ELON MUSK FIRES: America MUST Defeat The ‘Woke Mind Virus’

(Tea Party PAC) – After making an on-stage appearance at a recent Dave Chappelle show at the Chase Center in San Francisco in which he was booed profusely, Twitter CEO Elon Musk responded to the whole thing by putting out a statement on Monday morning denouncing his leftist enemies in rather epic fashion, revealing what his current mission consists of. The left is going to hate the man even more after this, that much you can guarantee.

According to Hank Berrien of the Daily Wire, when Chappelle introduced the billionaire, the crowd erupted in boos, which led to the comedian wisecracking, “It sounds like some of the people you fired are in the audience,” before adding, “All of those people who are booing, I’m just pointing out the obvious, they have terrible seats. It’s all coming from way up there.”

On Monday, following the reception Musk got at the Chappelle show, the Tesla CEO took his critics on by posting in a tweet, “The woke mind virus is either defeated or nothing else matters.”

You know that leftists all across the country are shaking in their boots right now. Unlike professional politicians and grifters, Musk has thus far kept his word to expose the radical left and the damage they did to freedom of speech through their censorship of opinions that differed from their own. Not to mention the suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story during the 2020 presidential election.

“Prior to his appearance at Chappelle’s show, Musk had indicated his disdain for the Twitter bots attacking him, tweeting, ‘Calling all 🤖& 🧌 Please attack me!’ followed by ‘Cool, the bots are so far unable to swarm to the top of my replies!'” Berrien wrote.

Berrien continued, “In late November, Musk posted a 12-second video of something he found in a closet at Twitter headquarters that revealed a truly leftist perspective. Musk posted a video of the closet that had shelves stacked with T-shirts as part of Twitter’s merchandising, and showed a shelf filled with black T-shirts reading ‘#Stay Woke.'”

“Here we are at the merch and there is an entire closet full of — ” Musk said, right before a person off-camera added, “secret closet.”

Musk concluded by saying, “- Hashtag Woke T-Shirts.”

Despite taking massive amounts of heat from the left concerning the decisions he’s made thus far with the social media company, Musk pointed out that Twitter added 1.6 million daily active users over the course of the previous week.

“Only hours before his tweet showing the woke T-shirts, Musk took aim at his critics, tweeting, ‘Wasn’t Twitter supposed to die by now or something … ?'” Berrien’s report stated.

“Maybe we’ve gone to heaven/hell & don’t know it,” he joked.

A group called “Stop Toxic Twitter” that is comprised of around 60 or more civil rights and civil society groups had urged the top advertisers on the platform to boycott the company, threatening, “Musk must not roll back the basic moderation practices Twitter already has on the books and he must invest the resources necessary to enforce those rules.”

The left truly hates freedom of speech. The only opinions, beliefs, thoughts, or ideas that should exist are the ones that come from their own elites, born, bred, and indoctrinated in progressive ideology. Yeah, that’s not freedom at all.

“Sweeping layoffs at Twitter make it impossible for Twitter to uphold brand safeguards and content moderation. Companies should immediately stop advertising in response,” they added.

Let’s hope Musk continues his crusade to provide a public square where people of all walks of life can allow their beliefs and thoughts to go to war on the battlefield of ideas in order that the truth might remain once the smoke clears.

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  1. A misnomer and lie of the left’s own making is … the erroneous notion that they are mainstream and entitled to be mainstream America, and being there, everyone surely would not disagree with their agenda. Their own creation of wokeism is some failed attempt to getting all the masses marching in Nazism lock-step straight into their perceived utopia. Who would ever disagree with those wanting a perfect society…? They are in a state of shock having not achieved their goal of total socialism.


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