Former LEO Official: Flynn Attacked Because He Knew Too Much About Benghazi Coverup, Clinton Foundation

(Tea Party PAC) – Former Law Enforcement Officer Roscoe B. Davis has revealed in a series of tweets that the Benghazi attack was likely tied to a Clinton Foundation coverup.

Not just that, but General Flynn was likely targeted by the deep state because he knew too much about the millions the foundation was making running weapons.

He began his tweets by sharing that the Taliban may have U.S Stinger missiles:

The Taliban had managed to get a hold of the missiles that Hillary and McCain intended to be sent to Lybia:

A contact of McCain’s, Marc Turi, sold billions in weapons to the U.S. and was liked to Obama’s plan to provides arms to Al-Qaeda to encourage them to overthrow Qaddafi:

Turi’s charges were dropped in the final days of the Obama presidency.

He knew of the US’ running guns through Libya, but the CIA, unsurprisingly, did not approve:

It was Hillary who was behind the plan, and who was also set to make millions as a result of the deal:

Thus it was that Hillary placed Stephens in Benghazi to try to clean up her mess, after it came to light that Al-Qaeda had gotten ahold of the American weapons. When he was subsequently murdered, Hillary and Obama had to scramble to create a cover story:

Stephens was allegedly in Benghazi on behalf of the Clinton Foundation:

When the American embassy in Benghazi was attacked, Hillary’s “low-key” operation risked unwelcome scrutiny:

It took 23 days for the FBI to get to Benghazi and investigate:

Hillary attempted to tie the attack to Turi, but unfortunately for her, WikiLeaks released emails which exposed her plans and her links to Al-Qaeda:

Hillary subsequently lied about it to Congress.

And it was General Flynn who knew the whole truth:

Obama canned Flynn, and even warned Trump not to hire him because he knew that Flynn knew too much:

It didn’t matter to Hillary that Americans died or that our enemies were armed—all she cared about was making millions.

When are we going to see Obama and Hillary brought to justice?


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