Get Ready: Soon It Will Be Revealed That British Intel Spied On Innocent Americans On Behalf Of Crooked Obama Admin

(Tea Party PAC) – This week’s resignation of the UK’s Ambassador to the US, Kim Darroch, is just the beginning.

Soon, the Gateway Pundit declares, “Americans will find out that the Brits spied on Americans in the US at the behest of Obama’s Deep State!”

Over a year ago, TGP reported that there was foreign interference in the 2016 presidential election–but it was the UK, not Russia!

The Deep State’s allies abroad were so confident Hillary would win, they never expected to get caught.

Well, they will–and soon Americans will learn the whole story.

As we have been reporting, the British Ambassador to the US resigned Wednesday after disparaging remarks he’d made about Trump in private cables he’d written were leaked. To the media.

The British Ambassador to the United States whose scathingly critical comments of President Donald Trump were leaked to the media over the weekend has now resigned from his post.

As well he should!

Referencing the huge media storm generated by the leaks of his comments, in which he had called the president “dysfunctional”, “clumsy”, and “incompetent” in a series of confidential briefing notes, Sir Kim announced his resignation Wednesday morning.

Sir Kim, in a letter to his Foreign Office, wrote, “the current situation is making it impossible for me to carry out my role as I would like”. The Foreign Office in turn told him he had behaved with “dignity, professionalism and class.”

When the leaked cables were first released, President Trump reacted on Twitter:

Some have theories, however, that the British Ambassador’s cables were leaked as a means to soften the blow when the far more shocking British offense comes out:

Rex at Quodverum notes that:

Put simply, Darroch’s cables exhibit sheer panic. But why is the UK ambassador melting down?

There’s an easy answer, to anyone reasonably well informed:


And a date, looming on the horizon:

24 July, 2019.

What’s being hidden from the general public is Darroch’s likely role in SpyGate, Obama & Clinton’s operation to illegally destroy the Trump Presidential campaign and rig the 2016 Presidential election.

We will get to that in a moment.

But Darroch also knows that a key date is just around the corner, when any hope of his protection from Downing Street will disappear. The date?

24 July, 2019 – the day when Theresa May steps down and a new UK Prime Minister, almost certainly Boris Johnson, takes over.

According to Rex, the Brits are now officially busted. Their efforts to interfere with our elections for the sake of Obama and Clinton will be in the mainstream before long. The news, of course, is quite shocking:

Put simply, on Obama’s behalf the UK was spying on innocent American citizens within the UK, in particular George Papadopoulos.

They were also permitting Obama’s goons to spy on UK soil, by facilitating access, intel gathering and sharing.

That’s outrageous enough.

What many have not realized yet, however, is that the UK government was likely spying on innocent Americans, within the United States.

Trump hinted as to how the Royals in Britian reacted to the news that their nation’s intelligence committd crimes for the sake of the Obama administration.

It will all be revealed soon. Enjoy the show.