GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel Just Made Liberal Heads Explode With Insight Into Enthusiasm For Trump

(Tea Party PAC) – There’s nothing that will give a liberal nightmares quite like the realization that more average Americans like President Trump than the mainstream media is letting on. In fact, the narrative the MSM paints up on a nightly basis is that everyone hates the president, but this simply isn’t the truth. Not at all.

Is that really all that surprising to you? How much has the MSM lied to us all over the last several decades since they transformed to being a voice for the average Americans to help hold elected officials accountable? It’s been non-stop. Non. Stop. You can’t trust anything that rolls out of the mouth of someone who works for a big corporate news network.

As it turns out, enthusiasm for Trump is at an all-time high, according to GOP Chair Ronna McDaniel.

Here’s more on this from Gateway Pundit:

In some ways, the 2020 election is shaping up much like the 2016 election. Polls show Biden in the lead just like they did for Hillary.

And enthusiasm is on Trump’s side, just as it was in 2016.

Although, according to GOP chairwoman Ronna McDaniel, one difference is that enthusiasm for Trump is even higher this time around.

FOX News reports:

Ronna McDaniel says ‘enthusiasm for President Trump is higher than it was in 2016’ despite polls

Despite polling data that favors presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden, enthusiasm for President Trump is higher than it was in the 2016 presidential election, Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel said on Monday.

I’m traveling the country, I’ve seen it through our volunteers. I’ve seen it through our donations,” McDaniel told “Fox & Friends.”

McDaniel said that Biden has an “enthusiasm” issue.

Meanwhile, Biden leads Trump in the battleground states of Michigan, Minnesota and Pennsylvania, according to Fox News statewide registered voter surveys.

Biden benefits from strong support among women, non-White voters and those living in suburban areas, while Trump suffers from a lackluster performance among men and White voters.

In each state’s head-to-head matchup, the president underperformed both his 2016 vote share and his current job approval rating — and Biden’s edge is larger than the survey’s margin of sampling error.

The left seems to think that the average American voter is a moron. It’s assumed that despite the fact liberals are working around the clock to sow chaos and disinformation about the coronavirus and everything else they are doing to stoke the flames against Trump right out in the open, folks are too dumb to piece the strategy altogether.

Friends, if that insulting, condescending view from the top of the ivory tower isn’t making you furious, it’s because you’re not getting what they are really saying about you. They are saying you are too stupid to run your own life, to make your own choices, to pick your own leadership. Thus, they must send their elites to do it for you. It’s the ultimate slap in the face.

We cannot allow them to get away with such a thing. We cannot allow them to call us fools and strip us of our God-given right to run our own lives. The best way to fight back is in November.



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  4. No matter, what the Liberal Media and their dementia patient, is barking all day long,
    We The People Get It!!! It’s a crock full of lies, and deceits! We the People, I am sure,
    will do the right thing, in November, and RE-ELECT, DONALD J. TRUMP, the People’s President. I know, where my Vote is! Thank you very much……..

  5. I love God, my Country, our Military, Pro 2nd amendment, Pro-Life, support our President…….guess I am a Deplorable.
    And I can think for myself!
    MAGA and again and again! ✝️🇺🇸

  6. Who would you think and believe would lie to you constantly and continually? Only an enemy of yours, especially if their lies would do harm to you, your family, or/and your country, like 8 years of a stagnant economy, where so many unemployed people were dropped from the “Workforce” in order to falsely lower the unemployment rate, that the “Workforce Participation Rate” hit an historically record low rate, while having the largest population ever in the USA, and for the first time in US history a President had never had a GDP reach 3%, even when that President served two terms for a full 8 years.

    President Trump has proclaimed the liberal biased mainstream media, who lied to the American people for the entire time of the Presidential campaign of 2016, even after the voting polls had closed, to be the “Enemy of the People”, because of all their constant and continuous lies during that campaign, with all their “Fake News” and proven false polls, and now in 2020 they’re doing the exact same things, which will be proven out after the 2020 election is over, by the results of the election giving highly opposite results from all their false polls again, just like in 2016.

    Will the American people ever do something about their liberal biased mainstream media always lying to them, or just lay back and complacently accept their lies as a normal way of life, corrupting them to expect no better, when all Americans should not only expect the truth in reporting the news, but should actually demand it, if they really expect to have a “Fee Press”, which is a press that does not lie to them, and cheat on their political polls, because of political biases, and in doing so proves to be their enemy.

  7. If you vote for Biden, you are voting for the leftist machine. Biden does not have the ability to stand up to the far left of the party – AOC, Betto, LIzzie, etc are already proclaimed by BIDEN to be his czars, just as Obama had. Voting for Trump will get the results the US had before the chinese virus was set loose to destroy us. Does anyone actually believe burning, rioting, looting will once again make our country great? Will increase in taxes, regulation, illegal immigrants make our country great?

  8. President Trump is more prefered than he was in 2016. Especially now since the Democrats have shown their true disgusting selves to the citizens of the U.S. The Democrats will be surprised when Trump wins again in November.

  9. Talk about enthusiasm, there was a trump boat parade on the intercostal in myrtle beach on Saturday with at least 1,000 boats. You didn’t hear about it in the National media! I didn’t see any boats with Biden flags!

  10. Trump is doing s great job. Everyone i speak to thinks so. Everyone in our area knows the demoncrats are lying about the poll numbers, lying about the COVID19 resurgence, lying about BLM terrorists (who we all know is affiliated with the DNC) and they are lying about what they will do to help Americans. … just like they did for yhe past fifty years. Democrats crooked and linked to Soros who runs their parry. Vote Republican to save our country.

    • Pray to save our country. Our President Trump will help save it. It’s not Vote Republican. It’s be careful who you vote for. Period. No more wolves in sheep’s clothing. No more RINO’s! It’s Matt Gaetz, it’s Joe Jordan, it’s Elise Stefanik. These are our generations freedom fighters. These are the sold out patriots. These are the ones who must stay in office for we the people!

  11. I cannot remember a President do so much for all the people in this country.He works hard for US everyday with all the aggravation they throw at him & the lies I hope that all of us stupid Americans stand up for him & show them how much us deplorables are so thankful for him


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