Florida House Rep. Gaetz Calls Out Pensacola Naval Base Shooting For What It Is…

(Tea Party PAC) – The November 29th shooting at a naval base in Pensacola, Florida is turning out to be much more than just a rouge shooter. The attack was carried out by a Saudi Arabian national and left 3 people killed and 8 others injured. While the leftist news media outlet are dancing around it, the fact is, this was an act of terrorism and illustrates the need for more scrutiny when it comes to who we allow to come into this country for military, or otherwise.

House Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) is speaking boldly about this incident, ensuring people understand this wasn’t just another mass shooting, this was an act of terrorism carried out by a member of the Saudi military. Gaetz is calling for “extreme vetting” of individuals looking to come to the US and especially those allowed to train at our military bases.

“Major news organizations are now reporting the information that we began to learn earlier this morning that it was a Saudi Arabian military official in Pensacola, in our community for training, who committed these murderous acts and this terrible, terrible violence at NAS Pensacola,” Gaetz said. “I think it’s important for us to know a little bit about why Saudi Arabian officials are in our community.”

“Training is a critical part of the mission that we engage in in NAS Pensacola,” Gaetz went on to say. “One way that we leverage that training is to ensure that our allies around the world are capable and familiar with U.S. systems, that they’re comfortable working with U.S. officers, and that we have an interoperability in our lexicon and in the way we engage in battle.”

“This event represents a serious failure in the vetting process and in the way in which we invite these people into our community,” Gaetz continued. “So today, as we learn more as the investigation continues to unfold … I’m going to be very active in working with the Department of Defense and the Department of State to ensure that we have extreme vetting for the people that come into our country on our bases and in our communities.”

“If this were a murder, it would typically be investigated by NCIS … but this was not a murder,” Gaetz said. “This was an act of terrorism and as we speak the investigation is being handed over from the NCIS to the FBI, that is the signal that this will now be treated by our government as an act of terrorism, not a murder.”

Heavy.com pointed out the naval base’s history with terrorist attacks and the fact that they have been a seemingly vulnerable target for terrorists:

In the aftermath of the attacks on 9/11, Newsweek reported that three of the hijackers had the addresses on their driver’s licenses listed as being at NAS Pensacola. The article notes that Naval Air Station Pensacola is known as the “Cradle of U.S. Navy Aviation.”

The Navy Times reported in February 2016 that NAS Pensacola officials had increased security measures at the base, after the base had been known was “unusually open” for years.

The Pensacola News Journal reported in September 2019 the “new, top-secret classrooms” had been built on the base to counteract the threat caused by cyber terrorism.

This is why we need better border security. No matter the reason foreigners are looking to come here, there needs to be a thorough and reliable vetting system and if people can’t clear it, they don’t get to come in, plain and simple.


  1. We now have access to unlimited energy sources within our country! Sand is a wonderfully cheap energy source and we have the technology after about or more than 100 years of not knowing how to access it. Let them kill themselves over there and keep U S. Secure from Calculating, destructive, and hateful people! We have been overly generous with the world at large and it has been frequently completed wasted as it is wasted within our borders! There is a great need for being much more cautious and careful in all our dealings even when trying to help. Throwing money and things to and at people just never soles the problem (s)! Greed and the desire for powerful control is everywhere
    especially now within these USA. We must be much wiser and very insightful
    In all our dealings every where! We need honest, sincere, patriots elected and nominated, and appointed every where with this government for limited terms of office! All citizens have a very big job and duty to get our country back from all the power hungry and greedy individuals that have been working VERY long to get this far for achieving communistic-globalism not only within USA but around the world. These individuals are everywhere! Our wonderful Constitution is what made us great as a nation it must not be destroyed, but it does require being properly shored up.

  2. Islam is not a religion of peace read the word of Mohammed, the pophet study the history of Islam after the Prophet they havent changed and they ani’t going to change so eliminate their ability to cause trouble for the world Since the US is now the world’s largest oill producer we don’t need Arab Oil so lets do what needs to be done and make the world a beter place

  3. The nation sending the military officer here for training does the vetting. Perhaps that will change now, but these training programs have been in operation for decades. This is nothing new. In WWII we found that a lot of the Japanese and Germans had attended American colleges so they would understand us better and be able to play us for suckers.

  4. When I was working at UB, a truck driver told me how a Saudi Arabian student openly despised us. The truck driver asked him, “Why are you here?” The Saudi replied in his Saudi accent, “For your technology.”
    We are fools for letting those people in here. We are fools for depending on their oil and their money.

  5. Don’t Worry, Americans, before 9/11 Reagan, Daddy Bush, & Baby Bush ALL played “footsy” w/ the Saudi’s for OIL, Money & GUNS. Others like BinLaden were attending American universities & his family members were eating shrimp, steak & caviar in the PLAZA HOTEL in NYC. ON 9/11 the Bush Administration got them out of NYC after the “HIT”. You see the Big Boys, REPUB/Powers “RENEGED” on a “Promise” that caused the ATTACK, that led to Baby Bush’s WAR, that Obama caught the HEAT FOR. But, Not To Worry Trump will WIN a 2nd term in ofc & Keep America the racist, reneging, super power it’s ALWAYS BEEN. YES, Dems, He is going to WIN again! Hey Mr Gaetz, when you are Super Vetting the “immigrants” make sure to Check the PLAZA Hotel. That’s where America likes to put the RICH ONES! Mmmm!

  6. FYI….. 9/11 happened 18 yrs ago – yet this madness continues!! Unfortunately, Bin Laden’s name lives on – in these “Fanatics” minds!! I think we are going to be living-with-this for a long time! Both the USA and UK are going to have to become even more sophisticated in their anti-terrorism techniques!
    What’s to stop another well planned and organized attack on a cruise ship – a train – a movie theater – a sports stadium Etc….Anywhere where large groups of people assemble? Don’t forget, that these brain-washed murderous “madmen & women” are prepared-to-die, in order to try and disrupt / change our way-of-life!!

    • the President was crucified for wanting to better vet people from Muslim countries…the libs can preach what they want….protest all that they want….believe whatever that they want BUT…..it is what it is….These people do not belong in with other civilized societies….

    • Good question I don’t think it will happen until we stop calling plain ol every day muzslime murderers, “terrorists”. Not one of the vile creatures read the book of terrorists they do all read and or follow the vile KORAN!

  7. We all need to pray for our country, our leaders, our President and our government! This divisiveness is destroying our country and it may never return to what it was before the infighting in Congress!

  8. There are no murders at gun shows! Arm all military personnel, arm vetted and qualified teachers, airline pilots and all states need armed carry laws that require strong vetting laws and allow reciprocal use in all states. We have become a nation that does not know how to defend our families and our property. We cannot depend on the government to defend us in our homes, schools and public places.

  9. This has been going on since 9/11!!! This needs to stop NOW! US citizens are not even allowed on Naval Bases!!! Please stop Muslims from being trained on all our U.S. Naval Bases NOW!!!

  10. The salient problem, other than the criminal organization called the Democrat Party, is islam (note I did not capitalize islam). This so called “religion” is based on a pagan moon God and spread by an illiterate pedophile. There is no such division between radical and peaceful muslimes. They are all radical when called upon to carry out the commandment of the Quran or Koran, or however one wants to spell it. The basic tenet is convert or die. It is not a religion, it is a murderous, misogynistic cult. Not a fan of the Chinese, but they know how to handle it and their tactics are successful. We should emulate them.

    • Absolutely!!!! every freak muzslime in America should be rounded up and forthwith REMOVED from OUR nation! Whatever that requires!

  11. Speak for yourself, “Al Sharpton Jr.” As with all leftists, everything you write is nothing more than projection. Btw, it’s “alleged,” not “qlledged.” And your sentence following your failed correction is incomprehensible. Bozo.

  12. Every other trainee from Saudia Arabia or any other muslum country should immediately be deported back to their own country and no more from those countries should be allowed to come here to be trained. None of our military personnel should be exposed to these people, especially when they cannot arm themselves for protection.

  13. terrorist and those behind them use a special technology……….no one mentions how the hell could this happen at 2 bases 1000’s of miles away 1 right after the other………….they use a type of radio frequency technology that can basically turn a human into a robot…if your interested…..the cia and their satellites is a good place to start an investigation………..unless the free world figures this out……we will lose our country and the rest of the west………..a form of it is also used to control weather patterns and create a climate change look……….and do i need to mention the democratic party………………….our military is aware of this technology but at this point are being prevented from doing something about it in the 50 states…..

  14. If Obama gets credit for Trump’s economy, he should also get credit for this attack. Of course, in that case we can’t call it a terrorist attack, it’s more like a case of mistaken identity.

    • Obama should be held legally responsible for not only these murders but of all the crimes committed by any illegal immigrants including murder,rapes,burglary and of killing of American citizens by DUIs and all the health care costs of the Americans due to the injuries by his illegals and the “dreamers ‘

    • When are we going to learn that there are people out there that hate us including a few of our Reps in Congress. Too much PC and the left and media have no tolerance.

  15. I get we need to do more to protect our people just like Trump has been trying to do. And just how well the gun free zones are working. Only legal gun owners are following the law and only the legal guns is what will be taken. I get that we have gotten so free with people coming here it’s no longer safe even on base and I live by a base. And once again the biggest concern has been taking away guns from law abiding citizens. This was a terrorist attack and we can expect more.

    • What I want to know is it has been reported that this scumbag got the gun through an honest purchase, why is it okay for someone from another country to buy a gun here? My other question is why social media accounts are not monitored when these guys are in our country to train for war?

    • agree Our country needs careful vetting of all who come here. The ones who recorded it need to be sent back to Saudi

  16. These people should not be aloud to have live ammo. And they should understand a gun is always pointed at their head while they are here.

    • I agree with you, the Gun Control Act of 1968 signed into law by President Johnson allows Legal immigrants here on a Visa to be allowed to buy a gun!!! This obviously needs to be changed, how in the world did anyone think this was a good Idea, especially today!!! President Trump needs to sign an Executive Order to stop it until Congress can take it up!!!

  17. Not sure this relates to border control, even though there is tremendous room for improvement.
    This deals with Saudi Arabian terrorism. We are far too nice and open believing everyone is kind and loves America. Selling planes and instruction to our allies is important if we really understand who are allies really are today.

  18. This is something that should have been done a long time ago. Just another proof of how well gun free zones are working because you had trained military personnel who.could have taken the shooter down but they obeyed the law. The stupidity of people thinking that people who are here to do harm will obey the law. How many times do you see a law abiding gun carring person do a mass shooting? Compare that to all the deaths in Chicago from illegal guns on the street and see if taking the rights of Americans to protect themselves is going to do anything other than leave them unprotected.

  19. Once again we American citizens are supposed to just “suck it up”, keep our mouths shut and “carry on” while we are under attack by unvetted individuals who we are also, by the way, training to operate airplanes, at the expense of we the taxpayers!!

  20. Military should be armed to defend themselves
    Stupidity to restrict weapons on base
    If soldiers cannot be trusted with weapons they should not be in military

  21. I agree 100% with the shooting being a terrorist attack. This is exactly why Trump is right on with his vetting policy. Why do we even let these people in to learn how to fly airplanes? Did we learn nothing with 911?

    • Linda points out a difficult problem. There is a distinct military advantage to having our allies familiar with our weapons systems, but the real question is, who are our allies? I.e., Why is our beloved President licking the boots of Putin and the Saudis when it is the Saudis that knocked down our buildings and shot our soldiers at Ft. Hood and now shoot our pilots in Florida? We need allies, but not these Muslim pigs.

    • Exactly. Ever wonder why their government allows them to leave so easily? This is why we need Trump. He’s the only one who has balls to stick up for U.S.A. We need to learn from 911 but it seems we haven’t done so. This is terrorism and sorry if people feel it’s prejudice to not allow foreigners in but they need to go through a more thoroughly investigation. We need the wall. Those who don’t agree will you change your mind if a family member get killed by them. We need to be vigilant. Funny that we let those who were responsible 911 in even though a few were suspected terrorist. Sad! Sorry but America has been taken advantage of so much and it’s about time the Democrats wake up. Don’t let Sweden happen to us!

  22. It should be a privilege for such a foreigner to come to America, and such should be vetted. But let’s have the one being vetted pay for the process and not the American taxpayer.

    • Amen! And if they don’t get a job then they go back! Let’s not use our money to support them so they can have a better like while those homeless families who had paid into the system remain homeless. Shame when a foreign who isn’t a citizen has more rights!

    • Are you saying the safety of our country and its citizen is “extreme nonsense” or being a demorat and criticizing the article because of your ledged “missed spelling” or are you too confused to understand what is going on in our country?

    • Isn’t that the truth. These Tea Party fanatics should do a little vetting on their own of the people they have who write these articles. The repeated misspellings and poor grammar indicate that this was either written by a foreigner or a child. Generally speaking, the conservative right are a bunch of ignorant buffoons anyway, and Gaetz is at the top of the list. Uneducated morons.

    • Danny Lenning, another uneducated ignorant moron. The word is “qlleged” not “ledged”. You should spout your uneducated childish mouth, bozo.

    • Thank you Matt Garth . Thank you for calling what the horrific shooting was really about. Pray for all the people involved.Pray for all of our police and their families!


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