Feinstein Snarls At Bill Barr Over Existence Of Deep State; What She Says About Motivation For Impeachment Inquiry Is A Bald Faced Lie

(Tea Party PAC) – During the course of the impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump we’ve heard all sorts of wackiness that defies basic human logic. Like how hearsay is better than actual evidence, a statement which should go down in history as one of the most terrifying rejections of due process in the history of our country.

Add to that the poor leftist attempts at justifying spying on a presidential candidate — which is what Obama did during the 2016 election through the FBI — and you have such high levels of absurdity that reality is starting to feel like a poorly written television drama.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein, a high ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee led by Lindsey Graham, recently heard testimony from Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz and took an opportunity to slam Bill Barr, saying the investigations into Donald Trump were not politically motivated and denied the existence of the Deep State.

Here’s more from Gateway Pundit:

Ranking member Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) lashed out at US Attorney General Bill Barr and said the FBI’s multiple investigations into Trump were not politically motivated.

To be clear, Horowitz’s report concluded there were 17 errors, 51 violations and 9 false statements ALL against Trump and Feinstein thinks the American people are stupid enough to believe that this was all a coincidence.

“Beginning last spring, the attorney general expressed his belief that senior government officials may have, quote, ‘put a thumb on the scale,’ end quote, because of political bias against Trump,” Feinstein said.

“There is no Deep State. Simply put, the FBI investigation was motivated by facts, not bias,” she added.

Feinstein is defending the FBI’s investigations into Trump because she was heavily involved the hoax and still hasn’t been held accountable for her actions.


Dianne Feinstein is one of the most corrupt members of the Senate who has served for decades all the while enriching herself.

Feinstein had a Chinese spy on her payroll for 20 years whilst her husband Richard Blum traveled to China on a regular basis and made hundreds of millions of dollars off of his Chinese investments and we have to sit here and get lectured by her?

No Deep State, huh? How in the world does one explain all of the leaks inside the Trump administration or the constant turn coat traitors who come out attempting to sabotage the president? Or the fact that evidence exists in abundance that proves folks are plotting together behind the scenes to carry out a coup to have Trump removed from office?

The facts don’t lie. There is absolutely a Deep State full of “resistance” folk part of the progressive movement who are working from within to destroy everything Trump is doing to help put America on the road to recovery after the disaster that was the Obama era.

It’s time for the left to stop denying what we all already know is true, and just admit that they are attempting to overturn a legitimate election.

Source: thegatewaypundit.com/2019/12/this-was-not-politically-motivated-there-is-no-deep-state-feinstein-lashes-out-at-bill-barr-in-opening-statement-video/


  1. Feinstein is full of sh*t – just like the majority of Libtard DemonRats!! They are all trying to cover-their-azzes, about this corrupt circus!! They are petrified that Trump is going to be re-elected next year – which he is!! Trump 2020 + MAGA!!

  2. The Declaration of Independence says:

    “when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design …”

    When all the FBI errors, misstatements, … all go in one direction, pursuing the same object, then …

  3. What would we expect from Comrade Barr and Comrade Donald J. Trump!! Comrade Putin will more likely accept you both providing you continue to follow his desires.
    But then isn’t that what the Tea Party is all about.
    When will the Tea Party “news” reports provide documentation to support its positions? It provides a lot of expressions but very little substance.

  4. HEY!!!!!! Feinstein you have been in the senate to long. It is time someone else should replace you. I have lived in California for 70 years and I have not seen anywhere anything or actions that can make California a better place to live. Now you are resonible for all the bad thing in the major cities and the fact that all the persons living and going to the bath room in the streets or anywhere they want even in thge public front yard–time you step down and the state finds someone who will work for the honest perople of California–In other words time the democratic party gets out of California and someone comes in here to clean up all the mess you are responsible for. Demorcratic party time to get lost!!!!! NOW

  5. Feinstein, who is Jewish and is in alignment with the Learned Elders of Zion is a part of the deeep state who is trying to destroy our democracy. Is she afraid that the corruption of which she may be a part will be exposed?

  6. It seems to me that ALL members of the contingent of Ca. politicians in the democrat party both house and Senate are card carrying members of the deep state. It appears that Ca corruption even infects repubs (note Randy Cunningham and Duncan Hunter) in this era although neither of them could match the riches gathered by ANY of the dems. If our country is going to survive as this great nation this crap must STOP!!! Feinstein well knows and understands the so called deep state. She and all the others need cover. John Durham is en route!!!

  7. Dianne Feinstein is typical of the “ruling class” democrats, and is the poster child for term limits… yet she keeps getting elected! What is wrong with the people who keep electing trash like her? Are they that blind, or just plain stupid?

    • Probably stupid they r the same people that re elected Johnson out of Georgia” Demoncrat ” that thinks the island of Guam will flip over . LMAO for a good ten minutes!!!!

    • The reason she gets re-elected is because the only people who get on the ballot running against her are even worse than she is. The Deep State in action.

  8. There is definitely a deep state. It is comprised mostly of communist Democrats who want a one world government. Of course the main actors in this conspiracy would be the ones to benefit the most as it is in all communist governments while the masses would suffer from birth to death control of their lives. It is a shame that so many in the world are to stupid to realize this especially the brainwashed young people.

  9. Feinstein has been in the Senate too long and has managed to enrich herself at our expense. It’s time for a younger person to take over. Term limits are needed to prevent this from continuing.

  10. I can’t remember who actually said it but it’s worth repeating (I believe that it may have been Benjamin Franklin): “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.” If I am in error in identifying the source, I encourage anyone who may have the correct source to feel free to reply to this comment. Diane Feinstein is a first-magnitude Marxist prevaricator, and her denial of the existence of the Deep State literally PROVES its existence!

  11. I do think that some would not believe anything unless it is good about Trump or his administration. I do remember these same people ranting about hoaw the IG report was going to prove every thing abou the spying and every thing else the Deep State has done, then the IG report came out and it says no spying other than that, that the FBI is required under law tro do, and that was not sapying it was investigation, legsal and proper.
    Now we have an impeachment investigation, which in a normal court would have the person who did it under arrest and either in jail or out on bail, but it seems like Trump supporters are4 just fine with anuything that Trump does, even when it involves National Security of the USA.
    I think most arwe some what brain dead when they refuse to accept facts in evidence, the Republicans in the House are doing waht any lawyer does if they do not have a case, just muddy the waters and confuse the less educated.

    • Really sounds like demoncrat deflection. Who was it ohyeah killary that said voters r basically stupid . Good luck with that state of mind !!!

    • Robert, you are just running off at the mouth. None of what you state is true. I’m not sure who promoted the idea that the IG report would break things open, but it was clear that the report would be whitewashed as each person and agency investigated was given the chance to rebut the facts found in the investigation. It’s amazing that it contained as much evidence as it did. As for the Republicans refusing “to accept facts in evidence” there haven’t been any facts presented by the Democrats, only evidence-free generalities. Please, tell me just one thing that President Trump has done to interfere with Congress. Be honest with yourself and admit that you just don’t like Trump.

  12. ……Diane, in the word of Homer Simpson-DOH, that many errors and mistakes by the FBI-do they all need remedial work?WTF?……..

  13. Feinstein is just another congress person that has been corrupted by the Democratic Party. One needs to wonder if she even read the report. She’s either ignorant to the truth or doesn’t want to hear it. Either way her time has passed and she needs to resign in disgrace.

  14. feinstien should be in prison along with her traitor cronies. if these idiots can get away with their slander and lies what good is Democracy. we are millions strong and will stand with Mr Trump. you would have to be either brain dead or FAR FAR LEFT not to see that the DUMMYCRATS hate Mr Trump because he is showing them that he will not buckle under their LYING pressure. The evidence is definitely in our elected presidents favor

  15. This man is one of the most corrupt individuals in office today. Granted he is one of many in Congress today. He should be driven out of office for being less than human.

  16. Anyone who would believe a democrat at this point would be a complete idiot.they have done nothing but go after him since he was nominated and the sad part is there still getting paychecks.maybe i should run for congress so i can not do anything and get paid.mr.trump was elected to do the will of the people.! Congress should have gotten behind him to complete those promises. Instead they just want to create chaos. And then get mad because our president wont work with them? Hell i wouldn’t either.so he had to go it alone and still manage to keep his promises….something i have not seen done in my 64 years on earth.keep going mr. President,great job. I only hope that someday i may meet you and shake your hand.
    Sincerely, Matt thomas


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