Former NFL Player Albert Haynesworth’s Suggestion For Iran Is Not Only Deplorable, It’s Borderline Treasonous

(Tea Party PAC) – There are a lot of stupid people out roaming free in the world, most of them congregating together on social media, saying dumb things that would make even their own mothers ashamed to claim them as relatives.

Former Tennessee Titans player Albert Haynesworth is one of these individuals. He posted up on social media that Iran should bomb the White House as retaliation for President Trump striking down their terrorist commander Gen. Qassem Soleimani.

This, folks, is why social media is of the devil. This guy is lucky he’s not currently being investigated by the Secret Service for saying something like that. It’s darn near treasonous.

Here’s more from Breitbart:

Former Tennessee Titans Player Albert Haynesworth raised eyebrows with a post suggesting that Iran should bomb the White House in the wake of President Donald Trump’s strike against the chief of Iran’s military terror arm.

The former player’s post came on the heels of the missile strike President Donald Trump ordered against Iranian Quds Force General Qasem Soleimani, a military leader and terorist who has been responsible for the deaths of thousands of people going back to the 1980s.

Haynesworth’s Instagram post featured a photo of the White House with a red circle around it and a caption reading, “Iran, if you are going to attack the United States well, here is a picture for you! #justtryingtohelp us folks that aren’t starting wars.”

Many of Haynesworth’s own fans began to criticize the troubled former NFL player for his post urging Iran to commit a terror strike against the White House. The criticism grew loud enough that Haynesworth deleted the offensive post.

“I deleted the last post because literally you people think I was trying to direct Iran to attack,” Haynesworth wrote in the follow-up post. “If that was a serious post which it wasn’t, I would be telling Iran Innocent Americans did not attack you. You are having beef with Donald Trump not innocent Americans! But most of the people that are getting pimped out by Donald Trump definitely don’t have a sense of humor!”

However, Haynesworth followed the deletion with several more posts attacking Trump and anyone who might support him.

Haynesworth has a long list of legal troubles ranging from multiple traffic citations, including reckless driving and reckless boating, to failure to pay child support. He was also controversial as a player for being needlessly violent on the field. In 2006, for instance, he was suspended for stomping an opponent’s head. Haynesworth, a six-foot-six, 320-pound defensive tackle, was suspended for five games as a result.

This is an example of tweeting while stupid, an activity that should never be done if your IQ is lower than your shoe size. Yet, there are millions of people every single day who participate in this very activity. You’d think with all of the stories of people being investigated for similar posts by the Secret Service and those concerning folks losing their jobs over saying things like this on Twitter, people would know better.

But they don’t. Instead, they are compulsive and blab at the mouth even if doing so will hurt them in the long run. Perhaps Haynesworth needs to be reminded that while speech is free here in America, that doesn’t mean what you say doesn’t have consequences.



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