FBI Gets Shredded By FISA Court Over Spying On President Trump; Here’s What They Said

(Tea Party PAC) – One of the biggest revelations we’ve had since President Trump took office is just how corrupt the FBI has become over the last several decades. An organization tasked with being a national police force that is supposed to be enforcing the law and helping to provide security for our country has, instead, committed acts tantamount to treason.

The FBI actually used their resources to spy on a presidential candidate in an attempt to dig up dirt on him and prevent him from beating his Democratic Party challenger, effectively rendering the voice of the American people obsolete in the election. Part of what makes our country so great is that the people have a choice in who governs them and the values that help determine their laws. The FBI spying scandal overrides all of that and attempts to silence the voices of millions of Americans in the flyover states.

Well, now the FISA courts are striking back, ripping the FBI for the abuses that have occurred in their attempt to prevent a Trump presidency.

Here’s more from Gateway Pundit:

In October 2018 Representative Mark Meadows sent a letter to to U.S. District Judge Rosemary Collyer. She is chief judge of FISA Court. Over a year ago Mark Meadows encouraged Collyer to investigate the FISA abuses that took place under President Obama’s FBI. In particular Meadows asked Judge Collyer to act on the abuses by love birds Peter Strzok and Lisa Page.

Readers of The Gateway Pundit for the past three years knew about this abuse of power by the FBI and the Obama DOJ to spy on the Trump campaign and administration.

Last week DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz finally released his report documenting Obama administration abuse of the FISA Court.

On Tuesday Rosemary Collyer, presiding judge on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance (FISA) court, rebuked the FBI under Director Chris Wray for the abuse of the FISA Court.

NBC News reported:

The secret court that approves orders to conduct surveillance on suspected foreign terrorists or spies issued a highly unusual public rebuke to the FBI on Tuesday, ordering the agency to say how it intends to correct the errors revealed last week by the Justice Department inspector general.

Rosemary Collyer, presiding judge on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance (FISA) court, said the inspector general’s report “calls into question whether information contained in other FBI applications is reliable.” She ordered the FBI to file a report by Jan. 10 on how it intends to remedy those mistakes.

In his testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee last week, Inspector General Michael Horowitz expressed misgivings about the FBI’s errors and omissions in its requests for judicial approval to conduct surveillance on Trump campaign aide Carter Page.

“We are deeply concerned that so many basic and fundamental errors were made by three separate, hand-picked investigative teams on one of the most sensitive FBI investigations after the matter had been briefed to the highest levels within the FBI,” Horowitz said.

It looks like the prevailing opinions on former FBI Director James Comey, that he is the most corrupt director of the bureau since J. Edgar Hoover, is a sentiment that shall soon be shared by folks all across the country, regardless of political leanings.

Comey allowed his own personal politics to get in the way of upholding the Constitution and enforcing the law. Instead of protecting his country, he sought to subvert it and in doing so, exposed the fact that there was a deep state working inside the government to control elections.

Funny, isn’t it?

This is the same kind of behavior our president was accused of during the Russia probe, yet here it was happening on our own soil, as Hillary Clinton attempted to work with a government organization to steal an election.

Crazy times indeed.

Source: thegatewaypundit.com/2019/12/fisa-court-slams-fbi-errors-and-omissions-in-trump-adviser-carter-page-spying-application/


  1. Some one needs to go to jail prison must be for everyone whom breaks the law comey get ready to do the time , you did the crime

  2. LOCK them up. Drain the Swap
    You have no balls to go after one of your own crooks. Hang them for Treason all of them including Witch Hilary Clinton. IN GOD WE TRUST

  3. Pelosi has the power and will to eventually become the President.
    Only she knows how our government should be run.
    It is impressive to watch her put her will first.

    • She is not competent to be President bc she lacked parliamentary protocol. If she doubted Kavanaugh she waited too late to divert information to prevent his appointment. He has served years respectfully as a judge and thus know and practiced law more than Nancy.

      If Nancy become President the GOP would try impeach her based on her perspectives on Constitutional laws being “ outdated.”

      Not fit for the Oval Office.

  4. Now, there is this fake impeachment and the testimony of Adam Schiff alone should have him hanging from the Gallows within a few weeks! Time to stop this coup in its track and gather up all the perpetrators and let the true charges begin. The gloves must come off to make sure this does not happen again. The people have spoken! the constitution was written for the people to run the country not the politicians.

  5. Find all these TREASONISTIC TRAITORS and LOCK them UP! Hand them the PRISON sentence they so RICHLY deserve. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  6. Comey et al. broke the law. There are specific requirements for acquiring a FISA warrant; all the seniors at the FBI know those procedures. They weaponized the FBI and intelligence agencies for political gain. They all should be in jail.


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