Flyer From Antifa/BLM Encourages Portland Rioters To ‘Rage’ For George Floyd ‘No Matter What The Verdict Is’

(Tea Party PAC) – A flyer that is being promoted by an Antifa-affiliated group on social media platform Twitter instructs folks in Portland, Oregon, to “rage” for George Floyd, “no matter what the verdict is.”

Yeah, so much for that “mostly peaceful” garbage the mainstream media continually tries to force down our throats, huh? These folks want nothing more than to destroy the world, burn it to the ground, so they can remake it all in the image of Marx.

A report from Infowars says that the flyer was posted by radical left-wing group Revolution Rising on Twitter and encouraged people to “go hard” for Floyd. Because nothing says peace, harmony, unity, and equality like murder, destruction, chaos, rioting, and looting.

“No matter what the verdict is we go hard for George Floyd!” the flyer says.

“No Streamers. No Peace Police. Just Rage,” the flyer goes on to say.

The poster then goes on to warn rioters have the National Lawyers Guild phone number handy in case they end up getting arrested and it also told rioters to stick with a friend.

“You have the right to protest,” the sign says in a lame attempt to justify the actions of these miscreants as an expression of the First Amendment.

Like good little cowards, once word was out this post had been made on Twitter, the group responsible yanked it down.

Riots and looting, something we all sort of got used to seeing last summer during the months following the death of George Floyd, have started back up again in Portland after the police shooting of Daunte Wright and Adam Toledo.

The fact that Antifa is pumping these kinds of posters out there should be enough to justify someone contacting the government about this group and their intentions to cause an insurrection and cause violent chaos.

Just remember when Trump delivered a very mild speech on January 6, a speech in which he encouraged his supporters to protest outside the Capitol building, peacefully, without any incidents of violence, and still got the shaft after some crazies went nuts.

If he is to be held accountable for the actions of others. Why don’t they apply the same standards to themselves? That only seems fair, right?

The hard truth is, you can get away with anything, as long as you believe the right things, say the right things, there are no consequences for your actions.

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