Epic: Screw Nike, Get This AR-15 Part With The Betsy Ross Flag Instead

(Tea Party PAC) – In America, we have a free market. At least, that’s how it’s supposed to be. And in a nation where Christians ought to have the right to deny to serve gay weddings with their cakes or flower arrangements, a massive company like Nike has the right to make stupid, unpatriotic decisions based on the whims of a washed-up NFL player who’s famous for hating our nation.

That’s right–as stupid as Nike’s decision to shelve the patriotic Betsy Ross Flag sneaker, they have every right to do so. They’re free to suffer the hit of yet another product boycott and all the bad press, on top of looking like a bunch of scared weaklings for letting Colin Kaepernick dictate their product launches.

That’s freedom, baby–and we have the freedom as consumers to take our money elsewhere.

God bless America.

Somewhere you might want to spend your money now is with the Palmetto State Armory, who, in response to the Nike flag shoe debacle, has released AR-15 parts with the flags etched on them.

What could be more patriotic!

The Palmetto State Armory thanked Nike for helping them to bring new attention to the historic flag, which was commissioned by George Washington for one Betsy Ross, an abolitionist and proud patriot.

The lower includes the words “I Stand – 15” under the flag in place of the moniker “AR-15”.

This is awesome!

Meanwhile, as Breitbart noted this month, Nike seemed to have no problem producing shoes with the flags of other nations with horrific human rights violations–like, today, right now–such as China and Turkey.

They reported:

This week, sportswear giant Nike agreed to pull their “Betsy Ross Flag” sneakers after former NFL player nd anthem-protester Colin Kaepernick, advised them that the American flag is a symbol of racism, hate, and slavery. However, the company has had no issue offering shoes with many other national flags and colors, including human rights abusers such as China and Turkey.

Naturally, Nike was quick to create gay pride flag-themed shoes. There are quite a few styles set up in the rainbow colors of gay pride. So, as far as Nike is concerned, gay pride is great, but American pride is “racist.”

But Nike has also created shoes with the flags of all sorts of nations on them. Over the last few decades, Nike has offered many shoes decorated with the colors and flags of a growing list of countries without regard to their records on racism, violence, gay rights, and human rights abuses.

There was the Nike SB Dunk High Tricolor that featured red, white, and blue stripes. But the shoes were meant to celebrate the French Tricolor flag as opposed to America’s Old Glory.

France is not a lone example. There have been several versions of the green and red Mexican flag. There have also been shoes with Italy’s flag, Germany’s, Jamaica’s, a pair with the Turkish colors, even several different designs with the Chicago flag, the California flag, and the Olympic flag.

Speaking of the Olympics, there are a few Nike styles called the “Internationals,” including the Nike Air Max 90 and Air Max 95, featuring a ribbon of flags from all over the world.

There have been other shoe designs featuring Olympics celebrations, as well. To celebrate the Olympics in 2016, Nike added a “country flag” option to orders which included China and presumably any country that attended the games such as Saudi Arabia.

It may seem warm and fuzzy to celebrate all these nations on their shoes. But it is notable that even as the sportswear company is now insisting that the U.S. flag is a “symbol of oppression” and is inexorably tied to “slavery,” and “racism,” they have no problem at all celebrating some of the countries above that have far worse, modern day records on human rights.

While happily offering the Turkish flag shoes, for instance, Nike seems less interested that Turkey ranks as the second most restrictive country on gay rights.

Also, with countries such as Saudi Arabia and China playing in the Olympics, the Nike shoes that could be ordered featuring flags from those countries might also seem to be in violation of Nike’s newfound delicate sensibilities.