FNC Host Chris Wallace’s Comments On Impeachment Vote Proves Which Side He’s On

(Tea Party PAC) – Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace, who has demonstrated over the last few years that he is no fan of President Trump’s stated on Thursday that he could “feel goosebumps” as House Democrats held a vote to approve the resolution that would establish procedures for moving forward on impeachment inquiry.

If you had any doubt about which side Wallace was on in this particular matter, his comments here pretty much remove all doubt that he’s siding with the Democrats. What one has to wonder now is whether or not this is going to have a negative impact on Fox News ratings?

Here are more details from Breitbart:

“As they called the vote, I have to say I can feel goosebumps,” Wallace said during Fox News’ live coverage of the vote. “You cannot overstate how dramatic this is and what a decision the Democrats have made to pursue this course.”

The House voted 232-196 along party lines for the measure. Four lawmakers abstained, while no Republican voted for the measure.

Notably, two Democrats — Jeff Van Drew (NJ) and Reps. Collin Peterson (MN) — opposed the measure. Former Republican Justin Amash (I-MI) backed the resolution.

Wallace later noted in the segment that the impeachment proceedings targeting President Trump differ greatly from those against President Richard Nixon as the later had bipartisan support.

“There was a bipartisan agreement at that time, even though obviously the impeachment of Richard Nixon was a big deal, but a bipartisan agreement that it needed to go to that kind of an investigation,” Wallace recalled.

“Here you see the party divisions holding, all the Democrats with the exception of I think two, voting for this inquiry, all of the Republicans I think with no defections voting against it, so this city is still polarized despite the efforts of Democrats and their closed-door hearings to try to build a case against the president,” the anchor went on.

“What will be interesting to see is what happens when we have open hearings and the American people get to judge and conceivable to put pressure on their representatives and either, ‘Yep, there’s a case against the president’ or ‘Nope, there isn’t.’ But the Democrats have cast their die now and this is going to roll out over the next two months,” he added.

Wallace said, “One of the points I would make, and this is to push back, I respect Bill Bennett a lot. But he makes it — and some Republicans do — that it was just a phone call. It was a lot more than a phone call. It was a coordinated campaign. What you’ve heard from Bill Taylor and Fiona Hill and Lt. Col. Vindman and a bunch of others, is that this was a coordinated campaign by people outside the regular diplomatic channels at the State Department to put pressure on Ukraine to do certain things to investigate the Democrats from what they did in 2016 to investigate Biden that preceded the phone call on July 25th and followed the phone call after July 25th. And I think that’s one of the things that will be so interesting to hear from Tim Morrison today is this campaign. It didn’t begin and end with the phone call.”

Really, at the end of the day, our news media personalities should be as neutral as possible when they are presenting the facts about these important events transpiring in our country. This would be what we normal folks lovingly refer to as “objectivism,” which would allow viewers to decide for themselves what to think about certain issues.

Instead, we live at a time when the news media inject a whole lot of personal opinion into the mix rather than allowing viewers and readers to think for themselves. This is spoon feeding a worldview to folks and is akin to indoctrination. The left is notorious for this, but it seems the right is becoming just as bad.

Here’s to hoping to a return to old school journalistic integrity.

Source: breitbart.com/the-media/2019/10/31/fncs-chris-wallace-on-impeachment-vote-i-can-feel-goosebumps/


  1. Wallace is a democrat, he has showed that several times and should not be in Fox. Today (1-27-20) he showed again his trough colors debating the impeachment with one of the professor lowyer, very very much on favor of impeachment.


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