“Fact-Checkers” Snopes And Politifact Missed 96% Of The Fake News On This Major Story

(Tea Party PAC) – When you’re talking about fake news, it’s impossible not to use as an example the greatest case of fake news our nation has likely ever seen.

We’re talking, of course, about the Trump-Russia collusion hoax, in which the mainstream media played no small part.

The Deep State-media complex worked together to try to undermine our election system, weaponize our judicial system, and dupe the American people into believing fabricated lies thought up by a Democrat establishment desperate to cover up the crimes of the Obama era.

In recent weeks, we have been told with several individuals close to the investigation into the investigators, i.e., the origins of the FBI-DOJ spying efforts on the Trum[p campaign, that “you can’t believe what’s coming out.”

The more the hoax is officially debunked by these investigations, the more we realize how much fake news there has been pertaining to Trump-Russia.

So go figure the sainted “fact-checkers” of the left missed the vast majority of these poorly supported, clearly fake news stories.

The Gateway Pundit reports:

In the aftermath of this criminal attempt to remove the sitting United States president it is important to learn from the mistakes that were made.

The attached spreadsheet contains 90+ anti conservative/Republican stories the major media got wrong.

It includes dates, links to original or Wayback articles, Snopes and Politifact rating, etc…

67 of the wrong articles come from Sharyl Atkkisson’s list, 23 are from Timothy Zebel’s book “The Fake News Epidemic”.

Out of these 90 articles Snopes rated only 4 as false.

Out of the 90 articles Politifact rated only 3 as false.

From TGP’s study, Snopes had only a 4% success rate, while they completely missed 96% of the major fake news stories surrounding reports of Trump-Russia “collusion.”

Meanwhile, Politifact did even worse, with a scant 3% success rate. They missed 97% of the fake news stories about Trump-Russia “collusion.”


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