EXPOSED! Progressive Combatants Behind J6 Underground General Caught On Video Giving Clandestine Attack Orders!

(PCC)Shocking! Our Patriot Research Team has turned up a dozy and uncovered a treasure trove of secret  videos and documented orders which are iron clad proof the January 6th riot was orchestrated by a secret underground progressive combatant cabal aiming to overthrow the US government.

See The Evidence For Yourself

This new and alarming intelligence has come to light indicating the January 6th Capitol riots, which were previously attributed to passionate MAGA supporters and patriots, have been coordinated by a secretive faction of progressive combatants no doubt tied to the underbelly of hostile elements of the Democrat Party.

Amidst the turmoil and unrest that gripped the nation, it seems a deliberate strategy was at play to foster division and influence the political arena by casting President Trump and his Patriot following in a negative and harmful light!

Here is the core question: How did these combatants know the election would be so contested weeks before any votes were cast? ……Good Question?????

Hidden among the peaceful protesters, many operatives infiltrated the crowd, pretending to be regular citizens exercising their right to protest. What is their objective? To create unrest, havoc, and ultimately damage the image of President Trump and the MAGA movement, but it doesn’t stop there! Their goal was utter and compete revolution and die-hard anarchy!

According to eyewitness accounts, it has been reported certain people of interest were seen providing guidance to unsuspecting individuals, urging them to violate the law by trespassing on federal property and committing acts of vandalism. They strategically positioned themselves amidst the crowd, stirring up attendees and heightening tensions to a boiling point.

As the riot unfolded and the Capitol was breached, these secret combatants quickly departed from the scene, leaving others to deal with the aftermath of their actions and escaped arrest and being identified.  It’s evident their goal was not to bring about significant change or promote any specific political agenda, but rather to create instability in the country and gain control.

What’s even more concerning is the discovery these hostiles may have swayed members of Congress on the J6 committee to disregard and omit vital evidence from their investigation. Through careful manipulation of the narrative, they aimed to advance their own agenda and weaken the fundamental principles of democracy.

However, this is only the start. As additional evidence emerges, the full scope of their deceit will be revealed, and those at fault will face consequences. Meanwhile, it serves as a clear reminder of the risks of radicalism and the significance of staying alert against individuals who aim to manipulate and create divisions among us.

Final Word: Stay tuned for more updates as we delve deeper into the events surrounding the J6 riots and strive for fairness and responsibility for everyone implicated. We caught only one of the Progressive Generals on video, what about the tens of thousands of progressive ‘boots on the ground’ are waiting for marching orders?


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