Elizabeth’s Family History Refuted By…Her Own Brother?! Oh Boy…

(Tea Party PAC) – Elizabeth Warren may have scraped together some somewhat moderate poll numbers by virtue of the fact that she appears to have her mental faculties about her and never honeymooned in the Soviet Union, but this doesn’t mean she’s a solid candidate.

I mean, none of them are, but Warren in particular is knee-deep in problems.

Like the fact that nothing about her family history that she’s ever said in her entire life appears to be true.

I mean, do we even need to get into the whole “Native American” thing?

This woman pretended to be a member of our nation’s indigenous community to advance her career for years, despite all evidence to the contrary.

Including an ill-fated DNA test that proved she’s less Native American than a box of Land O’ Lakes butter.

She’s also repeatedly told stories about her own history and career, being fired for being pregnant, and where her kids went to school that all failed to pass the smell test–or any test, for that matter, since they were lies.

This is a whole new low however.

Warren is being called out by her own brother for buls***ing her family history! LOL!

Mediaite reports:

Elizabeth Warren’s Brother Reportedly ‘Furious’ She Claims Their Father Was a Janitor.

Massachusetts Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren apparently angered her brother by claiming their father worked as a “janitor,” with a family friend saying that the characterization made David Herring “furious.”

The Boston Globe published an article this week about Warren’s three older brothers that contained the detail — related by a family friend and not directly contradicted by Warren, who told the paper she didn’t know why the claim would anger her brother:

“Families can also disagree on the details of a shared life. According to a family friend, David has disagreed with the way Warren calls herself the daughter of a janitor as she describes the work he found after losing a job as a salesman after his heart attack.

“When she called her dad a janitor during the early stages of this, David was furious,” said Pamela Winblood, 78, a longtime friend of David who had fallen out with him and supports Warren’s presidential bid.

“He said, ‘My Dad was never a janitor.’ I said, ‘Well, he was a maintenance man.’ ” (In an interview, Warren said she had no idea why that characterization would bother her brother; she has referred to their father as a “maintenance man” in her 2014 autobiography but often as a “janitor” on the campaign trail.)”

Oh boy lol.

Well hey, lying is her style, right?

Warren can’t possibly last very long.


  1. It is a fine line between janitor and maintenance man. I’ve been a maintenance person in my developing years, and have done some hard work. I am proud of doing that while working my way to a degree in economics, and a successful business man. Let’s look at facts, not opinion.

  2. Isn’t that one comment about President Trump that he always lies,lies,lies?
    Are CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC keeping count on ALL the democrats that LIE, LIE, LIE????

  3. Lefty, democrat, socialists, LIARS—————-So, Ah, what’s new??? Look at the idiots obama, clinton (all of them), biden, and too many more to mention. You know like the swamp dwelers in the doj, pentagon, fbi, cia, and all threw out their big gobment! The fake indian just one of thousands!

  4. This woman is so pathetic. She has absolutely nothing to offer the world so she has come up with things that make her sound special. We don’t even know if she is actually very smart as she very well may have stolen the answers to her college exams. I say this because if someone will lie to you they will steal from you as they have already stolen your trust.

  5. I don’t like Elizabeth Warren and I don’t support her but a maintenance worker does sometimes sweep and mop, making them also a janitor.


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