Former NFL Star Slams California For Giving Healthcare To Illegals While Ignoring Californians

(Tea Party PAC) – California doesn’t care about its own citizens.

Just illegals.

This is the message they sent to millions of Californians this week as they gear up to provide healthcare to illegal aliens while homelessness rages in the state and cost of living increases constantly.

Well, they can virtue signal all they want, sensible people everywhere know this is insane.

And, since we’re talking about California, lets’ defer to the kind of person that those on the left coast typically take their cues from: a celebrity.

Former NFL player and Heisman Trophy winner Herschel Walker brutalized the Golden State this week for their new policy of providing illegal aliens with free healthcare as native-born or legal Californians suffer.

“Not to point fingers at California,” Walker tweeted on Monday, “but why would you give free healthcare to illegal immigrants when your streets are littered with homeless legal residents, trash, and tents. California is a beautiful place, so let’s keep it that way.”

Walker tagged CNN, a local Fox News channel, NBC, and Donald Trump in his tweet.

He enjoyed quite a bit of agreement from his Twitter followers, many of whom were frustrated California residents themselves:

California’s new plan to provide illegal aliens between the ages of 19 and 25 to qualify for free healthcare, depending on their annual income, is estimated to apply to 90,000 illegals.

It would cost the state $98 million a year and makes California the first state in the US to provide illegals with healthcare.

US Sen. Bill Cassidy also slammed the healthcare plan, who said he will be looking for ways to prevent federal tax dollars from going into the state’s new program.

Enter Gavin Newsom, California’s left-wing governor: