Epic: How Trump’s Campaign Just Dissed Kamala Harris At VP Debate Is The Best Burn Of The Year

(Tea Party PAC) – There’s a lot to love about President Donald Trump. He’s a man who isn’t afraid to fight back, ruthlessly if necessary, against the attacks of the mainstream media that have made a sport out of attacking him over every move he makes.

He also has a wicked sense of humor, a fact that seems to fly over the heads of most liberals, who tend to think everything he says is serious. This is why so many left-wingers are so dang joyless when it comes to engaging with the world around them.

A perfect example of this comes to us in the form of an epic burn Trump’s campaign recently did to Joe Biden’s running mate, Sen. Kamala Harris. The campaign reserved a ticket to the recent vice presidential debate for West Coast rap legend Tupac Shakur, who is Harris’ favorite living rapper, in case he shows up to show support for the Biden/Harris ticket.

Of course, that might be difficult, seeing he’s been dead since the mid-90s. Also strange, given his current status as deceased, that Shakur would be Harris’ favorite “living rapper.”

Via Newswars:

The Trump campaign has reserved a ticket to Wednesday’s vice presidential debate for deceased West Coast rapper Tupac Shakur in case he shows up to support Kamala Harris, reports claim.

“The Trump campaign is leaving a ticket for Tupac Shakur at tonight’s VP debate because Kamala Harris called him her favorite rapper alive,” reported journalist Amber Athey on Wednesday ahead of the debate.

In case anyone thought she was joking, she followed up with, “(This is not a joke and and was confirmed by Trump campaign senior adviser @JasonMillerinDC on a press call).”

Angela Rye: “Best rapper alive?” Kamala Harris: “Tupac.” Rye: “He’s not alive! You say he lives on.” KH: “I know, I keep doing that… Who would I say? I mean, there’s so many. I mean, you know — there are some I would not mention right now bc they should stay in their lane.”

Kamala was referencing a previous time she was called out for lying, namely during a Breakfast Club interview in which she claimed she listened to Tupac and rapper Snoop Dogg while she smoked marijuana in college.

Kamala Harris claims to have smoked pot in college while listening to Tupac and Snoop. Tupac’s first album came out in 1991. Snoop’s first album came out in 1993. Kamala Harris graduated college in 1986.

The point that Trump’s campaign is trying to make is that Harris and Biden are both liars and totally incompetent. Both of these individuals will say and do anything to appear cool, hip, and relevant so that young people will vote for them. What these folks do not seem to understand is that it’s all an act.

Youth who are just now of age to vote are a growing demographic, one the left desperately wants to hang on to, because they have invested so much time, money, and other resources into creating generations of statist robots. It’s protection of their investment.

What we desperately need right now is for young people to start learning to think for themselves, to stop being so trusting of those in power and authority and question everything they are being told and taught. This is the only way to start planting the seeds for a shift back to the right in the long term.


  1. Actually that is funny. I am almost willing to take bets, Tupac Shakur will send in his unsolicited Mail In ballot from the grave, supporting the Harris/Biden Presidential ticket!

    • Nah, since he has been to “the other side,” He has gained much wisdom. He has already made his choice apparent. Hahahahahaha It is Trump/Pence all the way. Are you listening Tupac fans. wink

  2. Actually, I think Tupac did show up; in the form of that fly; and he made known his preference of debaters, Vice President Pence. Sorry Camela. Yeah, I meant to spell it that way. I rode one in Israel that looked like her. It had the same supersillious expression that Camela had at the debate. I didn’t trust it either. LOL

  3. My 2 grandkids were taken out of a private school when young to go to a public school. Now in their teens. Done because of the cost. That’s why we need School Choice. As a school tax payer, I would like to choose what school my tax goes to.


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