Exposed: CDC Chief Agrees There’s Something “Perverse” About How Hospitals Count COVID Deaths

(Tea Party PAC) – If you’ve felt like there is something fishy going on with the official United States’ coronavirus death count, you’re not alone.

The chief of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Robert Redfield, admitted that there is a “perverse” monetary “incentive” for hospitals to produce particularly high coronavirus fatalities during questioning from a Republican lawmaker in a House panel hearing on Friday.

When Redfield was asked to comment on what was described by Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer (R-MO) as the “perverse incentive” in a hearing held by the House Oversight and Reform Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis, he answered in the affirmative.

“I think you’re correct in that we’ve seen this in other disease processes too, really in the HIV epidemic, somebody may have a heart attack, but also have HIV — the hospital would prefer the [classification] for HIV because there’s greater reimbursement,” he commented.

He continued:

So I do think there’s some reality to that. When it comes to death reporting, though, ultimately, it’s how the physician defines it in the death certificate and … we review all of those death certificates.

So I think, probably it is less operable in the cause of death, although I won’t say there are not some cases. I do think though [that] when it comes to hospital reimbursement issues or individuals that get discharged, there could be some play in that for sure.

Congressman Luetkemeyer said that Adm. Brett Giroir of the U.S. Health and Human Services (HHS) Department conceded that hospitals have an economic incentive to enhance their coronavirus death numbers.

Giroir apparently “acknowledged that the statistics he is getting from the states are over-inflated” according to the lawmaker.

Earlier on Friday, the admiral had testified before the hearing but was not present during this answer-and-question portion.

Across the US, the seven-day average number of new infections had plateaued on Thursday evening after beginning to decrease in recent days.

New fatalities reported daily and their seven-day average, however, continued to go up. They have remained below peak levels, however, according to Breitbart News.

They also note that:

There is a lag of about three weeks or more between infection and death.

As of mid-day Friday, COVID-19 (coronavirus disease) had infected nearly 4.5 million people and killed over 150,000, the Johns Hopkins University tracker revealed.


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  4. I know nurses in my county, Indian River county in Florida, who are testing swabs that have not been used on anyone, just taken from their package and sent for testing. These swabs are testing positive. What is really going on here? Fake results or faulty tests? Are the pristine swabs themselves contaiminated and therefore spreading COVID? Or is it all BS?

    • Thank you for spreading the word. People need to be aware of this. It is to cause chaos. To create communism, you need to create chaos.

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    • So it’s an incentives for the hospital and the doctors to let a Covid patients died to get 3 times more money?

  7. Why not, that is to say it is beneficial for Hospitals to state death is due to the Coronavirus because the get paid via the Federal Government, and they do not have to worry about Insurance for any patients that has some symptoms.

    If there is any doubt, or even if there isn’t it is just as easy to say someone who died from a Heart Attack who had a temp, bingo. This has been a problem since day one, the Government Officials don’t want to bother with Pelosi’s Over site and while a lot of Hospitals are privately owned why should they not make a profit just like the Progressives taking advantage of the crisis. .

  8. Of course the healthcare industry wants more coronavirus deaths for more money…. don’t you want to spend 2/3 of your earned income on health insurance premiums? I’m already at 28% of my monthly gross earnings!!!! For a wife and daughter to be covered! Oh and still have to pay the first $4000 in deductions up to 7000 out of pocket!! They will not rest picking our pocket until they OWN this country! They own more than you can fathom already! Has anyone else noticed that 1 corner of every in town intersection has some form of ‘physical therapy’ center on it? This is all about big money and who can get their fingers in it!

  9. Yes, hospitals count EVERY death as a COVID19 death. My friend’s mother died of a heart attack. She had NEVER tested positive for COVID19 and she had been tested several times while in and out of the hospital the last few months of her life. She died in the hospital. Her death certificate said COVID19. Two weeks ago my own mother died of heart failure in a rehab facility. I told them point blank: Do NOT put COVID19 on her death certificate or I will sue their asses off and make sure the news and every person I can contact knows they lied about cause of death. She also had been tested several times in the past few months and every time was NEGATIVE. Needless to say, they did not put COVID on her death certificate.

  10. I always suspected the numbers were inflated.
    How does the CDC get factual numbers so the demented Democratic Governors don’t try the lock down crap again. Breathing in your own carbon dioxide from your mask is bad too, but no one is talking about that. What a surprise!!

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    • I have been telling my friends for awhile now, that the hospitals have been inflating the number of people who died from the virus & calling all the people tested positive cases & not mentioning those who tested negative!


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