GOP Senators Submit Bombsell Question Regarding Schiff Aide And Whistleblower Connection

(Tea Party PAC) – The impeachment sham of President Trump is like an onion and the more layers that are peeled away the more it stinks. Now that the impeachment trial is in the written questions phase, Senators have been submitting all manner of telling questions to both House impeachment managers and Trump’s counsel.

On Wednesday, GOP Senators Mike Lee (UT, pictured above), Ted Cruz (TX), and Josh Hawley (MO) submitted a question about the employment of the whistleblower and his relationship to Schiff top aide Sean Misko. As a matter of fact, Adam Schiff has not one, but two, aides who worked with the whistleblower, Eric Ciaramella, at the National Security Council. What are the odds of that?

The Gateway Pundit reports:

Chief Justice Roberts read a submitted question to the counsel to the president regarding Paul Sperry’s bombshell report revealing Eric Ciaramella and his former NatSec crony-turned Schiff aide Sean Misko were plotting to remove Trump in early 2017.

“Is it true that Sean Misko and Abigail Grace and the alleged whistleblower were detailed by or employed by the National Security Council during the same time period between January 20, 2017 and the present? Do you have reason to believe that they knew each other?” Roberts said.

Do you have any reason to believe that the alleged whistleblower and Misko coordinated to fulfill their reported commitment to “do everything we can to take out the president.” Roberts added.

President Trump’s deputy counsel Patrick Philbin said the only knowledge the defense team has about the whistleblower, his employment and relationship with Schiff’s staffer Sean Misko was from a “public report” which we know to be Paul Sperry’s bombshell Real Clear Investigations piece he published last week.

Shortly after Donald Trump was sworn into office in early 2017, Eric Ciaramella, the CIA plant-turned-whistleblower who prompted the impeachment of Trump, was overheard in the White House discussing with a fellow staffer how to remove the newly-elected president from office, according to investigative reporter Paul Sperry.

Both were Obama holdovers from NatSec and both hatched a plot to “take out” President Trump.

Ciaramella and Misko had another co-conspirator named Abby Grace, a woman who worked at the NSC then got recruited by Schiff to work as an impeachment investigator.

Mr. Philbin said learning more about the whistleblower would be “relevant.”

Paul Sperry said both Sean Misko and Eric Ciaramella should be subpoenaed to testify and we certainly agree with that.

Adam Schiff sure does have a lot of nerve. Not only does he insult the American people daily with his smug, condescending tone and the countless lies he tells, but he has the audacity to suggest the Trump campaign is making up conspiracy theories when the writing is clearly on the wall for him and his own staff to be involved in one.

How convenient that Adam Schiff has two staff members who previously worked closely with the alleged whistleblower and have been reported to have hatched a plan to take down Trump. No wonder Adam Schiff is adamant about “protecting” the whistleblower and not allowing him to testify.

Wouldn’t want that house of cards to come tumbling down.


  1. It’s been a corrupt, phony LIE since the lefty swamp creatures heard the words “I’m going to drain the swamp” From *candidate* TRUMP said them before He was elected. The left, right and those UN-ELECTED embedded in the government can’s stand the thought of being without their POWER! It’s how the creatures of the swamp generate the millions they leave with when they retire. Along with the full health care and pensions! Don’t believe that?? Check your Senators and Congressmen, what they had when they arrived and what they have when they leave! MOST ARE MILLIONAIRES!

  2. Everyone knows who the whistleblower is now. Rules were changed by the ICIG to allow Ciaramello to be classified as a whistleblower even though he did not have first hand knowledge. This had been cooked up long before the impeachment ever started.

  3. William I agree 1000%. But the double standard in our government won’t allow the truth to come out. And if by chance it does, I will be the first unbeliever to say so.

  4. we’ll see if any of the REAL information
    ever is pulled out rather than selective
    bits only. we currently have a
    dysfunctional government.


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