CONFIRMED: Trump Campaign Volunteer’s Meeting With Russia Was a SET-UP

The less the Mueller investigation seems to have on Trump, the more we find out how corrupt the FBI was in the days of the 2016 election and afterward.

The Trump team was deliberately set up by the US and foreign agents in an elaborate sham that seems to have begun in London.

George Papadopolous, the unpaid Trump volunteer that was indicted by the Mueller investigation for lying, was snared into meeting with a Russian which subsequently led to his indictment.

In an interview with former Secret Service Agent and author, Dan Bongino, Papadopoulos shared the following, according to The Gateway Pundit:

**Bongino: I want to get right to it. I have a list of questions for you..I guess the easiest question to ask is why did you meet with Mifsud?

Papadopoulos: Professor Mifsud is a Maltese professor. Just so everybody understands – he’s not a Russian.

I was working at this organization in London – the London Center for International Law Practice (LCILP) – that unbeknownst to me at the time was apparently some sort of front group for ex-western diplomats and ex-western intelligence types of personalities.

As well, the legal counsel for the FBI in the UK, Arvinder Sambei, just happens to also be a director at this organization I used to work for. I tell this organization ‘Look, I’m joining the Trump Campaign, I’m leaving. I’m going back to the U.S. I’m leaving London.

But they all of a sudden tell me, ‘before you leave, you really need to come to Rome with us. We want to introduce you to some people there.’ So, I say, ‘that’s fine. I’ll go to Rome. It’s a three-day holiday before I get back to Washington.

They introduce me to Josef Mifsud at this university in Rome called Link Campus. This isn’t any normal university in Rome. At the time I had no idea what this place was. But apparently, it’s a training ground for western intelligence operatives in Rome. The CIA has held symposiums there. David Ignatius from the Washington Post has actually written extensively about this place. They have connections to the FBI and other groups.

I also saw many Italian diplomats there. The ex-foreign minister of Italy was the director of this university, so things started to pop in my mind that this isn’t just a random event – a random meeting.

They tell me it’s very important for you to meet Josef Mifsud. I had no idea who this person was. He came up to me, presented himself as this mid-fifties, former diplomat, who knew the world.

The FBI, DOJ, the Mueller team, and the mainstream media all desperately needed to find some way to connect Trump to Russia, so they set Papadopoulus up so they could claim he met with Russians.

There’s only one problem: the Russian was not, indeed, a Russian. He was a Maltese professor, Josehp Mifsud. All the connections in London were a setup.

Joseph Mifsud is also connected to Mueller’s team.

From one investigative source that TGP cites:

“Zainab Ahmad, a member of Mueller’s legal team, is the former Assistant United States Attorney in the Eastern District of New York. As pointed out by Blackburn, Ahmad attended a Global Center on Cooperative Security [GCCS] event in 2017. In recent days, Blackburn wrote via Twitter: “Zainab Ahmad is a major player in the Russiagate scandal at the DOJ. Does she work for SC Mueller? She was at a GCCS event in May 2017. Arvinder Sambei, a co-director of the [London Centre of International Law Practice], worked with Joseph Mifsud, [George Papadopoulos] and [Simona Mangiante]. She’s a GCCS consultant.”