Flashback: Remember The Time Obama Went Golfing During The H1N1 Outbreak That Infected 60 Million People And Killed 12,000?

(Tea Party PAC) – There’s nothing more frustrating than the double standard within the mainstream media concerning the criticism of President Donald Trump and the lack of accountability these same journalists show toward folks on the left who make egregious mistakes and participate in horrible behaviors.

If President Trump so much as breathes wrong, you can count on CNN and MSNBC to write up a story about it, blaming him for polluting the air so badly that he’s given himself asthma, despite the utter nonsense of such a thought. That’s the kind of reporting done today by the press.

Trump has come under heavy fire from the media about his response to the coronavirus outbreak, but back when the H1N1 virus was sweeping America and Obama went golfing, the critics were silent.

Here’s more on the hypocrisy from Gateway Pundit:

Back in 2009 when the Swine Flu – H1N1 influenza was sweeping across the country Obama went golfing.

Funny how the media never brings this up.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimated that that during the outbreak there were 60.8 million cases in the US, 274,000 hospitalizations, and 12,469 deaths.

There’s video of one reporter asking the White House press secretary about the optics of Obama golfing while Americans were dying.

So here we have the former President of the United States playing golf during a national health crisis, the same day he declared a national emergency. And yet, the critics didn’t say a word about it. The mainstream media wasn’t lined up to take major shots at Obama for his failure to adequately address this very deadly disease.

He was too busy sharpening up his golf skills, something he spent a whole lot of time doing during his tenure in office. And yet, Trump is somehow a failure in this regard.


Here’s more from PJ Media:

Mr. Obama added, “We want to ensure that in the worst-case scenario, we can manage the situation appropriately.”

The president’s comments came at the end of a weeklong balancing act in which his public words and actions were carefully measured to summon a sense of urgency without setting off a panic. It was no coincidence, his aides said, that he played golf the day his administration declared a national emergency. And there were behind-the-scenes worries about whether he would be ridiculed for using a presidential news conference to urge people to wash their hands.

Just imagine what would happen if President Trump had played golf right after declaring a national emergency with the coronavirus? The news coverage of this would be nonstop. It would be all we would hear about for the rest of the election year. It would be a political weapon in the hands of the left, designed to destroy any chances Trump had in being re-elected.

So Obama went off golfing as a means of showing people “not to panic,” despite the fact this pandemic was causing an average of 1,000 deaths a month? Really?

When Trump declared a national emergency just two days after the World Health Organization declared the spread of COVID-19 a pandemic, he was ruthlessly mocked for it. It took Obama four months to take this kind of action during the H1N1 crisis. Over 1,000 deaths had occured by that point.

But, according to leftist news outlets, all was going well because Obama was out whacking around golf balls.






  1. When Trump wins and he will if the American people have anything to say about it when this happens. The media and others must be made to pay and pay dearly.
    Yes there is free speech. But when you are the media a monopoly there is a little hidden clause in order to keep it. Non bias. Equal time. Truth. When they became who they supposedly are. They agreed to not certain rules but all the rules and laws governing. You don’t get to pick and choose. You must adhere to all. It’s time for them to pay the piper.

  2. Oscama was the 1st bi-racial president of the United States. I say that because I overheard a black tutor misstating that fact to some black elementary students. Yet Race Relations have Never been So Bad as when Oscama finally left office. And President TRUMP has been Cleaning Up after that INCOMPETENT SUBVERSIVE even since, being blocked and blamed by the Deep State, socialists and Corrupt dems at every turn.

    EVERYDAY I PRAY for President Trump’s safety and security. I pray President Trump will Overcome and be Victorious over the Corrupt dems, socialist/Marxists & Deep State. We NEED President Trump to be Re-elected and his continued Protection from corruption in the House & Senate! Trump4eva!

  3. As i scroll down Yahoo i see every liberal rag having something negative about President Trump,yes i remember the Obama virus no criticism what so ever from the bias media even as thousands of Americans were dying.I’m so glad the public has finally realized how corrupt and bias the media is.

    • I think the news gave it a ten second update as an after thought.
      Mrp: the democrats are taking Trump to court over his tax returns. It’s going to the SCOTUS . What a waste of their time. Under the constitution tax retire not required. They just want them to see if they can find any wrongdoing for yet another impeachment and slander. I say everyone who wants them show us theirs too. Where was the demand for Obama’s birth certificate which is a requirement as also being a natural born citizen which he wasn’t. He didn’t have the qualifications and violated the constitution since we know the democrats love the word unconstitutional.

  4. Hmm, wish I had time to play golf, but alas I have to work for a living. Oh wait I paid for that round of golf, by being an employed American, so if I wasn’t so busy at work maybe I should have been able to join mr. Obama on the links that day! No wait I don’t play golf and I really don’t like hanging out with liars, cheats, thieves or the like. Happy that he got some exercise when thousands of Americans were afflicted with H1N1 and dieing, it’s a rough life but someone’s got to do it!


  5. Spare us the spam, professor fruit-loops was the most corrupt, unqualified disgrace to our country in history yet the POS media has their head squarely up his a…. Trump has done 50 times more then most Presidents in the past 80 years despite 90% negative press, his only mistake, he did it to help the one group without a slick Hollywood advocate or an expensive lobbyist.. the middle class!

  6. Hussein Obama waited and did nothing for SIX MONTHS during the H1N1 outbreak. Didn’t he also wait THREE MONTHS and do nothing when the explosion and massive oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico happened ??? Hussein….WORST. PRESIDENT. EVER !!!!!

  7. A THINKING 🤔 INDIVIDUAL can’t read the article without remembering a classical music composition called “Till Eulenspiegel’s Merry Pranks”, by the Austrian composer Richard Strauss, about a young scofflaw who gets his just desserts in the end. His last name, “Eulenspiegel”, comes from two German words combined together which translate to “Owl-Glass” in English. The REVISED German proverb apropos to the contemporary setting is:
    “A Democrat can no more see his/her own faults than an owl can know how ugly he/she is by looking in the mirror!”
    It fits, doesn’t it?

    • Oh didn’t you figure it out every twitter that Trump has of Biden is erased. His commercial is erased. The one with true facts on Biden yet every lying one of Biden’s still exist. Wow they’ve reached a new low.

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