Exposed: The First Time Obama Targeted George Papadopolous Had Nothing To Do With Trump!

(Tea Party PAC) – We have learned so much about just how corrupt the most corrupt presidential administration of our nation’s history really is.

Of the many revelations that have come forward over the past few months, we know that Obama targeted Trump campaign volunteer George Papadopoulos before he was, in fact, a Trump campaign volunteer.

First, it was to stop the construction of Israel’s natural gas pipeline to Europe in favor of Iran’s pipeline, of which Papadopolous was playing a role.

Papadopoulos himself has been providing the hints of this himself:

According to –

…in early 2016, three Middle Eastern nations were planning to pipe their natural gas to the lucrative EU market : Iran, Israel and Russia.

Iran was proposing a pipeline from its South Pars gas field to Europe via Turkey, Greece and Italy. Obama and his Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, supported the Iranian proposal.

Israel’s proposal was the EastMed pipeline, running from off-shore reserves in the Levantine Basin to Europe, via Greek Cyprus, Greece and Italy. This was the pipeline that Papadopoulos was promoting prior to and after joining the Presidential campaign team of Donald J Trump.

President Obama was an enemy of Israel and a good friend to Iran, and his actions with Iran and these pipelines are a good reminder of that.

As is well-known, in July of 2015, Obama signed an agreement with Iran, giving the billions in the process:

Incredibly, Obama was committed to providing a pathway for the mullahs, long regarded as the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism and one of America’s greatest enemies, to become a regional superpower.

In January 2016, Obama signed an EO to lift sanctions on Iran, without Congressional approval or oversight. In 2018, it was revealed that he Obama administration secretly sought to give Iran access to the U.S. financial system, by sidestepping sanctions. The administration did this despite repeatedly telling Congress and the public, it had no plans to do so.

We now also know that Obama had been permitting Hezbollah to engage in criminality on American soil, not to mention obstructing FBI investigations into Hezbollah’s activity (Project Cassandra). And that Obama also provided the mullahs with $1.7 billion cash in foreign currencies in January 2016, delivered in pallets on an unmarked aeroplane from Europe. $400 million was supplied as ransom for the release of four prisoners and then a further two payments, totalling $1.3 billion. Obama lied about both, before the payments were revealed in September, 2016.

The pipeline wars were ago:

By 2016, Obama and the Clintons would have been confident that the Israeli pipeline was dead in the water.

The race was between Russia and Iran. But it was Turkey’s President Erdogan who had ultimate leverage. This was because both projects would run their pipelines through Turkey.

The Syrian civil war was raging and ISIS was increasing in power. Obama had done nothing to prevent President Bashar Al-Assad’s barbaric massacre of his own citizens, as Iran was Syria’s patron in the region. Obama also did nothing to prevent the rise of ISIS. In fact, by his premature withdrawal of US forces from Iraq and dithering as ISIS power increased, Obama became one of the architects of their success.

Interestingly, this suited all the main players in the natural gas wars. The chaos in Iraq and Syria ensured that no natural gas pipeline could run through the two nations. The only available route was through Turkey.

It was Russia v Iran. And President Erdogan would have the final say.

Obama and the Clintons hated Erdogan, and there’s a good chance they were involved in the coup in Turkey in 2016. Both Obama and the Clintons were likely helping US-based terrorist Fethullah Gulen attempt the coup to overthrow Erdogan. (Gulen, by the way, is the same terrorist who General Michael Flynn warned about in an op-ed in 2016 for the Hill. Gulen was a donor to the Clinton Foundation whose “pay for play” reward was taxpayer funds for his charter schools, from which he made millions.)

The coup failed, and then:

…in April, 2017, Turkish prosecutors opened an investigation into seventeen people, accusing them of fomenting the failed coup. Among them were some familiar American names : John Brennan, then Director of the CIA, Senator Chuck Schumer, Preet Bharara, the former United States attorney for the Southern District of New York; and David Cohen, who at the time of the coup was Brennan’s CIA deputy director.

The prosecution is ongoing.

And this is where Papadopoulos comes in:

By analyzing Obama’s disastrous bungling of the natural gas pipeline wars in 2016, you can see why George Papadopoulos is so important in the astonishing scandal that’s unfolding in 2019.

Obama was likely illegally spying on Papadopoulos because he was lobbying for the Israeli pipeline project, before PapaD even joined the Trump campaign team. Trashing the young man’s constitutional and legal rights as a US citizen, Obama’s thugs then used Papadopoulos to illegally spy on the Trump team itself, as well as to frame them as Russian agents using fabricated evidence, being the Clinton/Obama funded Steele Dossier.

Papadopoulos is the nexus between SpyGate and ObamaGate. He also opens doors, because his role prompt questions. If Obama and his thugs were targeting and illegally spying on innocent citizens in the natural gas pipeline wars and 2016 Presidential election, where else did they do the same thing?

As Papadopoulos himself tweeted:

We can only hope that those who are working to expose the many corruptions of the Obama Deep State will hold them accountable once and for all.