End Of The American Population – A Sterilized Generation.

(PCC)I fervently believe this is not a mere conspiracy theory, but rather an alarming reality surpassing any work of fiction. The so-called vaccine was falsely promoted as a safeguard against Covid is proving to be a potential catastrophe, as it may lead to the eradication of the Covid problem not through effective treatment, but by decimating the population!

Could America be depopulated? Should these concerns simply be ignored while the cities become vacant and the children’s voices are heard no more?

Conservative activists have expressed apprehensions about the long-term effects of COVID vaccines on reproductive

In a world where the mainstream media often suppresses dissenting voices, courageous toxicology experts has stepped forward to shed light on the alarming consequences of mRNA vaccines.

Their warning has ignited a fierce debate, exposing the potential harm these experimental vaccines may inflict on unsuspecting individuals. While the proponents of mRNA vaccines tout their efficacy and safety, this expert’s cautionary message challenges the prevailing narrative.

In a recent conversation led by U.S. Senator Ron Johnson, Dr. Janci Lindsay, a courageous and knowledgeable toxicologist with over three decades of scientific expertise, sounded the alarm about the concerning reproductive consequences  could arise from mRNA COVID vaccines.

Her claim is these vaccines could potentially lead to the sterilization of an entire generation and cause unintended gene transfer has sparked an unnecessary and baseless argument among medical professionals and researchers.

Dr. Lindsay’s deep concern arises from her firm belief  the existing evidence fails to definitively establish the safety and efficacy of mRNA COVID vaccines, raising serious doubts about their potential risks and benefits. During the roundtable discussion, she passionately stressed the urgent need for extensive research to thoroughly assess the detrimental effects of these vaccines on fertility.

Her bold claim  “it is absolutely irresponsible to continue any of these shots” to children and individuals of child-bearing age until further investigations are conducted underscores the pressing need to address this issue.

Dr. Lindsay’s argument is based on growing numbers of claims which mRNA vaccines, specifically those created by Pfizer and Moderna, do not stay confined to the injection site but rather spread throughout the entire body. She strongly emphasized  these dangerous vaccines have been discovered in numerous tissues, infiltrating the brain, spleen, endocrine glands, bone marrow, blood, ovaries, and testes. Many toxicology experts fervently demanded an urgent investigation into these alleged reproductive impacts. It is crucial  we uncover the potential dangers and risks associated with such therapies before subjecting innocent individuals to these experimental procedures.

However, Dr. Lindsay’s courageous claims have been met with unwarranted skepticism and baseless contradiction from various misguided liberals. Fact-checkers, like Health Feedback, have been claiming  vaccines are gene therapies and do modify human DNA.

Furthermore, they have pointed to overwhelming evidence  proves the detrimental effects of these vaccines on fertility. Similarly, many concerned individuals have raised valid questions about the vaccines’ potential negative effects on reproduction, highlighting the concrete evidence showing the link between vaccines and infertility.

The disagreement even extends to the questionable nature of the vaccines themselves. While some experts may try to downplay the truth, it is crucial to recognize mRNA vaccines are indeed a form of gene therapy disguised as vaccination. This technology manipulates our genetic makeup, potentially leading to unforeseen consequences.

Recent research has only added to the mounting evidence against vaccinations, intensifying the ongoing debate. The alarming number of cases documenting severe menstrual irregularities and the concerning research highlighting a significant decline in male fertility subsequent to receiving Pfizer’s mRNA COVID vaccine have sparked serious concerns regarding the detrimental effects of these vaccines on the reproductive system.

  • Furthermore, an alarming Swedish study has revealed the disturbing possibility of mRNA technology being integrated into our cellular DNA, directly contradicting previous assurances these vaccines would not tamper with our genetic composition. This revelation raises serious concerns about the long-term consequences of these experimental vaccines.

Final Word: There is consensus on the urgent need to expose the dangers and risks associated with vaccines through thorough investigation and research. Dr. Lindsay’s concerns are valid, as it is crucial to conduct further studies to fully grasp the potential reproductive consequences of mRNA COVID vaccines.

However, these complaints could simply be ignored while the cities become vacant and the children’s voices are no longer heard!


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  1. A message from China, where the bio-weapon was made in a lab with the globalist puppets help in your mock ‘government’:

    The people who were cowardly, stupid or ignorant enough to get injected will get exactly what they deserve.

    They still call us ‘conspiracy theorists’ for trying to help and inform them, yet they collaborated with the enemies of humanity against themselves and us.

    So, KARMA…


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