Fox News Host Judge Andrew Napolitano Reveals What He Would Do With Impeachment Vote In Congress And It’s A Total Shocker

(Tea Party PAC) – Fox News Channel has been the top media outlet in the ratings for many, many months now, and most of this success comes from the fact that, for the most part, Fox has lived up to their motto of being “fair and balanced,” allowing both sides of the aisle to have an opportunity to share their thoughts on the hottest issues of the day.

It seems, however, that might all be changing.

Over the last several months, we’ve seen Fox News host Chris Wallace come out in full support of the impeachment efforts against President Trump, despite the fact they lack any sort of evidence to actually prove a crime was committed that is worthy of impeachment.

Now it seems Judge Andrew Napolitano is joining Wallace’s ranks in coming out against the President of the United States, saying if he were in Congress, he’d vote to impeach.

Breitbart has more details:

On Wednesday’s broadcast of Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom,” senior judicial analyst Andrew Napolitano said he would vote for impeachment because the Democrats “have credibly argued” that President Donald Trump has obstructed Congress.

Napolitano said, “I believe that the Democrats have credibly argued that he committed impeachable offenses. The easiest one, because this existed in Andrew Johnson, Richard Nixon, and Bill Clinton — is obstruction of Congress.”

He continued, “So by directing his subordinates to refuse to comply with the lawfully-issued subpoenas—whether it’s for testimony or for documents—that’s an impeachable offense. We know that from history. Every time the House of Representatives has looked at that, with respect to a President, it has found it to be impeachable. On that, reasonable minds cannot disagree without rejecting history, rejecting Constitutional norms.”

Host Bill Hemmer asked, “So if you were in the House, would you vote for impeachment, sir? Yes or no?”

Napolitano said, “I certainly would on — well, I’ll never be in the House. But I would on that count.”

This isn’t the first time that Napolitano has had anti-Trump sentiments. There was a time not long ago, during an appearance on “Liberty File,” where Napolitano questioned whether or not President Trump was fit for office, stating he disparaged the Constitution.

Napolitano stated, “In nearly three years in office, President Donald Trump has spent federal dollars not authorized by Congress, separated families and incarcerated children at the Texas-Mexico border in defiance of a federal court order, pulled 1,000 American troops out of Syria ignoring a commitment to allies and facilitating war against civilians there, and sent 2,000 American troops to Saudi Arabia without a congressional authorization or declaration of war.”

He went on to say, “He has also criminally obstructed a Department of Justice investigation of himself, but escaped prosecution because of the intercession of an attorney general more loyal to him than to the Constitution — the Constitution! At the outset of his presidency, Trump took the presidential oath of office, promising that he would faithfully execute his obligation to preserve protect and defend the Constitution. James Madison, the scrivener of the Constitution, insisted that the word faithfully be in the presidential oath and that the oath itself be in the Constitution to remind presidents to enforce laws and comply with constitutional Provisions whether they agree with them or not and to immunize the oath from congressional alteration. Recently, Trump referred to a clause in the Constitution as ‘phony,’ and he thereby implied that he need not abide it nor enforce it, notwithstanding his oath.”

It’s a sad day when conservatives are beginning to lose the only real voice they had that represented even a little bit of their interests in the mainstream media. Could this be due to the fact that Fox News is now owned by individuals who lean liberal? That could certainly be playing a part.

Here’s to hoping the network gets back on track and is able to continue providing a voice of clarity in the world of journalism.

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  1. Get rid of this crazy judge please and Chris Wallace as well. They have nothing but hate for this President and the rest of we Deplorables who support this country and our President and his policies. They should also get rid of Juan Williams, Jessica Tarlov, Marie Harf and any other Trump haters.

  2. I agree with everything the above said. I can’t believe there’s no Christians in that bunch of Democrats that want stand up for what is right and wrong. God is watching every one of you.

  3. I understood Fiona Hill to say there was no shortage of aid for Ukraine.
    The US money was delivered during the time allowed in the bill.
    A statistic – the other nations supporting Ukraine provided 12 billion, The USA over three billion. No shortage of military supplies.

  4. Napolitano is a local NJ Judge who lobbied Trump whom he supported to get appointed to the Supreme court, He wasn’t appointed because he wasn’t quantified period. Now its sour grapes. I have listened to him talk about the law on a number of occasions before Trump and almost always disagreed with him. I know the law very well both criminal & civil I would be a better guest then him on FOX because I wouldn’t let my personal feelings interfere with what is right no matter who it is. I stopped watching him a long time ago & many of the programs on FOX have stopped having him on. Chris Wallace is feeling bad about being on FOX the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree his dad was a lib. I believe he is trying to get some of the MANY CNN viewers who left that network.

  5. Whereas Judge Napolitano used to be respected and listened to by my wife and I we have recently grown to disagree with him regarding the President and President Trump’s stand and strength of pro-American decisioning! It would appear the Judge has lost focus and conservative views appearing now to siding with Pelosi’s non-substantive inquiries aimed at removing a strong (not necessarily perfect) President who is comparatively the more acceptable choice we were afforded in the last election and again are offered in 2020! Pray for our country and it’s elected/appointed leaders!

  6. Judge really has a serious TDS problem. He is wrong on all accounts. None of Trump’s policies are impeachable offenses, separation of illegals is not, pulling forces out of Syria is not. The documents request by the Democrats should be decided by the courts, not Congress but the Dems would not wait for the court to decide. THAT is obstruction of justice, and a violation of Trump’s rights BOO to Judge Nap.

    • Thank god is right. First he begged our president to be a Supreme Court judge and when he was denied, he went after our president . Fox should get rid of the hack.

  7. Eddie Munster Jr. needs to take a hike. He is a real jerk I have heard his nonsense and have seen how two faced he is from the first day I watched him. I stopped watching this complete and total farce long ago.

  8. Napolitano is a two faced cry baby. God bless President Trump and protect him from all those two faced corrupt individuals constantly trying to undermine and attack him. All those weasels will eventually surface and pay a price.

  9. If Napolitano is a “ Judge”, I would like to ask: a judge of what! He is and always has been a “never trumped” and a left wing liberal! His SPEECH doth betray him! Why does Fox News play around with trash like this?

  10. This stupid jerk knows little to nothing about the Constitution or law in general. He’s a joke who should never be taken seriously.

  11. why Are Wallace & Napolitano now supporting impeachment ? getting paid by the DEMs to take this ridiculous stand?? Make money why not because It is So crazy and a free for all ?? No one is going to be held responsible for their lies. The DEMs are obstructing the elected president & they HATE HIM. Not what he does or how he thinks but hate the person. Sick of hearing Wallace & Napolitano – get rid of them

  12. Hey Andrew who is paying you. Sounds like someone is pulling your chain. Looks like our elected president was smart enough to turn you down. Are you related to any well known CLOWNS.

  13. Laws are made by Congress but enforced by the Executive. Congress cannot unilaterally charge the Executive with contempt for simply upholding legitimate Executive branch functions, any more than the Executive can arrest legislators for performing legitimate legislative functions.

  14. Yes Napolitano acts like a spurred lover ever since he was not given the Supreme Court! He shouldn’t even be on Fox he exudes hate and it is disgraceful!

  15. I wonder if Judge Nap would be so understanding if he were fired from FOX for being disliked by the FOX audience? Or would he sue for unlawful termination? Lol.

  16. P J you are absolutely correct, after being turned down, he now hates the President and is showing his true colors while crying in his beer!!

  17. Napolitano voting to impeach President Trump is neither shocking or breaking news. It is old predictable news. Napolitano is jealous, revengeful And scum of the earth. So glad Trump didn’t nominate him SCOTUS. He would turn this country into Hell Everyone, even the Democrats.

  18. Napolitano is little more than a fat fraud. He sees himself as a pre-eminent legal scholar in much the same way that Chris “Nicolle” Wallace sees himself as a responsible journalist.

  19. Napolitano is a big “turncoat” who hates trump and has a personal vendetta against him!! Fox need to cut him loose – as cnn would be a better fit for this chameleon news commentator!!

  20. This seems to be true going against Trump not able to get Supreme Court nomination, as was Mueller not getting his sought after FBI chief.

  21. Napolitano didn’t get what he asked for so he is what we call a turn coat.
    When I was a kid if my parent’s said No to what I wanted…I stumped and ranted like the Judge. Then I got a good swift Spanking and send to bed….
    It worked for me.
    Judge Napolitano has the right to be Wrong!

  22. People like Judge Napolitano and Chris Wallace sure make a good argument for switching to NewsMax TV. If it weren’t for Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Tucker Carlson, Mark Levin and Martha McCallum, I wouldn’t watch FNC at all!

  23. I turn the channel every time Nappy, Brazzy, Wally, or that moron Wan are on FOX. Wally is a particular disappointment because I loves his newsman father. I only read this so I could make the above statement.

  24. Napolitano is an idiot. When he comes on, I turn it off. All of the supposed “impeachable” offenses he’s put forth have all been done before, by several administrations.

  25. Judge Napolitano is upset because he was told “no”by President Trump when he had the nerve to ask President Trump to nominate him for Supreme Court judge. He has some nerve. He is a charlatan, just like those of the fake media. It’s so obvious. He should be ashamed of himself, he has no ethics. Thanks God that President Trump had the common sense to say “no”. Now everyone knows that Napolitano is a traitor and can’t be trusted.

  26. Shocker? Nope. Napolitano has been part of the problem ever since it became clear that The Donald was not going to give him a judgeship. Disappointed office-seeker. Real simple.

  27. I have been watching Fox News since they came on and now with the judge, Brett, Wallace And one on the five is cutting down the President every chance he gets so if I can find another news channel like Fox use to be I am leaving; I am already not watching Fox News at 6pm anymore; Fox and friends are doing a good job so far

  28. OK, so the Democrats decide they want to impeach the President, with no actual evidence of malfeasance. They subpoena documents and testimony to try and find something. The President says I’m not providing you with anything, and so not complying now becomes the impeachable crime? And this “judge” wants to be on the Supreme Court? Thank God Trump told him to take a hike!

    • This man was and is an opportunist, he is a disgrace to the judicial system. Napolitano is nothing but a snake and a traitor to this country. What a POS.

  29. Of course Napolitano would vote to impeach. He actually had the nerve to go to then President-elect Trump and ASK to be nominated to the Supreme Court. Trump turned him down and Napolitano has behaved like a dumped ex-lover ever since.

    • I never thought that a judge after defending Trump for many years ,reversed his composure to nothing more than a hurt brat. He is a sore loser and the President was right turning him down we do not need a spoiled loser on the Supreme court.

    • Fox news has become biasted on the impeachment matter . Waller and Napolitano believe to know more than Professor Turtle. Those to clowns are not the correct people to work for Fox with their Moron comments on impeachment. Both those Moron hate Trump with no legal experiences and disgraceful behavior.


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