FL Gov. Ron DeSantis Intends To Crackdown On Ballot Harvesting, Mass Mail-In Voting And More With Crucial Legislation

(Tea Party PAC) – Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis is showing Republican lawmakers around the country exactly how to protect America’s elections moving forward.

Republicans sat by and essentially watched the 2020 election be stolen from the American people and President Trump. Now, many of them are voicing concern for election integrity in the future but the fact remains that what happened during the 2020 election has yet to be fully addressed and resolved.

Nonetheless, Gov. DeSantis is doing what every single Republican lawmaker in the country should be working towards and advocating for.

On Friday, DeSantis held a press conference in West Palm Beach where he announced a number of election integrity reforms that specifically target drop boxes, ballot harvesting, and mass mail-in voting.

While ballot harvesting is already illegal in Florida, DeSantis wants to go after those who “volunteer” to gather up ballots. A practice that has most definitely caused problems around the country.

“My view is: We should have no ballot harvesting,” he stressed to cheers of approval from the audience.

When the next legislative session begins, DeSantis intends to pursue legislation that would ban “mass mailing of vote-by-mail ballots” and would require voters to request mail-in ballots each year.

It would also require the signature on the ballot to match the most recent one on file and there would be more transparency during the counting of ballots. Candidates and political party members would be permitted to observe signatures being matched.

DeSantis is also proposing to stop allowing counties to receive “grant” money from private third-party groups who conduct “get out the vote” efforts. This is probably one of the smartest moves yet as we know how Big Tech flooded key states with millions of dollars in support of Democratic candidates.

DeSantis asserted Friday that Florida had “led on this issue from the very beginning” and pointed out that the state had “the most transparent and efficient election anywhere in the country.”

He went on to say that while the “results speak for themselves” now is not the time to “rest on our laurels,” adding that he wants to make sure Florida stays “ahead of the curve” and ensure that “citizens have confidence in the elections.”

If only lawmakers in every state actually, truly felt this way.

Among the other focuses of the legislation will be drop boxes which DeSantis feels only open the door for people who are looking to destroy or manipulate ballots and called them a “big problem.”

He also questioned why drop boxes are even necessary when people can just as easily put it in their own mailboxes, take it to a mailbox or take it to a nearby election office. If an individual is going to travel to a drop box they can certainly travel to a post office.

Meanwhile, the Democrats and the media are scoffing at DeSantis and his attempts to ensure election integrity in the US. Dems in Florida are reportedly “extremely alarmed” at DeSantis’ agenda because “they claim it could curtail voting.”

The Democrats love to claim that Republicans try to suppress voters with rules and regulations but the truth is, there is no rule or regulation intended to protect our elections that poses any real hurdle to American citizens who wish to vote.

While Republicans are trying to, or should be trying to, protect our elections, Democrats intend to make sure they have the upper-hand in all future elections, forever.

That’s exactly what their awful H.R. 1 election reform proposal aims to do which promotes automatic voter registration, would expand ballot access and mail-in voting, strike down voter ID laws, make it a crime to question election results, and would basically do away with any and all safeguards.

Hopefully Republicans who are true to the “America First” movement are taking notes of what DeSantis is doing in Florida and start taking action now.

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  1. Just another road block that the Dems are probably already planning an end-run around . If how you win goes uncontested, take it any way you can. I expect they will make me a registered Democrat after I am taking a dirt nap. And it will goes uncontested.

  2. THANK YOU, Gov. DeSantis for a JOB WELL DONE . . . Four more YEARS! One Enlightened And Encouraged Patriot. Team Trump And His Allies 2020 – MAGA (WE’RE NOT going away!).

    • Not sure why you say “four more years”? I am looking for 8 years as potus. DeSantis has done great things for Florida and against big tech, election security, handled the virus smartly by keeping schools open, trusting the citizens to take precautions rather than mandating things people were not going to do anyway. He is a big supporter of charter schools/school choice which is mostly responsible for his governor win. I love Trump and what he has done but I think he is too toxic to get voted into potus again. There are other strong, less toxic gop. Main problem is just getting the swamp gop on the path that Trump set.


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