Fox News Ratings Collapse Without Tucker Carlson

(Tea Party PAC) – Fox News had to know they were going to crash and burn when they made the decision to cancel Tucker Carlson. Not only was Carlson the most popular host on the network, he was the most watched personality on any network on any given weekday. He was bigger than Fox News itself.

It’s hard to believe the higher-ups at Fox didn’t know how catastrophic firing Carlson would be. These woke companies don’t care about ratings or profits any longer. They don’t care about the consumers or the American people. All they care about is controlling the narrative and Tucker Carlson just got too big to control.

The truth he dispensed every single night from his prime 8 pm time slot was beginning to make all the elites just a little too uncomfortable. He had exposed Big Tech and the corrupt media establishment for all of their nefarious plots and schemes to manipulate American elections and his voice was one they knew they had to silence before 2024.

So they canned him. The fallout has been brutal. Carlson viewers ditched Fox at alarming rates. Surely the network had to see it coming. They just didn’t care. Losing half their viewers in order to silence Carlson was a far better option than running the risk of an America First Republican winning the 2024 presidential election.

On Tuesday, the 8 pm slot had an audience of around 1.48 million viewers. Carlson averaged 3 million viewers per night. The network lost over half of its viewership.

It was hard not to notice how damaging Carlson’s absence was. Former CNN host Brian Stelter pointed out the massive hole in Fox’s ratings.

Former Fox host Megyn Kelly compared the network’s firing of Carlson to Bud Light’s ill-fated decision to market beer with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney who pretends to be a little girl.

“Bloodbath. Not even Bud Lite… lost this much of its customer base,” Kelly pointed out.

The first night the network aired the replacement show, “Fox News Tonight,” last Monday, it drew 2.6 million viewers. A large chunk of them were likely tuning in to see if there would be any news regarding the sudden split with Carlson, others likely weren’t even aware of it at all. Ratings have steadily decreased since.

“Tucker Carlson Tonight” had an audience of 3.2 million on the previous Monday.

Carlson started hosting the primetime broadcast in 2017 and quickly became the undisputed ratings king drawing audiences of up to 4 million at times. His propensity for the truth and his critical opinions of both sides of the aisle quickly propelled him to the top. He became the voice of the American people and that’s the last thing the elites want to hear.

It’s no mystery why Carlson was fired no matter how hard the network and its cohorts try to spin it and smear him.

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