Fiona Hill Exposes Hypocrisy Of The Left After Revealing Why Obama Denied Ukraine Weapons

(Tea Party PAC) – Liberals in the government have been non-stop harping on President Trump claiming he did a “quid pro quo” with Ukraine as a means of digging up dirt on a political rival to help win the 2020 presidential election.

The evidence for this is extremely thin, essentially non-existent, a fact that hasn’t escaped the attention of anyone who has actually been looking at this whole impeachment fiasco with even microscopic objectivity.

However, former National Security Council official Dr. Fiona Hill has revealed who really did do some shady business to Ukraine and it isn’t Trump. It’s former President Barack Obama who she alleges withheld weapons from the country for political reasons.

Here’s more from Breitbart:

Under questioning from Republicans, Hill admitted that she herself had been against giving weapons to Ukraine to help it fight Russian invasion, and that she had written an op-ed in the Washington Post expressing those views.

She also said that the “interagency consensus” had actually been in favor of arming the Ukrainians; she herself was not in government service at the time, but working at the liberal Brookings Institution think tank.

Hill noted that President Obama had ignored the “interagency consensus” for what she called “political” reasons. She explained that Obama was concerned that arming the Ukrainians could provoke the Russians.

On Tuesday, Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, who worked for Hill and remains at the National Security Council, testified that President Donald Trump’s decision to withhold aid from Ukraine temporarily went against the “interagency consensus” on Ukraine, though he also acknowledged that Trump had armed Ukraine while Obama had not.

Democrats say that Trump hurt U.S. national security by jeopardizing American support for Ukraine, and ignoring the “interagency consensus,” for what they claim are political reasons.

The question now becomes why in the world no one threw a fit over Obama’s abuse of power with Ukraine and demanded he be impeached and removed from office? The left claims the reason they are pursuing this whole impeachment matter against President Trump is because what he’s doing is unethical and illegal.

They act as if they are righteous and upholding truth and justice. If so, why did none of these individuals raise a stink when Obama stepped over the line? He clearly did something they would say is illegal, so why not go after him and uphold the integrity of the office?

Ladies and gentlemen, this is hypocrisy at its finest. The left is not going after Trump for some higher purpose, but to get him removed from office so they can waltz into the White House in 2020. Or so they think.

It’s an attempt at a coup, and erasure of the voices of millions of American citizens who chose Trump to be their president.

This is an unprecedented time in the life of our country, and if we allow the left to get away with targeting the president and having him removed over their flimsy allegations, we are effectively submitting to the rule of oppressive, liberty-hating progressives who want to destroy our way of life.

Let’s not allow that to happen.



  1. Perhaps Democrats need a plausible excuse for a unexpected Presidential win in 2020. I’m sure they are aware their chances of impeaching the President and slim and none. Since democrats have used voter fraud and ballot harvesting to throw elections to Democrats it will dampen suspicion if they loudly proclaim their impeachment efforts changed the minds of enough voters for the Democrat candidate to win.

  2. not one President has done what Donald Trump has done for America. POTUS
    wants to put the interests of America before foreign countries (Globalism) He is
    against foreign aid, But I realize it has to be done for security reasons. Donald knows this too. but he still hates giving our money (tax Payers) to countries who don’t like us. But please understand what he has done for America in the short time he has been President, against all odds, Dems. and the Media have ridiculed every thing he has done and said. Stop listening to fake news and learn all the facts.

    • Why was Obama not impeached? Because the Demos. have tried to impeach every Republican President since Dwight Eisenhower with the exception of Pres. Ford. The couldn’t do it because he was never elected to the office. He served out the term of R. Nixon when he resigned. What a waste of time.

  3. she alleges withheld weapons from the country for political reasons. This simple
    quote says it all about the Democratic Party and its leaders. It also shows that
    embedded Bureaucrats that have grown old in their 100% Safe Jobs have in many
    ways changed from supporting this country to supporting their own LIBERAL
    Another case in Point are EDUCATORS. You just have to look at modern education from Public Grade Schools to College. Deleting MAJOR COURSES that can contribute
    to a student getting a PRACTICAL EDUCATION that prepares them for life to Courses that teach nothing but SLANTED OR LIBERAL VIEWS that once again
    CONTRIBUTE NOTHING for life , meanwhile getting higher and higher wages for

  4. Funky Winkerbean Comic Strip’s cartoon character Harry Dinkle, aka always if full dress Military Band Uniform, with cover on his head is a dear ringer for the army’s lyin conn Mr. Vindman. Hills original “whistle blower” who must be removed from any duties at 1600 Penn Ave and every other State Dept & Military post in the DC Swamp and its tributaries thereof.

    Upon further review of his hand held some call Bombshell testimony, not by the Adam Bull Schiff & oxymoronic named left sided “Intelligence Committee”of TDS sufferer’s, Mr. Vindman is likely going to be the subject of review for his complicity in failure to follow the rules of the military chain of command better known as Army Jag Corp tribunal. He admitted in sworn testimonial of lies contrived in the belly filthy bowels of the congress bunker, through Adam Bull Schiff’s ramrod staging, to his treasonous take down of President Trump. All worthy of deportation to Gitmo after their due process! Something they chose to deprive the President in their three ring circus debacle.

    Adam Bull Schiff’s not immune from the Senate Investigation. Like the supposed “whistle blower” & the Biden Rico Crime Family, will be compelled to testify.

    I can’t wait! Adam Bull Schiff’s terror of lies & corruption’s going to be the end of all things Pill-0si and her Madd man Nadler & fellow You Norker, opps I mean NY’er, Chuchee Cheeze Schumer & friends.

    America does not run on low cut, far from prime NY Beef Jerky spun by lyin’ Schumer & Madd portly Nadler. America’s far smarter than these despicable, deplorable Buffoons. No one’s buyin’ what there selling!

    • Correction to last line: No one’s buying what they’re selling!

      America does not, nor will ever be run on anything served up by the corrupt, lying Adam Bull Schiff. Impeach and disbar this CA thug.

  5. I’m not going to call out any names because then I would sound just like them. That being said, we as a nation have been taken advantage of by Ivy League school graduates who think they know better and think they understand the constitution better. Well the truth is very simple. It’s called right and wrong. Respect and disrespect. Truth and lies. If we would just hold everyone accountable for their actions as well as their words then people just may simmer down and tell the truth. The first amendment is being exploited in the names of free speech. Free speech is not meant to harm others through lies and smears and slander. Accountable is the word of the day!

  6. Iam an immigrant and followed rules to become US citizen. The politics in the country that I left behind is just like the Democrats way. They monopolize the media, each of them cover up each other taking money from the citizens. That’s how they become rich and powerful. They are so corrupt that the whole country ‘s freedom of speech,etc is suppressed. If this country will allow those Democrats to rule, we as citizens will all go down. STOP their hypocracy . They do not like Pres. TRUMP because he’s exposing them. If not because of him, all those corruptions will not be exposed.
    And that affects each and every citizens like me.

  7. Trump will go down in history as the greatest president ever. For draining the swamp and standing up to the establishment on both sides. America has endured this crap long enough.
    Politicians on both sides come to Washington as middle income people and leave as multi millionaires, and accomplish nothing. They lie about evetrhing and everyone. As they send billions to other countries for so called national security. Our country is falling apart! Drugs pour through our borders, illegal immigration is rampart, homeless population is exploding, bridges are crumbling, schools teach garbage, social media is corrupting our youth, health care is too expensive, gas prices are rediculous, tax system stinks, homes are to expensive to buy, marriage and family values are gone, suicide is way up, birth rate is way down, journalist lie every time they open their mouth,
    My son was stabbed in the neck by a homeless person and killed and no one is to blame.
    And politicians think that we Americans want to watch them on TV calling each other names and disgracing our nation. For this we pay them them hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. Trump is just a human being trying his best to help the country. He works tirelessly for free. If they would give him a chance and respect the American people that voted him into office he would do a great job.
    We as a nation need to stand up against all politicians and all lying news stations. Change the channel let them know we are not watching their childish behavior any more.

  8. While neither Democratic or Republican by voter registration, I tend toward a Conservative philosophy and as a result usually vote Republican. I have known for several years that the Democratic Party platform and the tenets of the Communist Manifesto are virtually identical! All Americans worthy of the name should know that by now, and in the event of any active coup attempt(s) by the DemocraPs, should take the necessary measures to thwart same!

  9. The left’s blatant hypocrisy is evident. It makes me laugh when Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats says no one is above the law. Well Dems I can name a number of things y’all have done and get away with it, so you think, and cry fowl when the other side does it. Dems are a bunch of hypocrites! Not only that, they are stupid! At least the Obama adminstration and the present Congressional Dems that thought they could get away with crimes against Donald Trump and the American people.


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