Felon Charged In Murder Of Retired Police Captain David Dorn During Riots; Here’s What We Know

(Tea Party PAC) – Someone has finally been charged in the horrific death of retired St. Louis police captain David Dorn in the midst of the riots that took place in the city last week. And it will surprise no one to learn the individual responsible for this needless death was, of course, a convicted felon.

The St. Louis Police Department announced over the weekend they captured 24-year-old Stephan Cannon, a formerly convicted felon, and charged him with first-degree murder, first-degree robbery, first-degree burglary, armed criminal action, and unlawfully possessing a gun following the murder of Dorn.

Folks, this fellow deserves to have the full book of the law chucked at him, which should include the death penalty. Justice and closure need to be given to Dorn’s family after having someone they love so dearly ripped away from them.

Here’s more on this from Breitbart:

On June 2, according to police, Dorn was guarding Lee’s Pawn and Jewelry in St. Louis while riots, fires, and looting broke out. Surveillance footage, police said, shows Dorn arriving at the pawn shop, which had already been looted by Cannon and other men.

That is when Cannon can allegedly be seen on the footage approaching the corner of the pawn shop with a gun, and it is at this time that Dorn was shot, killed, and left on the sidewalk bleeding.

While searching Cannon’s residence, St. Louis police officers recovered a TV that had been looted from the pawn shop that night. Cannon is currently being held without bail.

Dorn had served nearly 40 years with the St. Louis Police Department before retiring in 2007. Dorn also served as police chief in the small town of Moline Acres, Missouri.

If the folks who are protesting against racial inequality want their case to be taken seriously and not to fall on deaf ears, they have to address this sort of garbage. Failure to do so will likely create more racism than it gets rid of, which seems sort of counterproductive, don’t you think?

The mainstream media keeps trying to spin these protests as being peaceful, but that is far from the truth. We all see the footage plastered on social media. A vast majority of individuals involved in these incidents do not care at all about what happened to George Floyd or David Dorn. All they want to do is use this as an excuse to hurt people and steal things.

Here’s more from KFVS-12:

Officers also arrested Jimmie Robinson on one count of burglary first, one count of armed criminal action and one count of stealing. Bond was set at $30,000 cash only.

According to the Associated Press via the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, police found David Dorn, 77, dead on a sidewalk in front of Lee’s Pawn and Jewelry shop, which had been ransacked.

Dorn’s wife said he was a friend of the pawn shop’s owner and frequently checked on the business when alarms went off.

St. Louis city Police released security video of person’s of interest in the deadly shooting of Dorn.

A reward of up $45,000 was offered for information.

Here’s to hoping that justice is served and more criminals like these individuals are brought in and made accountable for their actions.




Featured image credit: St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department


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  4. It is disgusting that robbers, destructors of property, looters, and those that kill and maim others are booked and then let out on the streets to commit further crimes. This liberal stupidity needs to end. Defund Police, ????, further liberal idiocy!

  5. It was heartbreaking to see the murder of George Floyd, but during all of the protests I have yet to hear anyone address a significant part of the problem, that 13% of the population commits 53% of the homicides, and 60% of the armed robberies. We need to address the need to accept responsibility for being a big part of the problem, and not always victims! Everyone needs to understand their role, and get this fixed!

    • Ok, Bob you and I both agree that the murder of George Floyd is reprehensible, and that the statistics that you have given are fairly accurate, but unfortunately you fail to address this one factor who is the lowest common denominator? You know the 13%, I will await your colorful answer!

    • The simple answer to that question is that he did not, more than likely the gun used to murder this upstanding citizen was stolen and acquired illegally. It could easily also been looted from the very pawn shop that this man went to protect.

  6. Waiting for BLM response denouncing the murder of an innocent black man, Crickets! Democrats, Crickets! CNN and other media Crickets! Protesters, Crickets! Joe Biden, Crickets! I feel sorry for his family because Dorn falls under this black life doesn’t matter! His life doesn’t fit the agenda of BLM and the democrats. How can you respect an organization the doesn’t recognize every back person needlessly murdered. When BLM denounces black on black murders and omits there is a problem in their community then BLM will get respect from many people that feel they are a two faced organization.

  7. Is St. Louis getting rid of its police force? Looks like Democrats want a lot of cities and states to become like ghost town Detroit.

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