Epic: Trump Unloads On Obnoxious Reporter: “You’re A Terrible Reporter”

(Tea Party PAC) – Even though we are in the midst of a crisis the media can’t stop their relentless attacks on our commander-in-chief.

President Donald Trump has been leading our country so well in the midst of this crisis, that even Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), the controversy-stricken member of Congress’ progressive “Squad” who never has a kind word to say about anyone on the right, much less the Orange Man, actually praised his performance.

Something astounding is happening in our nation.

Politicians, right and left, are putting their weapons aside to battle this crisis as Americans.

There’s only one problem: the media hates this. They thrive on hate, gossip, slander, and vitriol, so they’re trying to extract any bit of negativity and fear they can out of the situation.

Now, if there’s anything that Trump has mastered since he first descended the golden elevator, it’s messing with the minds of the mainstream media.

And he’s not letting them get away with a thing.

On Friday morning during his daily coronavirus press briefing, Trump LAID INTO an uppity reporter who tried to use this time, dedicated to informing the American people of the latest news on the ongoing global pandemic and the federal government’s plans to combat it within our own borders, to shamelessly attack Trump.

NBC’s Peter Alexander grilled Trump on exactly how effective chloroquine is to treat coronavirus. On Thursday, the president had announced that there have been great successes in using the drug to treat the novel coronavirus. International studies have shown a 100% effectiveness with chloroquine and a Z-Pac mix, The Gateway Pundit notes.

Peter Alexander pressed Trump on the chloroquine drug: “What do you say to Americans who are watching you right now who are scared?”

President Trump: “I’d say you’re a terrible reporter… The American people are looking for answers and they’re looking for hope and you’re doing sensationalism…”

As of Friday morning, TGP notes:

** There are 16,067 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the US.

** There are 219 deaths blamed on the coronavirus.

** The current mortality rate from confirmed cases is 1.3%.

** There are no official numbers that include the number of citizens who had the virus but were not sick enough to seek medical attention.

** There are an estimated 22,000 flu deaths and 36 million cases in the US each year.


  1. Go Trump, go, your doing a great job. I myself am absolutely sick and tired of the media who seem to have nothing to do but cause utter destruction to a very fine man. Save you questions for the medical profession.😡😡

  2. Go Trump, go, your doing a great job. I myself is absolutely sick and tired of the media who seem to have nothing to do but cause utter destruction to a very fine man. Save you questions for the medical profession.😡😡

  3. Maybe I should have said Butthole Democrats! Isn’t it ironic how the “butthole” Democrats can say anything they want to, as well as the fake news media, and that’s ok, but a good Republican is having her comment “awaiting moderation”! Doesn’t surprise me!

  4. Go President Trump. Be like FDR. We could use another 8 years of your leadership. God bless you and, God bless the United States of America.

  5. I saw that exchange and the President made me laugh! That excuse of a reporter was asking obviously leading questions and President TRUMP will NOT be led anywhere by the liberal press!

  6. Trump needs to do an executive order that says the next time any media whether it’s MS NBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, New York Times whatever any of them get caught putting misinformation out or disinformation or lies or deceit or propaganda they should be close by the government he needs to write an executive order for that the first amendment does not override the second amendment that says a shell not be infringed, and there are illegal laws on the books against the Second Amendment illegal illegal illegal

  7. This President does NOT suffer from decision constipation- like what ‘s his name . . . ? Right Barrack Hussein Obama took 6 months, 60,000,000 people and 11,000 deaths before he reacted to H1N1!

  8. Good job President Trump. He deserved that.We the people want the truth and only the truth and we appreciate all of your hard work and the great team that you have put together. Thank you for working for putting this country and it’s people first.

    • Perhaps because those posts are accurate.
      Obama’s response and action to H1N1 was less than responsible.

    • First of all Gary it’s called censorship. You may want that in your dream socialist /Communist country. But we don’t want that here in America. It’s bad enough the media gets away with it

    • Gary is another brain-dead, limp-wristed Dumbocrat. He needs to just put his head back up his A$$.

  9. Asked a simple question and got an irrational response. Typical Trump. And this media site criticizing the media? Typical right wing hypocrisy.

    • The QUESTION was simple enough, however, the answer would have required a “I don’t know!” Then the reported would have asked, “Why not?” … and so on. The reporter (assuming he has half of a brain) should have known that Trump would not know the exact answer until some more research has been done. If I was the reporter I would have asked “Is Congress going to pass the temporary repeal of all Federal employments taxes for the balance of the year! Which would have gotten money into the pockets of those working and employing workers, And would the federal government increase the FUI payments to the states!
      But then one has to know something about our tax system!

    • Did you watch the entire exchange, or just the “taken-out-of-context” blip that the liberal media are floating?

    • This reporter and so many others are constantly “asking” questions or giving speeches to put down the President and lay traps and “gotchas” and once in a while they push the envelope and get what they deserve – frankly, I think Trump was all too nice and it probably won’t stop him from doing it again.

      Next time Peter should be given a seat in the back row instead of at the front or maybe better – Trump complete ignore any of his questions for a week, two weeks, a month. If the White House revokes his press pass, some dishonorable worthless “judge” will over rule him. But the total “cold shoulder” cannot be overruled by a “judge.”


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