FNC Host Chris Wallace Makes Insane Accusation Against Trump Concerning Ukraine Election Interference

(Tea Party PAC) – While Fox News Channel has a reputation for largely supporting President Trump and his agenda to return America to prosperity and earn back a little of its former glory, not everyone who works for the company is on the Trump bandwagon.

Chris Wallace, host of “Fox News Sunday,” has made it clear ever since the beginning of the impeachment proceedings against the president began, that he is all for impeaching Trump and having him removed from office. There’s no doubt about it, Wallace is not a fan of the work the billionaire real estate mogul has done for this country.

Well, Wallace is now pushing an insane theory about why President Donald Trump might have wanted to investigate Ukraine interference in the 2016 election, claiming it was Kremlin disinformation.

Here’s more from Breitbart:

On this weekend’s broadcast of “Fox News Sunday” anchor Chris Wallace asked Vice President Pence’s chief of staff Marc Short asked why President Donald Trump wanted to investigate Ukraine interference in the 2016 election, which he claimed was Kremlin disinformation.

Wallace said, “Does President Trump still believe that it was Ukraine, not Russia, that interfered in the 2016 election.”

Short said, “It doesn’t have to be an either-or. It can be both.”

Wallace asked again, “Forget the question of Russia. Does the president believe that Ukraine interfered in the 2016 election?”

Short said, “He thinks we should at least investigate it, Chris …When Russia interfered in our election, Barack Obama was president, and Joe Biden was vice president and Joe Biden himself said he was in charge of Ukraine policy, and his son is getting between $50,000 and $80,000 a month to serve on a board where he has no experience whatsoever. So his question is, why shouldn’t we investigate it? It seemed like we could never get enough investigation of foreign interference in our elections for three years, but as soon as the president asks for it, it’s like, ‘Hey, we must impeach him.’”

Wallace said, “Well, that’s not why it happened, as you know. There was a phone call and the question of the conditionality of a White House visit and giving them military aid. It was on that basis he was asking for the investigation.”

He added, “Every major U.S. intelligence agency says it was Russia that interfered in the election. During a House Intel Committee hearings, a member of the Trump National Security council Fiona Hill said this idea that Ukraine interfered in the election is Kremlin disinformation, so why does the president think it’s still worth investigating whether Ukraine did something?”

Short said, “Why don’t we try to find the bottom line and the answers. We are not questioning Russia’s interference. I’m excepting that, but it doesn’t mean that just because Russia interfered doesn’t mean others didn’t as well.”

Wallace said, “They are saying and Fiona Hill that the whole question of Ukraine is Russian disinformation and in fact according to reporting, you may say it was inaccurate, Putin supposedly in a meeting they had in Germany told the president that it was Ukraine. And he apparently said to some people in the administration, ‘Putin told me at Ukraine.’”

Short responded, “I never heard that. I believe that there can be —just because you’re saying my house was robbed means your house couldn’t have been robbed. It’s quite possible that both were interfering in elections, so why not investigate that?”

What’s the deal with Wallace? Does this man not understand that Trump is standing in the gap right now between crazed socialists and the loss of our freedoms and economic success? What did Trump do that so upset Wallace that he feels it necessary to oppose him every step of the way, knowing that the left wants to destroy every value we hold dear as a people?

Perhaps Wallace is a closet liberal? He sure isn’t living according to the values he claims to espouse. If he were, he’d be doing whatever it took to defend the republic instead of helping to destroy it.

Source: breitbart.com/clips/2019/12/22/fncs-wallace-accuses-trump-of-pushing-kremlin-disinformation-for-calls-to-investigate-ukraine-election-interference/


  1. Wallace…like most never Trumpers is most likely being blackmailed or financed by the Deap State (think George Soros) to spread false propaganda.

  2. What MikeeBee said!!! he said everything I was going to, so I’ll pass! MAGA KAG,
    Screw CNN and MSNBC

    I am starting to read OAN every day and a coupe of other sites as well so that I can get the right skinny!

  3. I have had it with Wallace….He is not anything like is Dad. He is trying to do what Megan Kelly did at Fox…..Hope it backfires on him as it did for her. I have stopped watching his BS….

  4. Wallace lives under the falsification of his importance.
    He needs to join CNN. Narcissists perform better when joined together.
    These people actually believe they are relevant Tucker remains the only reason to watch FOX

  5. He should fit well with any of the alphabet channels, and become anchor on CNN, he is both rude and pompous! It is amazing that he would claim objectivity.

  6. I love it when trump smashes these folks. He said one day in his tweets that basically Chris Wallace wouldn’t make a pimple on his dads(Mike Wallace) ass.

  7. Chris Wallace needs to stick to the facts , NO CRIME WAS MADE OVER THAT July 25th phone call. I can’t believe the American people Democrats and Republicans would not want to know about Ukraine and the Biden’s . That’s the real story!

  8. So….Chris Wallace would have us believe that because Fiona Hill and the known liars at the intelligence agencies say it was Russia, not Ukraine, that interfered with the 2016 election….. it could not be possible that the Ukraine attempted interference as well. The really disturbing thing is that Chris Wallace, along with most of the so-called “journalists” of the MSM, appears not to even WANT to know. Scary times, these!

  9. In an Article by Politico in January of 2017:
    “Politico’s investigation found evidence of Ukrainian government involvement in the race that appears to strain diplomatic protocol dictating that governments refrain from engaging in one another’s elections.
    To pile on top of things the report reveals how closely tied the Democrats were to the Ukrainian government. “
    I would suggest everyone read their report, January, 2017.

    The Ukrainians and the DNC/Clinton mob were hip-deep working together to take out now, President Trump during the 2016 election. In the simplest form, these are foreign spies working with Clinton to meddle and create fake news during the 2016 election. Led by Alexandra Chalupa, witness requested by Republicans in the House Impeachment inquiry, but was denied by Adam Schiff.

  10. Wallace is mentally deranged. It is not his fault though, it runs in his family. He will only get worse as he ages and drifts further into insanity.

  11. I used to like his style until that style turned into the same anti-Trump talking head as on the other news shows. When he is on I either turn off the TV or switch to another channel. Between Wallace, Sheppard Smith and Judge Napolitano, at times, Fox is just as unbalanced left as any other news network.

  12. Chris Wallace, and few others need to be kicked out of Fox News. There are at least half a dozen characters who are blatantly anti- Trump.Why should any one have faith in the Clinton follower deep state limey Fiona Hill. She could very well be another Christopher Steele.

  13. Wallace has always been an arrogant, lying prick. Hopefully, he will soon be seen to have had his own Dan Rather moment, forcing Fox to at long last fire this despicable moron.

  14. Rolf Berkefeld I used to admire and respect Chris Wallace but not anymore. Please leave Fox Chris you belong with another loser CNN.

  15. Now when anyone says anything based on the actual facts that differ from what Trump says they are set upon by the Russian Propaganda squad which supports most of these Trump support sites or persons without any intelligence what so ever.

  16. I used to like and mostly agree with C. Wallace. Not any more though. He does seem to have leaped over to the leftist point of view recently, in my mind. I don’t watch Fox News Sunday any more precisely because of that reason. I realize as an American, you have a right to your opinion, but I just don’t want to put up with his any more. I am a TRUMPER !!! Wallace ain’t !!!

  17. Chris Wallace and Juan Williams are such low life. They have to look up to see bottom! Beginning to think that bottom is the caboose of the Dim train! They missed the Trump Train long time ago—already left the station WooooooWooooooo Trump 2020


  19. Wallace has his agenda and he must feel it is better served by moving ever closer with the left. It has nothing to do with politics or what’s best for our nation. It’s all about what will benefit him the most in the long run. His motives are solely self-serving. It’s the cry of the Globalist Elitist: “It’s all about ME!”.

  20. Chris Wallace is a opinion nasty person. He cares nothing for Americans. He is a lost little boy who inherited is job and wealth. He is another kid like Biden,s son living on his last name.

  21. Using the same logic, may we not assume that just because Hunter Biden is a money-grubbing scumbag does not exclude the fact that the Trump family are also money-grubbing scumbags? It is not a zero sum game.

  22. Everybody wants to be a somebody and Wallace’s somebody has lost it’s value. He has been for quite a while a Never Trumper. I used to think he was a qualified newscaster but that has changed. It was under Obama’s watch that all of the interference happened. Wallace will never be happy until Trump is gone and Wallace does not care how that is accomplished.Flaming Liberal.

  23. All of the following Trump haters should be fired- Chris Wallace, Juan Williams, Donna Brazile, Marie Harf, Jessica Tarlov, Andrew Napolitano.

  24. Chris Wallace is a “closet” liberal? Not “no” but “Hell, no!” There’s nothing “closet” about it! FNC would be better served by giving him his walking papers, and NOT providing further directions to the unemployment line.

  25. When can we get, some LIKE-MINDED CONSERVATIVES (I did not say republican) rich donors, to get together, and have another TV & radio channel, that will not cost the viewers, a dime? The time is ripe…! Forget about FOX …… They have lost their way, after Murdock has abrogated his responsibilities to his son’s & their spouse’s…. They will ONLY get worse. Wallace, Juan Williams, Donna Brazille (remember her? the DNC did everything illegal, under her watch), have all infiltrated into FOX. Yes, they will ONLY get worse… COMEON RICH CONSERVATIVES…..PUT YOUR MONEY, WHERE YOUR MOUTH IS…!

  26. The viewership of the Wallace’s show in Fox News is so low, he’s trying to attract more attention. He’d been out in the closet as a full blown liberal for as long as I remember. This guy’s career is underwater. Allegedly, he was also kicked out by ABC. Now he’s confused….

  27. Mr. Wallace: Regardless of the Ukraine or Russia why don’t you drill Hunter, Joe, Hillary and Obama? They dealt with a corrupt Ukrainian Government not Trump. Hunter did not get his job with the new Government in place. Americans would not be afraid to ask these questions, why are you?

  28. Anyone from the Left looses their objectivity!
    They should not be part of the news media.
    It starts with controlling the masses, first with information, then with education “reform”, and then controlling the body politic. They are evil to free thinking Americans!

  29. fox had better DUMP that Trump HATER or they will lose a large portion of their audience. You can throw in juan williams also. If people want to watch Trump HATERS, there plenty of other outlets.
    Potential EX fox fan

  30. This ass hole needs to be removed from Fox News. He has turned out to be another liberal communist. Lets get rid of him ASAP. Don’t even watch him any more he turned out also to be another know it all like judge Nap..

  31. Finally he has been totally outed. There has been many times that his bias has been obvious & nobody calls him out. Fox runs his Sunday show many times so “everyone” can see it. For the last couple of years I don’t want to watch this phony. Why doesn’t Fox get rid of him. He does not attract viewers but rather anyone but Wallace would be my choice.

  32. His negative and left leaning positioning has been increasingly obvious over the last several years. At first he was astonished at Trump’s win. Then he was smirky, then snarky, now openly contemptuous. He’s leaned so far left that only the “swamp” is keeping him upright….

    • I stopped watching this jerks a while back. Every since DJT went into office, this jerk has shown his true colors.

  33. I have complained to Fox more than once about Chris “Mathews” Wallace. I now turn off Fox anytime Mr. Wallace appears. He has a definite animus for our POTUS and seeks to speak negatively any time he gets the opportunity. Sooooo, turn off FOX any time Mr. Wallace makes an entry!

  34. I believe that Chris has contracted a disease of the brain
    that is irreversible. I’ve seen it happen before where a
    common sense Conservative becomes an Anti-Trumper
    seemingly overnight. It is sad to see because there is no
    antidote. The disease continues to progress until the
    person affected displays nearly diabolical symptoms and
    eventually goes insane. AOC and Nancy are in the final
    stages. It is too late to even pray for them.

  35. I’ve said ever since I started watching “Nancy’s lap dog” Wallace that he was a closet liberal. People said oh no he’s on fnc, he couldn’t be. Thank you for recognizing my thoughts.

  36. His dad, Mike Wallace, who was a true
    journalist, must be ‘spinning’ in his grave
    to see the ‘sensationalist’, rather than a
    journalist that his son has become ~ sad….

    If anything will, the Murdoch boys will be the downfall of Fox News ~ never watch Chris
    Wallace …..

  37. Time for new positions at MSNBC for Wallace Napolitano and Juan Williams.They are Never Trumpers.Shep needs company.I am a retired 79yo Chemist

  38. Chris Wallace is a stupid jerk. Would never be where he is today if not for his father, Mike Wallace, who would have lost his job way back when if “Me Too” were in existence then. These pompous holier-than-thou’s should shut up. It is so annoying to watch his show which I can only do on a limited basis because all he does is constantly interrupt his guests whenever he disagrees.

  39. YUP, Wallace is at best CNN and MSDNC material. Don’t know why FOX continues to have him on. I know I turn him off at all times.

  40. I can’t stand Chris Wallace he is a POS and haven’t watched his show in three years because he is a moron and idiot and should be fired by Fox but the idiots who run Fox News should also be replaced with him

    • Time to leave or pick and choose, Wallace is no conservative, stop watching him years ago. Fox is getting Lib heavy , they keep it up they will end up with the following as cnn and etc

  41. The President has every right to ask questions about a well known corrupt country BEFORE military aid is released. Political candidates are not exempt from investigation. Chris Wallace needs to wake up. This Impeachment hoax is simply the radical DEMS attempting to circumvent the votes of 60% of the states in the 2016 election. . It is that simple, Chris

  42. Aide was given in an constitutionally allowed and set timeframe. This fact always seems to be comfortable left out by the democrats and the MSM. It would defeat their argument.

  43. Wallace should take Napolitano and get a segment on CNN…Used to like them both..welcomed points of view…not always agreed but it at least seemed as unbiased reporting..
    No longer true..from good reporting to most obvious bias opinion on FOX..

  44. Wallace is continuing to show bias as his show moves along. This past Sundays panel was all liberal but one and they bashed away on Trump like a cheap band playing sour notes. Wallace continues this action and his ratings will rank along with his reputation. Sad to see him go but quit Chris get out of you dislike Trump so- go to MSNBC or CNN you’ll fit right in.

  45. Hampton, I couldn’t agree with you more.. He is even beyond that.. Surely wish he would leave like Shepard Smith did. I think Fox viewers has had enough of Chris Wallace.

  46. Chris Wallace is a fake journalist just like his old man was. Fox ought to can him so he can move on to his dream job at CNN. He also acts like a sissy.

  47. The guy has a zero reputation He is only working because he got a job through his old man. Otherwise he would be looking for a job at CNN or MSNBC and probably wouldn’t be working.

    • And no Juan Williams. Can’t believe anyone would hire Brazile after she cheated with Hillary in the last elections by providing her with questions and answers during the debate.

  48. Fox News Sunday and Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo are on at the exact same time 10am EST. The difference in the 2 shows is so stark that it is really unbelievable. She nails down the truth of what is really going on while Wallace just looks to obfuscate and look at every possible negative angle on Trump that the liberal democrats socialist espouse. The man is crooked. Remember during the presidential debate he asked Trump if he would accept the outcome if he lost. But then he did not ask Clinton the same question as he figured she’d win like all the other boneheads.
    And it is Clinton and her band of the biggest sore losers in history who cannot accept the outcome not Trump.


  49. Why is it that this demented jerk is allowed to go on the air waves and lie to the public? I used to have Fox News on my TV on average of 10 hours a day, that has been reduced to just a couple of hours now due to jerks like this and his buddy Juan and a few comments by others. They have ruined a great news station and seem to be working for CNN and/or MSNBC to bring Fox down from the inside. Well, they are doing a great job, I hope the new owners of Fox are pleased, I can say that I for one am not.

  50. First, he has to get rid of his lisping. He sounds like an idiot. He become REALLY obnoxious and more Liberal Than ever. I would not allow him to speak at Fox News.

  51. Chris Wallace has lost the integrity built upon years of journalist reporting by his late father. Over the last year or two, Chris has smeared the family dynasty of quality and respected reporting. It is sad when someone in his position stoops low enough to fit in the same category as CNN, Huffpost, and all of the supermarket cashier lane trash magazines. He has tarnished his career.

  52. Sorry Chris but you are getting as crazy as your father was toward the end. Have you had a brain scan lately? Maybe you should have that checked out.

  53. Wallace is not a closet liberal, he is! All his effort is against Trump every chance he gets! He has definitely shifted to the Left or came out of the closet as the Murdoch boys took over!

  54. The market value of CNN is so low presently that C.Wallace maybe contemplating buying it. Nobody’s paying attention to Chris anymore at Fox. Most of the Fox audience is tuning Wallace out intentionally and it drives the narcissist in him nutty. So he dove into the deep swamp head first. Don’t expect any coherent remorse from that moron.

    • When I see FOX News Sunday coming on, my finger on the TV remote jerks into high gear to change the channel. I wonder just how many other viewers FOX is losing by featuring this smug, disgusting liberal every week.

    • This is exactly the reason we tune him out. When his program comes on we switch to a different channel. He needs to go to CNN.

    • Amen, we never watch him. If we wanted to hear from the left, there are already plenty of stations we could listen to. Please , please remove all of those left speaking people from FOX .

    • Come on, Chris Wallace is very much part of the Left just like his father, Mike, was. His dislike for the America First policies of President Trump has been obvious from day one. Yes, you might say that he has stepped up his fanaticism since his buddy Shepard Smith flew the coop, but all with the endorsement of FOX management. With Paul Ryan (another #NeverTrumper) now on the FOX Board, no one should be surprised one bit.

    • Wallace, move your stupid ugly face and liberal ass to N. Korea, Russia, Cuba, Venezuela so you can give up your freedoms and live the socialist/marxist/communist life you crave supporting the liberal idiots!! Wallace, go…just get hell out of our free country that is for patriotic freedom loving Americans…which your words indicate you are not!!!!


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