Epic: Gun Shop Owner Wears This Hilarious Shirt During CNN Appearance

(Tea Party PAC) – CNN is an absolutely ridiculous network. It’s the absolute worst of the worst when it comes to fake news.

They claim to be objective, but their own coverage and shameless propaganda begs to differ, every single evening.

So it’s always hilarious when someone manages to school them…on their own network.

A gun shop owner in Arizona was recently interviewed by the famously fake news network, and clearly knew just the shirt to wear.

Patrick Baughman or Against All Enemies Armory was recently interviewed for a segment on Arizona’s controversial facial covering mandate.

For the occasion, he donned a mock CNN shirt which replaced the “C” with the communist hammer and sickle.


Baughman made no mention of his hilarious wardrobe choice during the interview, but calmly explained that he requests customers remove their face masks before entering his establishment.

Baughman did not acknowledge his shirt during the exchange, but explained he makes customers remove masks before entering his store.

“We make any member, or any customer that’s walking through our doors remove their face mask. Again, that’s our pride,“ Baughman said, according to Infowars.

“So you make people remove the mask when they come in?” reporter Miguel Marquez asked.

“Absolutely. You do not shop my store without — with a mask on, period,” Baughman replied.

He explained that he also disagrees with the official numbers of coronavirus deaths being reported by heap authorities.

“But 150,000 people are dead! Over 150,000,” Marquez told Baughman.

“I definitely, definitely, don’t agree with that number that you just threw out there. I think there is… There are so many cases of fraudulent claims as far as how they’re reporting numbers,” he replied.

Following the segment, CNN anchor Alisyn Camerota couldn’t help but comment on Baughman’s shirt, weirdly calling it a “mixed message.”

“I couldn’t help but notice the t-shirt that Patrick was wearing, I guess for the very occasion of being interviewed on CNN. He–it was a mixed message, is all I can say,” Camerota said.

Was she previously under the impression that he thought CNN was a great pro-capitalist network?

Almost more hilarious than Patrick’s shirt choice was reporter Marquez’s claim that he actually liked the shirt.

“Yeah. He came out there in the Communist News Network t-shirt,” Marquez confirmed.

“We’ve heard that quite a bit out here in Arizona. And it was impressive. It was good colors, great shirt. I actually kind of thought it was cool.”


Glad there are plenty of Arizona residents who have no problem telling fake news outlets exactly how they feel about communist propaganda!


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  7. PLEASE TELL ME WHERE I CAN GET THAT T-SHIRT !!!!!!! I like THAT ONE MUCH BETTER than the old Clinton News Network

  8. I simply don’t know whether or not CNN delivers fake news. I also have no way of knowing if the statistical data is right or wrong. I do know that sceptics put themselves in danger through disbelieving what is clearly the truth simply because they believe they know best. Yesterday, a nineteen-year-old boy jumped off a waterfall that was said to be nine stories high. The act was not only ill-advised but also illegal. He survived but swimmers had to save his life. He fractured his sternum but I guess he “did his thing.” Perhaps I’m cowardly, but I always take a wait and see approach.

    • Carlos I have waited and I now clearly see what is going on, we are all being led like sheep to the slaughter! CNN is fake news, try watching Fox News to learn the truth! The number of deaths has been hyped. Hospitals get more money from the government if they claim someone died of this China virus. The democrats want this shutdown to go on in order to destroy our country! Now they want to keep the schools shut down so parents are unable to return to work, they will have to stay home with their children! Most deaths are in liberal run states, why is that? Most seniors who have died, died in liberal states! Most seniors vote republican, put two and two together and you will figure this one out! You hear no outcry from democrats over the riots (also mostly in liberal run states) they are letting them happen on purpose, why to keep us distracted and they want to defund the police now! So please open your eyes and learn the truth!

  9. WOW! . . . a T shirt telling the REAL TRUTH – I LIKE it! It should sell by the MILLIONS. One Hilariously Laughing Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

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