Fox News Network Gears Up To Bring Viewers More Tucker Carlson After He Breaks Viewership Records

(Tea Party PAC) – Despite the fact that Fox News has indisputably sold out to the radical left, they’re keeping their golden goose Tucker Carlson around. When you consider just how wildly popular Tucker is, you can begin to understand exactly why Fox would be fools to part ways with him.

The left loathes Tucker Carlson for his unwavering dedication in calling them out for their lies, deceptions, and anti-American behavior. Nonetheless, in an attempt to maintain the whole “fair and balanced” image, Fox is making sure Carlson doesn’t go anywhere.

Not only are they keeping Carlson around with a new multi-year contract, they’re expanding his role to include a new video podcast as well as a new show for their streaming service “Fox Nation,” called “Tucker Carlson Originals.”

Carlson is no doubt the most popular personality on Fox News and Jason Klarman, the president of the streaming channel, knows it. “As we continue to expand and evolve as a service, adding exclusive content from Tucker Carlson will make FOX Nation a must-have service for his most passionate fans.”

Carlson’s new projects are set to begin in April with the release of a trio of video podcasts “featuring discussions and interviews with guests exploring current issues and trends that are influencing and changing the country.”

His “Originals” series will also begin airing in April and each episode will dive deeper into important topics that Carlson just doesn’t have time to get into during his 1-hour Fox show Tucker Carlson Tonight.

Carlson says he has never been “more grateful” to be at Fox News over the course of his 12 years with the network as he is now.

The senior executive producer of Tucker Carlson Tonight and the new VP of Tucker Carlson Digital Products, Justin Wells, says, “We have a close relationship with our viewers.”

“We’re excited to continue and expand that relationship on FOX Nation. We have far more stories to tell than we can air in our nightly format. We see this as a welcome expansion of what we’re already doing,” he added.

Carlson has become insanely popular with viewers over the course of President Trump’s presidency and especially within the last couple months. His show averaged 3.6 million viewers in January, according to Nielsen Media Research.

His average audience for that month beat out CNN and MSNBC by double-digits in overall viewership.

In a press release from the network, they said that the show has recently hit the “highest-rated monthly viewership of any cable news program in history, with 5.4 million viewers.”

They also reported that his show has been number 1 for 46 consecutive months with total viewers and last year Carlson’s show became one of two shows ever on Fox News Channel to average 4 million nightly viewers.

Despite the network getting rid of the popular and beloved Lou Dobbs, they’re not letting Tucker Carlson slip out of their grasp and it’s no wonder why. He is truly one of the most popular conservative news personalities ever.

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