Fox News Host Shep Smith Says Trump Admin’s Treatment Of Migrant Children Is ‘Horrifying,’ Compares It To War Crimes

(Tea Party PAC) – Monday on the Fox News Channel featured a segment by anchor Shepherd Smith who slammed President Trump and his administration for allegedly mistreating migrant children at the southern border. You know, playing into the whole leftist push for allowing massive waves of illegals into the country to help fill out the Democratic Party voter base.

However, what really made this all too common and typical, run-of-the-mill Trump bash so egregious was the fact Smith went on to compare the treatment of migrant children to that of war crimes. Apparently, much like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Smith has forgotten the Holocaust, which is what real war crimes actually look like.

Here’s more details from Breitbart:

Smith said, “Dirty and hungry children sleeping on concrete floors without blankets, toothpaste, soap or diapers. Some kids found covered in mucus. Some 3-year-olds being cared for by 7-year-olds and 8-year-olds. Horrifying. Both President Trump and Vice President Pence defended the treatment of migrant children. Yesterday, the VP tried to shift the blame to Democrats in Congress.”

He continued, “Just last week, a Justice Department attorney argued that they don’t necessarily need to provide migrant children with soap and toothbrushes for them to be safe and sanitary. Soap and toothbrushes not necessary for safe and sanitary conditions.”

Smith concluded, “Soap and toothbrushes are not optional for children in detention. They are necessary. Were these particular children prisoners of war rather than innocent children, failure to provide those necessities would be a violation of the Geneva Conventions. Yet President Trump claims his administration is doing a fantastic job under the circumstances.”

This isn’t the first time Smith has joined “The Resistance” and sought to oppose the president help out his darling Democratic Party. It wasn’t too long ago that Shep urged ‘every American’ to take a gander at the Mueller Report, specifically the section supposedly detailing “Ten Instances Of Alleged Criminal Obstruction of Justice By President Trump.”

Smith went on to repeat the same statement made by Mueller himself, stating the report does not actually “exonerate” President Trump.

This, of course, earned Smith the applause of his fellow leftists, including a write up in Vanity Fair:

Viewers tuning into Fox News Tuesday expecting the network’s more typical pro-Trump reporting may have been surprised to hear a different kind of message. Anchor Shepard Smith, one of Fox News’s few hosts who regularly criticizes the president, used news of House Democrats’ latest act against the White House’s stonewalling to urge his viewers to go read the Mueller report already—because it doesn’t exonerate the president as President Donald Trump and his base love to claim. “Everyone in America should read” the 400-plus page report, Smith said. “Everyone.”

The Fox anchor’s reminder about the Mueller report’s actual contents came as Smith reported that the House has escalated their fight against the Trump administration, passing a resolution along party lines that makes it easier for lawmakers to sue those who don’t comply with congressional subpoenas. Smith told viewers to “remember” that Mueller’s report “laid out ten instances of apparent obstruction of justice, criminal obstruction of justice, potentially, by President Trump.” “The special counsel did not exonerate the president,” Smith added. ”They said if they could’ve they would’ve but they couldn’t so they didn’t. Mueller explained that if he and his team had confidence that the president did not commit obstruction, they would have said so.” The anchor also explained to his viewers why it was now Congress’s job to act on the Mueller’s report’s contents, saying that Mueller’s report states “that under Justice Department guidelines, charging the president with a crime was never an option to him. He said the Constitution requires another process.” Such a blatant explanation may be necessary for Smith’s viewers, as recent polls have indicated that despite the Mueller report’s findings, Americans still remain divided on whether or not the report cleared Trump of any wrongdoing.

And the Huffington Post:

Shep Smith Urges Fox News Viewers To Read The Mueller Report For Themselves; The Fox News host gives the network’s viewers a reality check with “10 instances of apparent obstruction of justice.”

This is just more of the same old Trump-hating liberal junk being spewed by a mouthpiece who is desperate to be liked and well received by someone, anyone, who will give him the time of day.

Comparing Trump’s desire to uphold the law of the land to war rimes is trite and over done, smacking of desperation and a lack of creativity. This is the same line of bull that the left has been feeding us through mainstream media ever since the 2016 presidential election.

Why keep repeating the same tired falsehoods? Because they are trying desperately to bring in more possible Democratic voters, essentially using illegals like cattle for their own purposes. It’s quite deplorable.

Wake up, America. Think for yourself.