Emperor Newsom Decrees CA Beaches Closed Over 4th Of July But This LA County Sheriff Isn’t Bowing Down

(Tea Party PAC) – The summer of tyranny continues in America. The entire country is still being forced to live under the coronavirus scamdemic and go along with social distancing and unconstitutional face mask mandates but there are even more absurd rules and restrictions than those, though it’s hard to believe. Beaches everywhere are still either closed or have the most ridiculous regulations now being enforced, such as the banning of things like beach chairs, coolers over a certain size, and even speakers.

In California, Emperor Gavin Newsom has decreed that no one shall celebrate the independence of this great nation at the beach come July 4th. Luckily, he’s being met with resistance from law enforcement who not only would be extremely overwhelmed trying to keep people off California beaches on one of the busiest beach days of the year but thanks to liberal criminal justice reforms, it just isn’t practical to try.

Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva told a Fox Los Angeles reporter Monday that he refuses to enforce the directive to close beaches for the July 4th weekend. In the statement, he said his department was never consulted and then took a well-deserved shot at the county and their ineffective liberal policies.

Villanueva told Melugin, “We were not consulted on the beach closure, and will only assist our beach cities in closing parking lots and traffic enforcement on PCH. In regards to enforcing the beach closure, we will not be enforcing it because we are “Care First, Jail Last.”

Breitbart has more:

Earlier Monday, Los Angeles County’s public health department announced the beach closure order, citing the surge in Chinese coronavirus cases. Additionally, public health officials said fireworks will be banned.

The announcement coincided with L.A. County confirming an additional 2,900 virus cases. California has a total of nearly 217,000 cases and around 6,000 deaths. Officials said:

Data show increases in people testing positive for the virus and increases in hospitalizations as a result. Projections by the Department of Health Services show a marked increase in hospitalizations in the coming weeks, which could cause a surge in our healthcare system.

Barbara Ferrer, the county’s director of public health, said in a separate statement:

Closing the beaches and prohibiting fireworks displays during this important summer holiday weekend was an incredibly difficult decision to make, but it’s the responsible decision to protect public health and protect our residents from a deadly virus. The Fourth of July holiday weekend typically means large crowds and gatherings to celebrate, a recipe for increased transmission of COVID-19.

On Sunday, California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) ordered bars in Los Angeles County and six other counties to close, citing the spread of the virus.

Newsom tweeted: “Due to the rising spread of #COVID19, CA is ordering bars to close in Fresno, Imperial, Kern, Kings, Los Angeles, San Joaquin, and Tulare, while recommending they close in Contra Costa, Riverside, Sacramento, San Bernardino, Santa Barbara, Santa Clara, Stanislaus, & Ventura.”

Funny, we must have missed his order to end the riots and bedlam over the course of the last month. Interesting how the only people being blamed, targeted, and punished for the spread of the coronavirus are law-abiding citizens who literally just want to get on with their lives. Does anybody really still believe this isn’t all about control?

This is exactly why we hope the beaches of California are flooded with America-loving patriots come the 4th of July. It’s time to send a message to these tyrannical politicians.


  1. People are going to show up on the beaches, especially in California, whether or not the governor decrees it or not. Hopefully, the lifeguards will also be there, or there will be drownings, which is why NYC had to allow the beaches to open officially because of the illegal use of the beaches without lifeguards. Now the sheriff department can enforce a limitation of how many people can enter the parking lots to limit the number of people, but that as far as they can go. Note this is a Democrat governor trying to save face after he opened things up without enforcing safe precautions which where he should be gearing his efforts. Where’s Nancy Pelosi on this, why is she hiding?

  2. I suppose every state has its idiots, and the Sheriff there is one of them. When public health is not important it just shows he has no respect for public health experts. Now the wearing of masks or telling persons not to travel or any other thing to do with public health is exactly what the Constitution says the people in charge have a Constitutional right to do. Now we have a President that only liokes the Constitution when it agree with him, and in this case it is disagreeing big Time, that president and those Governors have a responsibility under the Constitution to do any thing to protect and defend those in this USA, and it does not say just American citizens, it says everyone, so if face masks or closing beeches or any other place are deemed to be for th safety of the public and backed up by public health officials then that is what should be.

    • The population of California is 40 MILLION. Number of covid deaths at the moment 6,000. Do the math. This is not the plague. Sorry for those who died but it is not a big enough number to justify the damage that has been done to the economy and many individual lives. Almost 4,000 people in California die in auto accidents EVERY YEAR, for example. EVERY year!!! Covid is dangerous but does not warrant the hysteria with which DEMOCRAT governors have treated it. In fact it is an excuse to subjugate the population and seize power. Cancel the 4th of July? Really? Who made nutty Newsome into King George III???

  3. It makes you wonder about California, how can an idiot like Newsom got elected as governor, however when you analize the overpaid so call actors in Hollywood you must stop wondering.
    About 2 plus weeks ago I was told he was Pelosi’s nephew, surprise over.
    California deaerves better.

  4. I totally agree. Why do they allow protesting, but lock up the beaches, and the good people? It is all planned by the Democrats.

    We look forward to seeing you at the beach!!

  5. Governor Nuisance (sp?) strikes again. Like most lefties, he could care less about people, but cares greatly about being obeyed. Heard the Nuisance complained about not being “respected”. NEWS FLASH guv – respect, like its flip side contempt, can not be demanded, it is earned.

  6. AMEN TO WHIT he hit the nail on the head……..Take away our rights and replace with Their rights…..Wrongs……Why do they get away with altering our country and why do we stand by and Let Them????????

  7. So much for allowing people to use their own common sense and responsibility. Let BLM ANTIFA MARXISTS AND TRASH SET THE STAGE.

  8. Closing the beaches and prohibiting fireworks displays during this important summer holiday weekend was an incredibly difficult decision to make, but it’s the responsible decision to protect public health and protect our residents from a deadly virus….CALLED PATRIOTISM !


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