Elizabeth Warren Accuses Trump Of…Stepping On Kittens? This Is Not A Joke

(Tea Party PAC) – If you ever need a reminder that the Democrats are willing to do and say anything and everything to make Trump out to be a bad guy, it’s what Elizabeth Warren just said.

During a recent interview with CNN on Thursday, 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-CA) declared that President Donald Trump would “step on a cute little kitten” to achieve his bottom line.


Warren was asked by CNN’s David Axelrod: “Just about this Biden thing, why do you think the president went to such extraordinary lengths to sully Joe Biden, the lengths that have landed him now in front of you as a juror under impeachment. Why did he feel Biden was such a threatening candidate?”

Warren replied, “I can’t get into the head of Donald Trump. That’s just — that’s a really horrible place to go. I think that Donald Trump looks out for Donald Trump. And he looks out for Donald Trump’s closest buddies who give him total loyalty, and he looks out for the other billionaires because he thinks they’ve got a whole bro thing going on. That’s what Donald Trump does. And if he had to step on a cute little kitten to get something done that would help himself, he would do it.”

So, you can add that to the list of reasons that Democrats think that Orange Man Is Bad.

He may, according to the mind of a woman who pretended to be an Indian to advance her own career, hypothetically step on a kitten if it helps him.

Twitter users were brutal, as you can imagine.


  1. Hey Pocahontas…..Go back to the tepee and I’ll send a real lion or tiger after your azz!! Case closed!! You are beyond being a “buffoon”!! You will NEVER sit in the Oval Office!!

  2. Pocahontas is the biggest liar on the planet next to Schiffless and “Crime Boss” Pelosi!! Her and her disgusting backer Soros are nothing but TRAITORS TO AMERICA!! THEY WILL DESTROY OUR CONSTITUTION!! Trump/Pence 2020!!

  3. I know one puss the Trumpster needs to tramp on. Her name is Lizzy. God forbid if she ever gets elected to any office higher than where she is! She needs to do her county a big favor and get another line of work. My suggestion is INDIAN AGENT. She claims to have the background.

  4. From all of the far out things that I have heard from her she shouldn’t become President but should go into the field of Story Telling, for so many Fiction that she had done already.

  5. Oh, and Bernie Sanders burns old truck tires at night to add more carbon to the air just so he can complain more about globull warming.

    And AOC “rolls” queers for campaign money.

    I heard Mayor Butt Plug owns some interest in a factory in Squatamala that makes Nike shoes with anti-American slogans on them. And the workers are paid in beans and tortillas


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