Fatal Shooting In Seattle’s CHOP. Looks Like They Need The Police After All?

(Tea Party PAC) – The no cop co-op that is Seattle’s “autonomous” protest zone has experienced its first fatal shooting.

And just like that, they realize the good that police can do.

The Epoch Times reports that one man was killed and another wounded in an overnight shooting on Friday in the notorious CHAZ/CHOP zone.

Seattle police confirmed in a statement that the shooting occurred at 10th Avenue and East Pine. They did not reveal any further details.

It was not immediately clear whether any suspects were in police custody following the incident.

A live stream video from the area shows a group of people at the protest camp being informed that the victim was killed.

“The gentleman that got shot did pass,” a woman can be heard announcing in the video. “For those of you that are unaware, he is gone, he is no longer with us.”

There were reports of people saying that they’d heard between three and six gunshots in the area around 2:20 a.m., according to Capitol Hill Seattle Blog.

This report also revealed that a second victim had been shot in the arm and the chest.

Police who responded to the area, which was established as the protest zone after the city surrendered a police precinct to activists, reportedly encountered “hostile crowds.”.

“We got medics going in different directions here,” a reporter from Converge Media reporter can be heard saying about 15 minutes in to a livestream video showing the aftermath of the shooting.

In the video, a crowd of people, including what appears to be a medic, appear to be sprinting away from the gathering.

Video from what is said to be 13th Avenue and Pine show people removing a barrier as you can hear sirens in the background.

Black Lives Matter Seattle Original’s Facebook Page posted a statement about the incident.

There was a shooting at chop/Chaz tonight. At least 2 gunshots fired. We are still finding out information but At least one person is dead and one is at Harborview Medical center. A black man is dead and white person is in critical condition.”

“We are sorry for the person killed tonight and hope the other person makes a full recovery,” the organization added.

The Epoch Times adds:

The zone was first occupied on June 8.

Protesters inside have compiled an ever-changing list of demands in a post on Medium, including the abolition of the city’s police department and the attached criminal justice apparatus, to reparations for victims of police brutality, among other items.

The zone has prompted President Donald Trump to call on Seattle’s mayor and Washington’s governor, both of whom are Democrats, to “take back” the city. Trump has described those who took over the area as “domestic terrorists.”

Featured image credit: @Omarisal


  1. If you want to give your country to these protesters then go for it. We need some change, but not like this. Do you want to live where black rules!!!! HELL NO we’re a country of LAW, a place where if your stopped by the POLICE you do what he tells you, you mother’s need to teach your children to respect the POLICE so they won’t end up DEAD…

  2. Let em kill hell out of each other- hell I’ll supply the ammo – the ‘WHITE’ people in these b Lowlifes m gangs are gonna see REAL QUICK that all blackie wants to do is make slaves out of YOU – you stupid ass freaks just DON’T GET IT . You IGNORANT f’king FOOLS !!! LOL – BLACKS REALLY DON’T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT YOU WIGG’s – they’ll USE you up and SPIT YOU OUT when they’re done with you. Don’t forget- YOU WERE WARNED. YOU MORONS WILL REAP WHAT YOU SEW

  3. Maybe it’s about time that George Soros dropped a couple of crates of assault rifles and a couple of crates of ammo, into the area and see who comes out on top, if systemic racism is as prevalent as the democratic leadership says it is, it won’t be long before the morons all kill each other. Let the group of Bikers and other armed citizens that want to go in, instead patrol the parimiter and allow them to shoot anyone fleeing the area on site with no repercussions.

  4. Yes! Everyone tearing up American should be STOPPED. Black isn’t the real problem. It’s anti-Americanism groups and we are pretty sure who sponsors them! If the governors will not, we may need “minute men again”.Pray we will not need that!

  5. If I were a Police Officer,
    I’d tell CHOP,
    This is on you. Call the ice cream queen to help.
    PIG 🐷 LOSI,
    Take you and all your party (Democrats) back to the bowels of HELL where you belong.
    You democrats are behind everything and people are being killed and rapped, destruction, theft, ect.
    Pat your selves on the back for all these crimes. I know you are). I know your proud of the HATE
    ya all have caused.

    It’s All On Your Shoulders NOW.
    Good luck PigLosi. Ice cream queen.
    Ya all are going to need it.
    Lucifers FINEST.

    You CHOP people need to ask ice cream queen to help you all out financially. She’s got the funds and ice cream and a big yard ya all can squat on,
    Since she’s so concerned about ya all.

    I’m Behind the Police in every way and in all decisions they make. If I were a police officer,
    I’d walk off the jobs in every state.
    Ice cream queen can do the protecting.
    Im sure she’s got enough security with how much she is despised and hated.
    Go eat more ice cream, queen of ugly.
    Ice cream queen and queen of butt ugliest ever.

  6. And to think how many of our young men ‘s lives have been lost in foreign countries taking back cities from terrorists, and now we do not even protect or own! Disgusting Domestic Terrorists prevail as the “IN” thing. Damn fool Democrats!!!!

  7. As long as they’re killing each other , let them do it. They are bad for a civilized society anyhow, and maybe some millionaire will donate a few guns and some ammo to them to hurry the process.

  8. If we need martial law so be it. We cannot do without our Police Dept.

    Their are a lot of great policeman in our country. Tearing down our history to satisfy a few makes no sense.

    If they don’t like America get the hell out as I am tired of their crap and I am tired of paying the bill.

    This is America like it or leave it. We are not perfect but I do not know of anything better as I have been in different parts of the world and America is the best.


  9. Why do I suspect that in all likely hood , two or more of the occupiers of CHAZ got in some sort of disagreement and decided to shoot it out . Or a couple of outsiders were caught walking about and They decided to administer their own justice .They are after all armed to the teeth walking their perimeter . With this group it was only a matter of time before there was a shooting

  10. I really think the National Guard should go in and arrest every person involved in the unlawful take over of public land!!


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