‘Fox News Sunday’ Offers Joe Biden An Interview A Week After Trump’s; How His Campaign Responded Speaks Volumes

(Tea Party PAC) – While sitting down with Fox News host Chris Wallace recently, President Donald Trump raised the question of whether or not Democratic Party presidential nominee and former vice president Joe Biden could handle being grilled the way he was.

I think it’s pretty safe to say that Biden, who seems to be suffering from some sort of mental acuity issue, would crumble beneath the weight of tough questions that would be floated his way by Wallace, who seems to be the kind of guy who really doesn’t take prisoners. Granted, a lot of folks weren’t happy with the way Wallace treated Trump and that’s understandable. However, if he treated Biden equally, then boy oh boy, that interview would be tough to watch.

However, it seems we might not ever really know the answer to that question, at least not for now, as Biden’s campaign has rejected an offer to sit down with Wallace for an interview.

Here’s more from Fox News:

Wallace on Sunday informed viewers that the Biden campaign told Fox News he was “not available” for an interview.

“In our interview last week with President Trump, he questioned whether his Democratic opponent, Joe Biden, could handle a similar encounter,” Wallace said. “This week, we asked the Biden campaign for an interview and they said the former vice president was not available.”

He added, “We’ll keep asking every week.”

If I were working for the Biden campaign and knew that my candidate was as weak in the mental arena as Uncle Joe, I’d probably do my best to reduce the opportunities he had to speak in public too. Biden has made an absolute fool of himself in recent months and weeks. He’s bumbled, stumbled, lost his train of thought constantly, and said a lot of weird stuff.

He’s an absolute gaffe machine. A total nightmare for those folks who are trying to get him elected to the White House.

The Trump campaign has hit Biden for months for abstaining from holding rallies and news conferences while continuing to do interviews amid the coronavirus pandemic. While Biden recently has returned to the stump, Trump and his allies continued to mock the former vice president for “hiding” in his home in Delaware.

Biden’s reticence to do public events, however, has done little to hurt his candidacy as the latest polls had Biden comfortably ahead of Trump both nationally and in key battleground states.

Real Clear Politics averages indicated the president was down 7 points in Florida, 6.7 points in Pennsylvania, 8.2 points in Michigan and 6.4 points in Wisconsin. Trump narrowly won all four states in 2016, flipping them from blue to red as he won the White House.

The latest Fox News Polls put Biden ahead in Minnesota, Michigan and Pennsylvania, with leads all outside the margin of error.

While many have suggested that Biden might be suffering from dementia, he and his campaign have repeatedly stated that the presidential nominee has underwent mental testing and has passed with flying colors. None of the results for these “tests” have ever been revealed, so apparently, we’re just supposed to take Biden’s word for it.

Polling also suggested Biden had a slight edge in Ohio, North Carolina and Arizona, three other important swing states this cycle. And, surveys indicated that once reliably red states such as Texas and Georgia were all knotted up between Trump and the former vice president.

Presidential elections in which an incumbent is running for a second term in the White House are often a referendum on that president – and that’s seen as being the case right now in the 2020 showdown between Trump and Biden. The top issues have been the coronavirus and an economy flattened by the pandemic – and the president’s performance and record on both issues.

It speaks volumes about the confidence Biden’s campaign has in him that they won’t allow him to be interviewed by Wallace and asked tough questions. The rejection of this interview really seems to back up what a lot of folks are thinking and saying about Biden’s mental state.

Perhaps there’s a little something to the rumors of his not having the elevator going up to the top floor after all?

Source: foxnews.com/politics/biden-campaign-declines-fox-news-sunday-interview-chris-wallace


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  3. Trump-basher “Bob” is not here today. But his husband Richard Michael is. Richard is even more un-stable that “Bob”. Richard’s Trump Derangement syndrome is at such an advanced state that Richard is a mumbling, bumbling moron on par with Dementia Joe.

  4. We know exactly how President Trump has responded to Covid19. He’s delegated tasks and offered assistance to the governors of every state which is an indication of great leadership. He’s worked with private companies, medical advisors, military leaders, etc. He’s attempted various approaches to address the situation permitting him and his advisors to determine which were successful, which were partially successful, and which were failures. He’s communicated extremely well with our citizens to keep them informed. He seems to possess tireless energy.

    And what has Biden done except to criticize our President’s actions? He’s hidden in his basement, read from his teleprompter and bumbled a majority of his actions and comments. It’s quite evident that Biden is incapable of working out strategies to address major problems that inevitably occur during a Presidential term.

    • You are another delusional Trump cultist. Trump has failed at everything in regard to the pandemic. Our numbers keep going up and up, unlike any other country. Part of the problem is many of his brainwashed followers believe the virus was a hoax write he said, or think that they can’t get sick or spread it, or it looks stupid to wear one, whatever excuse the rednecks can make not to wear one.

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    • Antifa and BLM have not killed one person, unlike the countless Trump supporters that have, the alt right, Nazis, MAGA hatted mass murderers like Dylan Roof and the Parkland killer, the biker gangs, the hundreds of Aryan groups, the gun nuts, the militia groups, and the right wing anti-government bombers like Eric Rudolph and Tim McVeigh. You know nothing of history or current events, just a few facts and your devotion to your orange calf god, Trump.

    • To Sara Cornell, I list many facts, you just can’t handle them or understand them. I mentioned many groups and individuals with histories of violence.

  7. I’m not American; Canadian. I thought Joe Biden was the Vice-president? I wasn’t aware that a Vice-president could be from a party opposed to the President. How is he doing his job as Vice-president if he’s running a campaign against the President? Kind of head-shaking.

    • dj—-obviously either you are plain stupid or the media in canada is just as corrupt and evil as the american media–maybe both–
      listen and read carefully-
      Joe Biden –was the vice president under Obama – a former president of the US–
      at present-biden is nothing-no longer a vice president and very soon to be in the loony bin as he is entering dementia and will not be long before he is totally mentally deficient –

  8. Is Chris Wallace mentioning this on his program?
    Not only is it obviously that his campaign is frightened to put him one on one with Chris Wallace, who asks tough questions, but their refusal or excuse of him not being “available” is utter BS!
    Chris Wallace says he’s going to keep asking for that interview. I hope he does!
    And I CHALLENGE him to notify his viewer’s what’s going on with this interview he’s trying to set up with Biden!
    As we all know, President Trump was more than willing to sit down with Chris Wallace even though Mr. Wallace hasn’t been kind to President Trump in the least way!
    Also, has anyone noticed when it’s an article POSSIBILITY making Biden or the Democratic party look bad, the comments section is inodated with Spam messages about making ridiculous $? That is a joke and fully intentionally!
    This comment probably won’t even get posted! And what do we call that my fellow Americans? CENSORSHIP!

    • Mr. Wallace’s job isn’t to be kind. It is to find out information and since the President has 20000 lies, it is more realistic to believe the opposite of what he says.

  9. NINE ‘comments’ (so far) and SEVEN are scams/spam. Are there any moderators on this site – if so they ain’t doing their job.
    As to slow joe getting even bush league level set of questions, NOT likely to happen -even if donna brazile gives them to him ahead of time………………….

  10. It would be TOUCH to watch?!? . . . It would be HILARIOUS – funnier than a DERANGED sitcom! Senile Joe would be TOAST – BLACKENED around the EDGES. One Hilariously LAUGHING Patriot, with all the OTHER Patriots “rolling in the isles”. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

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