Former NFL Star Issues Prediction For Black Vote In 2020 That Should Have Democrats In A Panic

(Tea Party PAC) – Jack Brewer is a pro-football-player-turned businessman who once campaigned for Barack Obama.

Brewer, like so many Obama voters from all ethnic backgrounds, however, has changed his tune with Trump in office.

And he’s got a warning that should have the Democrats more nervous than ever that they’ll lose their precious stranglehold on the black vote.

Trump already gained an impressive amount of black votes in 2016. Do the Democrats really think they’ll get that back in 2020? Or…will it be even worse?

FOX News reports:

Ex-NFL star predicts ‘black awakening’ will give Trump unprecedented support in 2020.

Former NFL player Jack Brewer once campaigned for Barack Obama but now rejects the Democratic Party after “awakening” to the way it abandoned African Americans, he said Saturday.

“For me, once I saw the policies that President Obama pushed in the back half of his presidency just — it left a bad taste in my mouth,” he said during an appearance on “Fox & Friends.”

Brewer predicted that a “black awakening” would lead to President Trump garnering more than 20 percent of the black vote in 2020.

“And then I really started being awakening [sic] to what was happening with the Democratic Party — making so many promises but then abandoning the community that I worked so hard in.”

Brewer now leads the The Brewer Group, which encourages “a deep commitment to community service into … daily corporate culture.” In the NFL, the standout defensive back played for the Vikings, Giants, Eagles and Cardinals.

Brewer explained what we can credit the change to:

“I said enough was enough,” he added, “and I really started putting aside what my parents and my grandparents taught me about sticking to the Democratic Party because they were the party for African Americans.”

“You know all that rhetoric sounded good back in the ’60s, but the facts are that the policies just don’t help our families,” Brewer said.


  1. Thanks Jack Brewer for your intelligent well crafted ideas!! African American unemployment continues to plummet!! Even the liberals concede that!!

  2. When the communist left labels a black man an uncle Tom, they don’t know Uncle Tom. Uncle Tom was Christ like. The punishment for not picking a full bag of cotton was a horse whipping.A frail and sickly slave girl could not fill the bag.; Uncle Tom gave her his and took her whipping. WHEN PRESIDENT TRUMP SAID WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO LOSE? MANY PEOPLE LISTENED UP. GOSPEL BLACKS AND LATINO FAMILIES LIKE TRUMP. WHEN THEY GO IN THE BOOTH THEY ARE FREE TO VOTE FOR WHOM THEY CHOOSE. VOTE WITH UNCLE TOM.

  3. Amazing thing is not one Democrat voted To end
    Slavery. It was all
    Republicans like Lincoln. Dems established Jim Crow laws and tests. To keep blacks from
    Voting. Now they separate minorities and talk down to them.

  4. I know you wanna believe this tripe. So just keep dreamin. No way is this gonna
    happen there aren’t enuff “brain dead” negroes to support this claim. We know a
    racist when we see one, and Donald ( Abraham Lincoln ) Trump is a 100% racist.
    More BS from the teabaggers.

  5. It’s about time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Libs want to keep black folk “on the plantation.” They believe people of color cannot make it on their own.

  6. The democratic party abandoned more than the Blacks , they abandoned our whole country ! I am a 83 year old, life long democrat and am disgusted as to what the party has become .
    Idiot N.Y. gov. Cuomo gave a pardon to illegals that were in jail for MURDER ! Recently in Sodus , NY , an illegal , Alberto Reyes admitted to the murder of a lady and her son . Cuomo should be in jail for releasing murderers on the public . The new OMNIBUS bill , drastic cuts in the border wall , massive increases in funding for illegal benefits ! Never again will I vote for a democrat except Mickey Kearns , Erie County Clerk in Buffalo N.Y. , currently fighting against drivers licenses for illegals which was approved of by an apparent ” CUOMO ” judge , Elizabeth Wolford .

  7. Another SMART Black, that realizes the Democrat Party does NOTHING for Black people.
    They have always wanted to keep Black’s “On The Plantation”, and that policy did NOT even change, with a Black President, Barack Obama !

  8. The Democratic Party has never supported the Black Community. Remember the Democratic Parties roots are from the Deep South land holders and suppressors of the Black Community. The Democratic South was made up of racists, KKK, slave owners, and only gave lip service to gain the Black Vote. Even when LBJ signed the Civil Rights Legislation in the 60’s he did not believe in equality, only in buying votes as evident by his comment right after signing the legislation. He was a deep south racist Texan who proudly was quoted with saying after her singed. “That will keep the N voting Democratic for the next 200 years”. What has the Democratic Party ever done but lie to the Black Community to gain votes at every election? Are you better off today than you were under Obama? Were you initially freed by Lincoln, and supported by every Republican leadership since? Don’t get polarized to one thought as that is an ignorant thing to do, think for your self and make the right choices for yourself and family.

  9. Thank you for being so honest to everyone who supports this Democratic Party.
    Fortunately you have opened your eyes, and you are trying for others to open them too.
    Trust me, socialism/communism DOESN’T work!! Just look at the countries which have that regime.
    S/C want your vote, because they will have you dependent on them. They will make you promises they will NOT keep. You will be in total poverty with NO hope.

  10. There appears to be a new awareness of how the Democratic works. They make promises to get your vote then once they have your vote then they fororget about you and go back to enriching themselves and family like Joe Biden.

  11. Welcome! i have been saying that since high school, some blacks are just ok with a free check, instead of making a way for your family, if you have a job and support dems that makes you stupid, they take your money and take care of those whom have out nothing in the pot b.s we owe them nothing.


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