George Floyd’s Death Inspires Protests In Los Angeles Leading To Chaos On Freeway 101

(Tea Party PAC) – Protests have erupted all over Minneapolis, Minnesota in response to the death of George Floyd at the hands of a police officer and the protesting has spread to other parts of the country, most notably to Los Angeles.

Hundreds of protestors gathered and stopped traffic on the 101 Freeway near Union Station in LA. When California Highway Patrol cruisers arrived they were met with aggression and violence. Protestors hurled a skateboard through the back window of one cruiser and shattered the windows of others.

After a skateboard was used to smash a window, one protestor, who was sitting on top of the police cruiser, was thrown from the vehicle. After which the vehicle was swarmed by angry protestors who clearly looked to want to get the officers out of their cruiser and cause them harm. Apparently that will bring justice for Floyd’s death…

NBC News 4 reports on the shutting down of the freeway:

When a CHP patrol car arrived, demonstrators surrounded it. The car’s back window was smashed by a skateboard and it jerked forward and moved away with several protesters who had jumped onto the hood. News footage showed one man finally hopping or jumping from the side of the moving car and then flopping onto the ground.

A second CHP car arrived and was attacked, with one demonstrator hurling what appeared to be a board through the back window before it moved off.

It wasn’t immediately clear whether the man on the ground was seriously injured but protesters surrounded him and others formed a line across the lanes to prevent traffic from moving forward.

Firefighters then arrived and took the man away on a gurney. He was upright and raised one hand in a salute or protest. He was expected to be evaluated at a hospital.

By 6:25 p.m., protesters began moving off the freeway and dispersing.

The crowd continued moving through downtown LA streets, and was mostly dispersed by 7:30 p.m. Traffic was blocked but appeared to be lighter than during a normal rush hour because of coronavirus restrictions. Most demonstrators weren’t wearing masks or following social distancing suggestions aimed at preventing the spread of COVID-19.

The protest was organized by the group Black Lives Matter-LA. At its peak, hundreds of people gathered outside the Los Angeles County Hall of Justice.

Some on Twitter attempted to incite more angst by suggesting that highway patrol ran over a protestor, which was absolutely not true:

Ironically, Twitter did not mark that post as “false” or give any additional information so that users would know that California Highway Patrol did not actually run over a protestor with their cruiser.

The protests in LA and Minneapolis will accomplish nothing except making the protestors look like the uncivilized people that they are.

The justice system is not perfect and neither is the law enforcement system. As long as these systems are run by humans there will be corruption and crookedness but that doesn’t mean all cops are bad and, as a society, we are much better off with the police and law enforcement agencies than we would be without.


  1. These organizations need to be labeled terrorist and delt with accordingly ! Our military could come fire on them then ! When nothing is done this is what you get ! As for the cop yes he is guilty of murder but this isn’t how you act like WTF does steeling TVs have to do with this mans death !

  2. At One Time In My Life I Would Be Found Saying The Same Thing.But Not So Now. It Was A Time In My Life I Would Not Ever Think This Way.But Sad To Say I Don’t Trust The Police.Yes I Know We May Have Some Good Ones.But The Only Way We Can Know A Good One Is When The Good Officer Turn On The Bad Officer’s.Even To The Point Of Pulling His Or Her Gun On The Bad Officer In order To Stop The Killing Of People Of Colored People.After I Got Out Of The Marine Corps I Wanted To Be A Police Officer.But I Did Not.I Am So Glad I Did Not.Because If I Were One Then I Would Had Went Over To That Cop And Removed Him Off That Man My Self. And Cuffed Him/The Police Officer.Until The Good Police Officer’s Take A Stand. Then We Don’t Know Of Any.And All Is Bad One’s.I Would Like To See Every Officer Followed By A Cop Watcher’s.

  3. Twitter, Facebook and Google are soon to be burned toast. They can join the “Pity Party” attended by CNN, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNBC, ABC and PBS. Enjoy, boys and girls!

    GO MAGA, KAGA, TRUMP 2020. Destroy them all Donald.

  4. I am lost I thought if someone tried to flame the issues going on in MN it was was sedition so what is it called when a Congress women from MN and her 16 daughter are telling people on Twitter to keep up the violence. It is still sedition and they should be arrested and Twitter should be shutdown immediately as they are also flaming the rioting.

  5. I guess the only answer will be for the cops to start SHOOTING. Don’t feel sorry at all for the protester who got run over.

  6. Another false flag caused by the DEMs to incite a race war. Have anyone noticed, it is always a blue state run by Democratic governors, congressman, and senators?

  7. It’s “left” excuse for another riot disgusted as protest.

    All life matters, not just black. Until the investigation is complete, “black lives matters” are just thugs hurting innocent people, even police! Ask yourself! Why are black peoples least respected in America? Because of behaviors like this!!!

    • What did Rodney Dangerfield used to say? “If it wasn’t for ‘DISRESPECT’; I would get no RESPECT at all”. Welcome to the white man’s world, BLM. The more you play your now useless “RACE CARD”; the worse it will get for you and your ilk. Or are you just too damn stupid to understand?

  8. Organized by Black Lives Matter so you know Soros is the one paying these protesters to act out with extreme violence. This is not going to solve anything. The store owners are the ones that are losing and when they close all these stores then people are not going to have stores to buy from. So who loses here? Both sides do. As far as attacking the police cars of officers that are not involved with the horrible killing of George Floyd is another stupid act. They had nothing to do with that crime. But as long as Soros pays these people for the dirty work HE wants done to destroy this country so HE can benefit from it. All you people are going to be left with is nothing because he won’t need you afterwards. You are disposable, it’s such a shame you can’t see it. It’s the truth…..The liberal Democrat Party is the one to be furious at they are the ones not giving a rats ass about you. Keep believing in them and see what you get. Don’t ever say you weren’t warned!!!

  9. BLM is just another communist front group working to wreak havoc in the country. These people were not arrested for violaiting COVID lockdown? Here’s a thought. Get the families of those whose loved ones were murdered by intentional COVID exposure in nursing homes thanks to Cuomo, to join the protest and carry their signs that they want justice for these nursing homes lives that were disregarded and put in harms way. Bet the picture changes quicly.

  10. Way to go Democratic Party ! In EVERYONE’S mind they are responsible and as usual for this wimpy group of children they will get their arson and looting and demand anyone but them to pay for it.


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