Fauxcahontas Warren Forced To Apologize Again For Her Life Of Deception

(Tea Party PAC) – On Friday, in New Hampshire, Elizabeth Warren was confronted by a town hall attendee over her past claims that she was of Native American heritage. For years, and we mean like almost her entire 70 years of life, Warren claimed to be Native American despite having no proof of such a claim. I think we can all appreciate that even her own supporters are still questioning this, as they should. Warren is not an honest person and this is just one piece of evidence to prove that.

As part of her response, Warren told the attendee that she learned about her supposed family heritage “the same way most people do,” from her mom and her dad. To Warren’s credit, she makes a valid point. Most people in America grow up hearing about their ethnicity or where their ancestors came from, from their parents. However, most people don’t go around identifying as those ethnicities.

Most normal people who are told by their parents that they have, say, Italian ancestors, don’t go around telling people they are actually Italian. Elizabeth Warren literally claimed to be Native American. She didn’t just say she has Native American heritage, she actually claimed to BE Native American. There’s a big difference, and one gets benefits.

“My family is very important to me, and that’s why many years ago, I sometimes identified as Native American,” Warren said at the town hall, as she referred to a Boston Globe investigation that claimed she did not do it for a job or “any benefit.” However, the actual truth tells a different story.

The truth is that Harvard Law School News Director, Mike Chmura, seemed to be highly impressed by Warren’s accomplishment of becoming the first “woman of color” to tenure at Harvard Law.

RealClearPolitics reports:

1996: Spokesperson Chmura identifies Warren as a native American professor in the Harvard Crimson.

1997: In the Fordham Law Review, Chmura touts Warren as Harvard Law’s “first woman of color.”

1998: Chmura, in a letter to the New York Times, stated that the law school had appointed “eight women, including a Native American.” Three days later, the Crimson reiterated that “Harvard Law School has only one tenured minority woman, Gottlieb Professor Elizabeth Warren, who is Native American.”

1999: Harvard begins publishing its affirmative action plan on its website and lists a single Native American professor.

Now, Warren lays on the remorse thick but is it even possible to believe anything she says? She is like a chameleon, always changing and adapting to the crowd around her.

“I shouldn’t have done it. I am not a person of color, I am not a citizen of a tribe,” Warren said in an attempt to sound genuine, “And I have apologized for the confusion I have caused on tribal citizenship, tribal sovereignty, and for any harm I have caused:”

Warren claims she never used it to gain any kind of advantage but she was all about making sure people knew she was Native American during her 2012 Senator campaign. Why on earth would she be so concerned with letting people know she is Native American if she wasn’t hoping it would gain her some kind of advantage?

She can apologize all she wants now but the truth is, she absolutely did use this as a means to further her career and would have kept doing it had a DNA test not established she is, in fact, only somewhere between 0.1 and 1.6 percent Native American.

Should she actually win the Democratic nomination and go on to defeat Donald Trump, which is highly unlikely, she would become this country’s first 1/1024 Native American president.

What a time to be alive.


  1. Well we have the time, name the 10,000 lies, but first start with Clinton, Obama, Biden, Schiff and so on. The people who put us 20 trillion in debt and want to keep it going.

  2. Joe, saying you have Native America blood is the same as saying your Native America! Only an idiot would think the phrases are the same, it’s a lie no matter how you try to sugar coat!

  3. The old ‘lie and THEN apologize ‘tour. It’s the old ‘how do you tell she is lying?’ question: answer ‘her mouth is open’.

  4. Please,Warren is just a typical criminal leech Democrat Liar.Whatever they can skim from the taxpayers and some from charities,this is a Democrat trait

  5. I almost forgot to post this message about Pocahontas…..Fox Business host Stuart Varney went after Senator Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., Monday after recently released financial records revealed she made $1.9 million from private legal work stretching back three decades.
    Looks like she can now afford a “deluxe wigwam”!! LoL!!

  6. Hey Pocahontas….Just retire to your teepee or wigwam – because you certainly will NOT be taking-up residence in the W/H!! Where do the DemonRats find these people?? Maybe, DJT will lease you an Apt. in the future!! LOL!!

  7. Liar, liar, pantsuit is on fire! The truth is not in her! Why do these people keep thinking we believe the garbage they spew?

    Fauxcahontas, you are a weak link! Goodbye!!!

  8. How many lies does this woman have to tell before people
    start to realize she can not be trusted to tell the truth. If she
    will lie so that you will support her then what else will she lie
    about? How will you ever know if she is speaking the truth?
    Some of the things she is backing are not feasible and will
    not work except to bankrupt and destroy the country.

  9. She obviously gained some advantage while at Harvard by the affirmative action program. Additionally she receive a notable amount of publicity from the Harvard Crimson newspaper for being a native American Indian, plus that same notoriety on the campaign trail which she nev e r denied and instead embellished that while in congress

    • More BS. Warren NEVER said she was native American. She claimed to have native
      blood. This native blood was confirmed by DNA. There are few in this country that
      are 100% ANYTHING!


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