Exposed! Biden Demands Billions For Illegal Aliens

(PCC)Just about the time you think the invasion crisis can’t get any worst, along comes Biden with his ‘Help the Illegal Aliens Plan’….but it doesn’t stop there! Outrageous!

Nincompoop Biden’s outrageous demand for Billions in Illegal Alien funding to bus them to your town is only the beginning!

In a recent alarming development, President Joe Biden’s administration is shamelessly seeking an outrageous $14 billion from Congress to further perpetuate their failed and misguided approach to so-called “border security” concerns.

However, upon further examination of the distribution of these funds, it becomes evident  a substantial portion will be utilized to enable the influx of Illegal Aliens towards the U.S. border and subsequently accommodate them in plush first-class hotels located in different cities and towns throughout the country.

It is important to prioritize the enforcement of immigration laws and deter illegal entry into the United States, rather than enabling and facilitating the journey of Illegal Aliens to the far corners of all 50 States!

The alarming numbers are truly shocking, as more than 800,000 economic Illegal Aliens  unlawfully crossed the U.S. border in September, adding up to a staggering total of approximately 3.5 million in 2023.

It is important to note  these figures do not even account for the legal aliens and temporary workers. This influx of individuals entering the country illegally poses significant challenges and raises concerns about the integrity of our immigration system.

The proposed budget allocation would not only enable job-seeking Illegal Aliens to unlawfully enter the U.S. border but also facilitate their registration and release, followed by transportation to plush first-class hotels, exclusive job training, and choice workplaces across the country.

Sneaky! Biden’s demand is camouflaged within a more extensive $106 billion budget proposal and could be strategically timed to align with the 2024 presidential campaign. By doing so, pro-Illegal groups aim to conceal the true extent of the substantial financial burdens placed upon cities, hardworking taxpayers, families, and the American public.

The influx of Illegal Aliens is severely impacting hardworking lower-income Americans and black communities, as they are being unjustly pushed out of job opportunities and affordable housing.

The demand includes a staggering $6 billion for crucial “border operations,” which includes $4.4 billion for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and $3.1 billion to bolster our border patrol agents, asylum officers, and processing personnel.

Furthermore, an alarming $1.4 billion is being allocated to state and local governments, under the guise of providing shelter and services for Illegal Aliens. This excessive funding only serves to enable and encourage the ongoing influx of Illegal Aliens, burdening our already overburdened communities and straining our limited resources.

Should the Biden Regime and his cronies prioritize the needs and well-being of American citizens, rather than diverting taxpayer dollars towards supporting those who have entered our country unlawfully? Biden and his swamp beasts say “To Hell With The Taxpayers! Let Them Eat Cake

Push back! Senator Bill Hagerty, a courageous conservative from Tennessee, vehemently condemned the reckless move, emphasizing  it would only worsen the already dire border crisis instead of effectively tackling it.

Stop the invasion! Representative Chip Roy, a staunch conservative from Texas, passionately highlighted  the proposed funding would not only fail to bolster genuine border security but would also exacerbate our already burdensome national debt.

This budget request also includes $714 million for the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency, which plays a crucial role in upholding the rule of law and ensuring the enforcement of immigration policies to protect our borders and national security.

But get this. It also seeks permission to reallocate funds within ICE to support a deluxe housing program for Illegal Aliens, which unfortunately enables and encourages Illegal Aliens by providing them with legal advice to break immigration rules and get away with it!

An alarming $600 million is being requested for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), which unfortunately supports numerous transport networks and shelters utilized by migrants, frequently leading to the displacement of hardworking local workers in cities such as New York, Chicago and all the way down to your neighborhood!

This approach to Illegal Alien policy, commonly known as “Extraction Migration,” has profound economic implications. It is disheartening to witness how the excessive influx of Illegal Aliens drains valuable resources from countries in need, causing a significant disruption in trade.

Moreover, the outcome is diminished wages, escalating rent and housing expenses, and a deterioration in career prospects for native-born Americans, especially those in lower-income sectors and a death knoll to black community job seekers.

Final Word: America must demand the preservation of American values and sovereignty, critics are deeply concerned about the detrimental impact on hardworking American workers and responsible taxpayers, both of which are quickly approaching extinction level!



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