FBI Blackmailing Biden Family?

(PCC)What has happened to America when the very core we trust has rotted and disintegrated into nothing more than a vile soviet mass of corruption!

There have been secret claims of the FBI having a significant number of informants within the Biden family, raising questions about their influence. While there is a lot of speculation and accusations flying around, it is essential to separate fact from fiction and focus on verified information.

For years, there have been allegations of corruption and unethical practices associated with the Biden family. These claims include dealings with foreign entities, such as Chinese diamonds and the notion  American policy might be up for sale. Such allegations have been a subject of debate in the political arena.

Recently, Senator Chuck Grassley made headlines by revealing  the FBI has had numerous informants inside the Biden family for the past 15 years. The purpose of these informants was to provide the FBI with information on potential criminal activities. This revelation has prompted several questions about the FBI’s role and whether they have been actively pursuing investigations against the Bidens.

Informants are used to gather information about potential criminal activities and threats to national security. However, the number of informants, in this case, has raised eyebrows.

Claims  the FBI has been actively trying to suppress this information are a matter of concern.

According to Senator Grassley, FBI field offices attempted to relay this information to headquarters but faced obstacles at every turn. This has led some to speculate  the FBI might be using this information to exert undue influence on the President.

One issue highlighted by Senator Grassley is the FBI’s handling of potential foreign disinformation. It is crucial to differentiate between credible information and foreign disinformation. While some allegations against the Bidens may have been dismissed as foreign disinformation, others require a more in-depth investigation to determine their veracity.

The focus on the Bidens should not overshadow the importance of maintaining traditional values, limited government, and personal freedoms. We must address critical issues such as moral decay and the erosion of our cultural values.

Final Word: Who is really corrupt? The Bidens or the organization behind them which protects and shields their actions? The answer is clear……both!



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