Former Democrat Staffer Who Attacked Trump Supporter For MAGA Hat Learns His Fate

(Tea Party PAC) – Isn’t it ironic that the most violent, dangerous individuals out there right now in the political realm the same folks who claim to be all about tolerance for other people’s values and beliefs? Guess that grace only extends to those who actually think the way they do. Which kind of destroys the whole claim to tolerance, doesn’t it?

Well, former Democratic staffer for Rep. Raul Grijalva is learning the hard way that violence against your political enemies is still frowned upon in America. This is what happens when you allow yourself to become so infected with an ideology that it boils your blood to be around someone who thinks differently than you.

Here’s more from Gateway Pundit:

A former staffer for Rep. Raul Grijalva (D-AZ) was sentenced to 12 days in jail for a violent assault on a Trump supporter for wearing a Make America Great Again hat.

The victim, Jonathan Sparks, was assaulted from behind when he was out encouraging Tucsonites to vote Republican.

The assailant broke Sparks’s ankle in the attack.

The former Democrat staffer screamed at Sparks calling him Hitler and a nazi — And then began beating Sparks in the face.

Onlookers held the Democrat attacker until police arrived.

Rep. Grijalva has not condemned the attack.

Daniel Brito was sentenced to 12 days in jail for the brutal, unhinged attack.

BREAKING: Fmr @RepGrijalvaCS staffer Daniel Zaroes Brito, a Democrat, has been sentenced to *12 DAYS* in jail for his violent assault on @realDonaldTrump Tucson supporter Jonathan Sparks—who was attacked for wearing a #MAGA hat. Grijalva has not yet condemned the attack.

Proud Boys defend themselves, 4 years. Fascist Leftists assualts Conservative and breaks the guy’s ankle, 12 days. See what is happening in this country? No Justice, no peace.

While it’s great this guy is getting some jail time for what he did, let’s be honest. Twelve days behind bars is a complete and total joke. What this man did is worthy of years in prison. If the would have been a Republican who engaged in a similar act, you can guarantee he’d be rotting behind bars, no questions asked. This is further evidence of how the system is rigged in favor of those who ascribe to progressive ideology.

If we want this country to survive, to be around for future generations, then we must apply true standards of justice equally across the board. No one should be able to escape punishment because of having money or because of connections they have inside the system. This is abuse plain and simple.

People are losing faith in the American way of life, and this sort of garbage is exactly why that is happening. Folks want to know they have equal protection under the Constitution, and it’s the job of the government to ensure they have it by chaining themselves down to the restrictions of the Constitution.

Here’s to hoping real change is produced in America and all are once again equal under the law.



  1. The demo’s get a slap in the wrist because there are still some sicko judges on the bench. i wonder if money is coming from Soros or what ever the hell his name is… And they follow the three demons of Apocalypse…

  2. Someone still crying in their cornflakes cause the wicked witch lost I take it, will you people get over the fact that the American people spoke and we chose Donald Trump, not the hag to be our Pres. And will give him another 4 years to finish cleaning the swamp, building the wall and getting America back on track after 8 years of Obozo and Hitlery trying to give the country to Soros.

  3. Unfortunately – Tucson is a Libtard leaning city – from my 25 yrs. experience living there!! Grijalva is a very nasty piece-of-work and a big POS as well!! He naturally favors ILLEGAL Mexican’s more than American’s and is always promoting this BS!!
    The Britos sentence of 12 days in jail is a “total joke” and undoubtedly was given by a Libtard sympathizing judge – because of political affiliations!!
    Britos should have been given 12 months for this deliberate unprovoked assault!! Jonathan Sparks needs to find a good “litigation attorney” and *SUE* this Britos *A……Hole* for a hefty amount of $$ + medical expenses!!

  4. How sad that the ATTACKED is only getting 12 DAYS!!! Even sadder is the Congressman has NOT condemned it!!! Speaks VOLUMNS!! A normal citizen would get 12 YEARS!! How heartbreaking to realize that OUR justice system FAVORS only the rich and connected. The Left is seeing to that!! eg. CLINTONS, OBAMA, WEINSTEIN, POLANDSKI, EPSTEIN ETC…..

  5. It would be nice if they also arrested Maxine Waters as she was the one who told fellow demon-c-Rats to attack Trump supporters. This proves demon-c-Rats don’t think for themselves. Seems they don’t know right from wrong and are stuck in toddler behaviors.

  6. The criminal aspect is somewhat served, However there still is the civil process which is a lawsuit that should or will be filed. I think this is what the judge in this case was looking at. Giving a extended jail term could cause a financial problem for the attacker and leave little $$$ for a good settlement for the victim.
    The conviction gives a solid ground for the suit!!

  7. Slap the other wrist, too. Deep State operates our Judicial System too. We’re heading for a Revolution if this keeps up, I’m bettin’.

  8. Our country started being attacked bye when the EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM became an uneducated system?, meaning if “WE THE PEOPLE “, don’t like something “CHANGE IT”, bye protesting & rioting!, which in reality the YOUNGER GENERATIONS, being what they are, completely involved in their phones & technology & are completely IGNORANT of what society has to OFFER, they want to be FREE, at TAXPAYERS EXPENSE!, cut & dry.

  9. What!!

    No monetary damages awarded?

    He should have to pay at least six months of lost wages and ALL his medical expenses, or at least pay him the same amount the insurance companies are going to pay out. Also repay the insurance companies!

  10. Well rep Grijalva has been seen publicly inciting others at trump rally’s
    He probably gave this guy a bonus
    And of course I’m sure put some political pressure on the judge.


  12. Twelve days is a slap on the wrist and will nothing to deter this jerk from attacking another person who does not believe the way he does. And his “boss” should have come out condemning what his aide as well but so far has not. Says a lot about him as well.

  13. If it was reversed the conservative would have gotten 1 year minimum and restitution to the victim. This judge needs to pay all the cost personally and spend 358 days in jail for the demon’s actions

  14. actually they should have let a few republicans loose on the creep – but then again Republicans have way to much “class” to get involved in something like this trash & that is the difference between the republican & the democrats – just look at those four creepy woman on Pelosi’s team – NO CLASS AT ALL!!!!

  15. Enough of the B.S. we the people of America, have spoken we elected the President and will so again. Hear that America we have the President that we elected. So never trumpers get ready to be screwed again.

  16. Y’all should be covering the many ongoing crimes of this POTUS and not misdemeanor shenanigans best covered by the waning moments of your local news cast.

    • Barry James You slander this POTUS without any proof ‘ only what you think due to allowing your snowflake self to be brain washed by the demons so you have brain damage or you are a demon.

  17. This creep should be in jail for 12 yrs, not 12 days. He’s dangerous and def not in His right mind. There is more than one Party in our Country and these sickos better get used to that.
    I hope Grijalva, whoever He is, never gets voted in again.
    Good for the Proud Boys!!


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