Fail: Mad Maxine Tries To Give Trump A New Nickname. It Doesn’t Go Well.

(Tea Party PAC) – Maxine Waters has rightly earned the nickname “Mad Max” over the years for being, well, stone-cold nuts.

We’ve had plenty of time to determine just how crazy she is, after all, because she’s been in Congress for several centuries.

She’s not very bright, either.

Somehow, she’s still a member of Congress, though, and she emerges every few months to feebly cry “Impeach 45!” or make a fool of herself in a House Financial Services Committee.

Or, as she did recently, try to troll the president, and fail miserably.

“Trump is known for calling others disrespectful names, especially women. It’s your turn now. What name would you call him? _______________________” Maxine Waters tweeted out to her followers on Friday.


How edgy.

Fortunately for anyone with a sense of humor, Mad Max had lots of responses.

Unfortunately for Mad Max, they were mostly Trump supporters.

And they. Were. Hilarious!

She did not think this through.