Then Do This For Their Own Security!

(Tea Party PAC) – Earlier this month, members of the Minneapolis City Council unanimously voted to abolish their own police force.

Even as violence raged outside their doors and small businesses and homes were destroyed by anti-police protesters, these local politicians acquiesced to the criminals, rather than their law-abiding citizens.

The police would instead be replaced with a “community-led public safety system.”

On Friday, the council moved to defund the police force and establish a “holistic” public safety force instead.

Whatever that means.

NPR reported:

The Minneapolis City Council on Friday unanimously approved a proposal to eliminate the city’s police department, marking the first step toward establishing a new “holistic” approach to public safety.

The move follows more than a month of national outrage and protests against police brutality in the wake of the killing of George Floyd, a Black man who died after an officer pressed his knee into his neck for more than eight minutes.

However, as The Gateway Pundit reports, several of these council members have their own security!


But several of these same council members will still have their own security.

At least three Minneapolis council members have hired private security for their own protection.

Only the poor people will not be protected.

Via FOX and Friends Weekend.


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  4. When these ignorant fools TRY ABOLISHING THE POLICE – these Councilmembers WILL fall quicker than the Titanic – no way in hell I would be affiliated with that deal – I’d be fearful of my life being THE FIRST to be taken out . Private security ? -ain’t going to mean a damn thing then – yo ass LIKELY good as gone!! Talk about dumb ass moves LOL .

  5. Like I said, this is ONLY happening in blue states, so let it happen, lets sit back and watch this train wreck, and when it fails and the ones who made the decision to DEFUND the police, will ask for help and we will politely say ..GO [email protected]#$ yourself.

  6. I sure hope the libtards that keep voting these self serving pompous aholes see what they are getting into office. It is socialism in action , because socialism is only good for the socialist in charge. To hell with the peons!!!

  7. The true face of socialism’s two tier system is further revealed.

    If people would only study this form of government they will be find it not a government OF, BY, and FOR the PEOPLE, as is a Constitutional Republic, but a government OF, BY, and FOR the ELITE of a two tier social network, the haves and have nots!

    In other words, the haves have it, because they earned it, and share it at their benevolence with the have nots who gave it to them ignorantly thinking they were going to get enough to get by.

  8. Those 3 council members are cowards what about the rest of the people they serve in the community who can not afford their own private security. They must be demorats only care about themselves and screw everyone else. Just like those Antifa cowards who hide behind their masks and do not care about anyone else. God Bless America

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  10. According to the first autopsy of Floyd, he died of a massive overdose of Fentanyl.
    Then the politicians got in and had another autopsy performed, with the task
    to produce an unbiased report that proved that police violence was the cause
    of death.

  11. The voting citizens of that city have the right to call for a recall of the ENTIRE COUNCIL and in this instance SHOULD DO EXACTLY THAT! If those council members feel they need extra security,THEY,not the citizens,are responsible for that cost. Unless a city wide vote is taken,of course.

  12. So, a few bad eggs got onto the police force that don’t know how to defuse themselves quickly and they ruin the force for the rest of the truly dedicated police officers. Now we have a new “holistic” group forming to take its place. Who will be on the panel to do the interviews, hiring, training, etc. to get this new group up and running? Then, who’s going to monitor the group? Minneapolis has a number of issues that are being heavily demanded by various groups. Those voices will also demand a spot at the table to ensure their agenda is pushed forward in the new hiring. Now is time to consider what type of group Minneapolis wants protecting its citizens. Or else they’ll find themselves with a new group, with a new title, and a new agenda that, for example, a few bad eggs enforcing Sharia Law vs. Rule of Law could ruin this experiment for any future. Odds of this becoming a certainty is high.

  13. Here are a couple of comments:
    1. Did anyone notice that the freed slave on the statue with President Lincoln is “taking a knee”. As you know this monument was paid for by freed slaves!
    2. If the people who are tearing down or vandalizing statues (including monuments of black Union Solders) of those who helped to free the slaves, does that mean they did not want the slaves freed?
    3. People who are Rioters, (not protestors), should be treated as Domestic Terrorists and hunted down as we would other terrorists!

  14. I’ve been to Minneapolis and know they have thoughtful, enlightened and caring residents. With their full attention on revised ‘serve and protect’ methods, good things are in the offing. Smearing councilmen with ‘private protection’ charges is dirty pool. Criminals aren’t taking over; but those poor people will not be harassed like before with a standing, bigoted force. Private security can be hired for all sorts of crimes, but poor people aren’t ever going to do that. So let’s see what their council comes up with to define ‘holistic’ policing. Then it may be time to criticize or add suggestions. Our too little, too late president is abetted by too much, too soon policing in Minneapolis so they can’t do any worse than King Donald.

    • Actually, they can and will do worse than PRESIDENT Trump. How is he responsible for the looters and criminal? I think you have him confused with race-baiter Obama.

    • No police no laws !!! You idiots will regret this your life expectancy just got cut in half !!!!!!

  15. So they’ve given the keys to the asylum to the inmates. Good for them! Let’s see what happens. What’s the murder rate in Minneapolis now? About 100 a day? Pretty soon it will be a ghost town. Are you tired of the liberal stupid yet? Vote Trump/Pence this fall and let’s take back the House and Senate! MAGA 2020!

  16. These scum should have their asses kicked. The people of Minneapolis should rise up and throw them out of office and the state.

  17. If I were from this #1 stupid city I’d get out of town since THEY voted for these classic egotistical Democrats. Gotta be a gooood Democrat – hide everything.

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